• Chapter 1: Awaken Fire Rider

    W-Where am I?! I try to look around but I can’t move. I can hear the sound of foot steps coming to my room I close my eyes and listen. Two people enter the room “What are we going to the fire rider is in a coma.” A male voice says. The words fire rider echo in my head then is see a bright gold dragon covered in fire there is a man on his back. My eyes open wide “Igneous!” I yell. The others in the room stare at me for a moment then the girl runs up to me and hugs me. The girl has long aqua hair and eyes. She’s wearing a white and aqua snowsuit I look over at the boy and he has short and spiky navy blue hair and eyes unlike the girl he has nothing on but a swim trunks and sandals. I know these two from somewhere but I can’t remember “Who are you two?” I ask.

    The smile on the girls face disappears “Y-You don’t remember us?” she ask almost in tears. I feel bad so try and think hard about the two so close my eyes and think to myself. I see two dragons one was aqua and the other was navy blue. I walk up to them “Do you know the names of the boy and girl” I ask slightly frighten. The aqua dragon stops right next to me “How have you forgotten those you cared most about!” The aqua dragon yells almost stopping on me. I take a few steps back and I walk in to something I look up to see the Gold dragon from before but this time the is also a red dragon behind him I take one looks at the red dragon and remember everything. I open my eyes “Jet and Suki” I say sitting up. The Suki starts hugging me again but the Jet seems unimpressed. When Suki finally stops hugging me we go outside. The first thing I see a red, aqua, navy, and yellow dragons outside. I walk over to the red one “Nova i’m finally back are you ready to raise some hell?” I yell climbing onto his back. Nova lets out a huge roar sending fire into the sky I start roaring like him making fire come out of my mouth. A boy walks out from behind the yellow dragon “Nice to see that the hit hasn’t changed you” the boy says climbing onto the yellow dragon. The boy was my best friend Dex he has yellow eyes and a short yellow mohawk. He is wearing a black leather jacket with a yellow shirt. His pants are black with thunder bolts coming up from the bottom of the legs.

    Suki got on the aqua dragon and gave Dex the ready sign “It’s time to fly lets go Tundra!” he yells making his dragon take off Suki and I follow after him. We are about to leave when I noticed Jet hasn’t got on his dragon yet “Hey Jet aren’t you coming?” I ask but he doesn't reply. I look up to see that Dex and Suki have already left “Nova they must think were to fast to wait for!” I yell as Nova picks up speed and we catch up to them. I fly next to Dex “Where are we going” I ask curiously. Dex looks at me but for once he looks at me with no smile. Dex is the type of guys who is always smiling so when he looks serious like this it worries me “Where are we going!?” I say almost yelling. He stares at with such a look that I stay quiet.

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