• One day, I went camping. Then I started to see unusual things, such as an ominous green light behind a bush that only disappeared once beings other than me were in the vicinity. These sightings are the only things that made me feel uncomfortable during this camping trip. I had endured it for two nights and days. Then, on the third day, I saw giant, grayish clouds in the sky. I decided to pack up and go back home. While I was packing up, I noticed that I was missing some things, things that I knew were there. I had found my iPhone, one of the things that went missing. When I bent over to pick it up, something hard and cold had struck my leg, causing me to fall over. I looked back and only caught a glimpse of a green light before I blacked out.
    I awoke in a glass container. There was nothing inside, and I couldn't get out. Outside the container were the sights of machines and devices I could not name or define. When I touched the glass with my left hand, I realized my arm was no longer there.
    Instead, a black and orange mechanical arm and claw took its place. I looked all around the room from the glass container and spotted the same green light that I found at camp. As it emerged from the darkness of the corner, I realized it was no human. It was some sort of robot, with blades as hands and rubbery joints. It walked to a desk I had never spotted and its left blade shifted inside its arm, and a hand shifted out. It was typing something and then my glass container started elevating, and it went in a higher room, with other glass containers. Some were empty, some were not. I noticed names were on the side of the lid on the containers, and I read them all. The one that contained a girl with fire in her eyes and mouth was named "Yashi". The one next to her was a boy with a rather steam punk look, and he had swords for arms, and his name read "Zarugo". The one closest to me was a small person whose gender I cannot define, and his name read "Fruetenier". Nothing seemed to be off about him, but he was facing away from me. I heard a faint sounds of glass being hit, and looked behind me. A man, whose name read "Mak", was hitting glass with some type of anchor that was purple and had a glass ball with icy blue mist inside it that connected intersecting lines. It wasn't doing any damage to the glass, but I noticed that it was moving the glass container a bit in the direction he was attacking from. His glass container was moving backward, and behind his glass container was a wall of buttons. I stared for a while, and then his glass container hit the wall of buttons. Containers started to open, and so did mine. The others and I ran out of our containers. I looked back to see my name on the lid of the container, "Sazashi". Yashi went inside Fruetenier's container and it looked like she was talking to Fruetenier. When she pulled Fruetenier, his face was revealed to me, and I saw that Fruetenier had no eyes, no sockets, no eyebrows, no lips or mouth, and no ears. Mak grabbed me by my arm and something flashes into my mind. A memory from when I was only so little, and my family came to see me for my third birthday, and I there was a warming feeling when one of them, who was about my age then, grabbed my hand and I felt relaxed. The same warm feeling came to me, and I tried to remember the conversation in the memory.
    "Can you believe it's already her third birthday?"
    "Time goes by so fast, these days!"
    "Sazashi is already so mature, I wonder what she'll be like when she grows up!"
    "Hey, Mak, don't you want to talk to your sister?"
    "She is only three, and I don't think I could have her understand me, knowing I'm ten years older than her."
    "Oh, come on! If she's already reached maturity, I think she could at least understand a bit of what you say."
    "Oh, all right."
    He walked up to me, and his face looked like he was trying to find words.
    "Sazashi, I'll be your older brother from now on, okay?"
    I flashed back to reality.
    He seems so identical to the past Mak, but now he seems so quiet.
    He must remember me, too. We got out of the facility and now we were outside, not contained nor completely free. We had just escaped from being subjects, and now all of us were uncertain of what we should do next.