• Newborns 101

    A Newborn what are they exactly?
    I used to ask the same question time and time again only to be told I was one of them, but then I realized after when only a few of us came out of that lab room. The newborns were the people who had the power to get out, so the mistakes were taken care of immediately. The company thought only the strongest should be a part of our missions they assigned us so getting rid of the weakest links were good to them. They defiantly didn’t like us though as more as the mistakes, we just had a purpose and our powers were the only thing saving them from the silver creeds.
    Now who were the silver creeds?
    The silver creeds are demons. Huge and black with sharp white teeth when they have transformed all the way, Preying on poor humans when hungry chewing on their skin and bones just like a yummy sandwich. You can say there like vampires and werewolves combined. Mad with power and comes in all different shapes and forms, how we find them before they have been changed is looking beyond them and too their shadows. The company says they are evil and needs to die, yet they call us freaks as well. We aren’t really human because we have powers this is why they call us the newborn. Born to kill the silver creeds.