• You're alone in the house, you're parents are gone for the weekend and they took the family dog with them. You've just gone up stairs after locking the doors for the night. You shower, brush your teeth, do your thing before bed. Hear your stairs creak. You think its your imagination and go to bed.
    You wake up in the middle of the night, your sweating, scared. You tell yourself to calm down, that it was a nightmare, then you hear it again. The thing in in your house. Trying to beat your door down. Your instincts scream at you to run, to hide. But where? The hinges creek as the door busts open. No time to hide, you fake being asleep. It's all you can do not to scream as you hear it getting closer. It stands over you, breathing its putrid smelling breath over you. You want to vomit, but you have to hold it in.
    It feels like its been hours now and the thing hasn't moved. You can hear the birds chirping, it's near dawn. Just as you think the thing might go away, you feel its slimy drool land on your face just as its teeth close in on your neck. Your eyes open wide in shock and pain. Theres nothing there, you think, just a vivid dream.
    You stroke your neck in relief, but as you pull your hand away, you notice it's stained red with your blood.