• It was a warm spring day, when it happened.
    "Hey, Kaito!" Len shouted excitedly, "We're going to Disney today, right?"
    Kaito looked at Len and laughed, "Yes, but we're going later, so calm down." Len looked disappointed, so Kaito patted him on the head, "It's okay Len, at least we're going." Len nodded.
    Rin ran up to them, dragging Miku along like a rag doll Rin stopped in front of them, smiling like a maniac.
    "Hey guys!" She looked like she had been drinking coffee.... the whole pot.
    Miku, still dazed from being dragged, looked up and said,"Hey guys...." She leaned over and threw up on the floor.
    Len and Kaito stepped back, as if they wanted to run away, "H-Hi." Len said, shyly, like he didn't know them.
    Rin started laughing, "Len, what are you wearing?!" He was wearing black skinny jeans, a Rainbow "Peace, Love, Mustaches" Bracelet, a red and white striped shirt, a pair of Pikachu converse, and a Perry the Platypus hat.
    Kaito looked at her strangely, "He always dresses like this...I think it looks fine."
    Miku was still throwing up (legend says she is still throwing up to this day).
    Len looked at Kaito, "Really?" Kaito nodded, which made Len smile, making Rin frown. Miku was still throwing up (legend says she is still throwing up to this day).
    "Hey Len, wanna go to Disney?" Kaito asked, obviously trying to make Rin jealous. Len smiled and started bouncing around like a kid,
    "Oh my god, YES YES YES YES!!" Len hugged Kaito and grabbed his hand, "Ready to go?" Rin looked jealous, Miku walked away, still throwing up. Kaito blushed, "Yeah, lets go." They walked away, to Kaito's car, holding hands.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LATER IN KAITO'S CAR~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    "Hey, Kaito, how much longer?" Len asked excitedly.
    Kaito chuckled, "Not much longer, I can't wait to get there either."
    They drove a little more in silence, but then, Len leaned over and kissed Kaito's cheek and sat back in his seat blushing. "L-Len... what was that?"
    "S-Sorry Kaito..." They drove silently the rest of the way.
    When they got to Disney, Len jumped out and tried to run inside, but Kaito held him back.
    "Awwww, Kaito-kun, can't we go in yet?" Kaito grabbed Len's collar and kissed him deeply. He pulled Len into the car, and slid his hand into Len's pants, stroking his cock. "K-Kaito...w-what are you doing?" He blushed extremely red.
    Kaito smiled deviously, "Just relax and enjoy it." Kaito, unbuttoned his pants, licking his waist teasingly. Len moaned loudly,
    "K-Kaito, W-Why are you doing t-this?"
    Kaito looked up at Len, "You don't like it?" He asked like a child. Len looked away,
    "I never said that..."
    Kaito pulled his underwear down and licked his cock up and down, then put it in his mouth. Len moaned and bit his lip, trying to be quiet, but it didn't work. Kaito looked at Len, smirked, and pulled his own shirt off. Len squirmed and tried to get away.
    "Len, calm down, just enjoy it." Len looked embarrassed and laid back, biting his lip.
    Kaito pulled Len's shirt up and licked his chest. Len bit his lip, and his lip started bleeding.
    Kaito looked up and looked concerned, "Len... are you okay?"
    "I-I'm fine Kaito."
    Kaito smirked, "So I see, you don't want me to stop."
    Len blushed, "S-Shut up!" Kaito smiled, and slid himself into Len.
    "A-aaaah, K-Kaito~!"
    Kaito moaned loudly, thrusting harder and faster.
    Len moaned louder, "Harder~!"
    Len grabbed Kaito, pulled him down and kissed him, slipping his tounge into his mouth. Kaito played with Len's tongue. Kaito thrusted all the way in and cummed inside of Len.
    Kaito pulled out and layed on top of Len, both of them panting. Kaitio smiled at Len, and they fell asleep in the car.
    They woke up to a knock on the window, It was Rin. Len was still asleep, so Kaito rolled the window down and said, "Oh hey Rin, What's up?"
    Rin stared at him.
    "You don't look happy, what's wrong?"
    Len woke up. "R-Rin! What a-are you doing here?!" Len curled up behind Kaito,
    "Rin, Just... G-Go away."
    Rin looked surprised, "L-Len..." She ran away crying.
    "Kaito... what was wrong with her?"
    Kaito smiled, "I'm not sure, what do you think it was?"
    Len shook his head, "No idea." Kaito hugged Len, then Len kissed Kaito deeply, slipping his tongue into Kaito's mouth.
    They kissed for a while, then Kaito pulled away, and put his shirt on Len. Len smiled and hugged the shirt like a kid. Kaito got another shirt out of the trunk of his car and they walked into Disney.
    Len saw a stage, and a sign that said open mic.
    "Kaito! Look, it's an open mic day."
    Kaito smiled, "Your gonna sing?"
    Len giggled, "WE are gonna sing!" Len pulled Kaito on the stage and grabbed a mic, "Hello everyone! I'm Len and this is Kaito, and today we're gonna sing...hmm..."
    Kaito stood and waited.
    "We're singing Magnet!"(Link to the song, if you wanna pretend they sing it later: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqQeZ8D9Wiw)
    Kaito stared at Len, people started whispering. Kaito laughed, "You heard him, start the music!!" The music started, and Len and Kaito sang the song.