• I wonder lost in the dark forest to find my dog, Bell. This has been the twentieth time she had run off when she was supposed to be doing her business. But yet again, some woolens critter had caught her tension and she went running after it. I think this time it was a white rabbit. Maybe I should have named her Alice.

    It was dark, cold, and a storm was rolling in and fast. I have to find her before my parents came home tomorrow morning. My step-dad would be mad if he found his presses dog gone missing. I called and whistle for her. I even threaten and kindly beg her to come back. But no sign of that black mastador.

    The moment I was about to give up and my flash light seemed to losing its beam. As I was about to turn back, I heard a familiar barking. That must be her I thought as I dash in that direction. And for sure, there she was digging her way under the old a banded house. I slowly sneaked up to her and grabbed her by the collar, "Gatch’a," I yelled as I quickly clipped the leash on her. That moment, it started to poor and the house was too far to walk back. So staying in the banded house till the rain stop seems to be a good idea.

    I found my way in at the back door that was unlocked. We both were inside and Bell started to investigate the house with me tagging along making sure she did not try to find her way out. I found a box of matches and some candles in the drawers before the flash light died. As we made our way through the hall, I came to a stop when my eyes caught a glance of an odd old looking mirror. It was creepy but also very unique to my liking. I carefully wipe the dust off to revile a reflection of myself.

    Suddenly, I heard a slight angry growl coming from Bell. Her black fur was sticking up and her large body was crotched down to the floor ready to attack. I turned into the direction she was looking but only saw a wall. I turn back to the reflection and saw in horror of a man like creature standing behind me. I turn around again and yet..... There was no one there. I turned once more to the reflection and saw the man coming up to me with his claw like hand stretched out touching my face. But he is not really there..... Is he? Bell stopped growling and begin to back away whimpering. I could not stray my vision from the mirror. It’s like..... It’s like it was calling to me..... As the image of the man got closer he held me close in his arms and I felt like he was really holding me and he whispered into my ear. "I been waiting for you my princess,"

    Unknown Continued?????