• Chapter 1 an angel among mortals.

    I stared out at the pasty scene in front of me. The ground was littered with the dew of fresh rain carried down as the tears of angels. It was almost a silenced peace apart from my troubled heart aching me to the point of tears. The shadows of laden clouds danced across the concrete sidewalk as I slowly trotted on. The wind was mellow an could not pick up the tree`s enough to create there usually melody. My long silken honey hair stirred with the light down draft of wind around my waist only held in place by a simple black hair tie. I gazed up at the dreary lifeless overcast mirroring my own eyes that raged with a grey storm of their own.

    'How could they condemn me to this mortal world? Why I? Why did they not pursue Averill for she was the only one committed to the crime of which we may not speak?' I thought this with slight annoyance.

    I stared and stared at the sky as my rage bubbled deathly near to the cliff only to be violently yanked back and locked as a small rodent in a cage. My celestial pure white robe moved about my body as my hair swayed. I did not know much about this world, but what I did know may be crucial to my own survival.

    "Angel, angel in the sky,

    Angel, angel be by my side

    Call on me to see you die,

    Pray to me with loving cry,

    Angel, angel in the sky

    Angel, angel be by my side."

    I spoke such words in harmonious tune that the birds hath all flocked to see and sing there own melodious songs. I watched as they sang and sang and sang. I wondered silently if mortals ever really appreciate there songs.