• Love till the End: Second scene: Tonight

    Ian, again woth the work. Customers, new clothes, Nicholae making mess in the shop again....


    What!!!! Nicholae in the shop making mess....that is not OK!!!!!

    "Oi, dumbass!! Get out of here. Take care of your store idiot!!!" Shouted Ian.

    "No way, why can I just visit my beloved buddy?? It is not like you've been taken by anyone...."
    Said Nicholae.
    Ok, that was a bit cruel to say I'm not belonged to someone....He thinks he's the only one with the good looking, NO. Cuz this man, stand right here, will be the new good looking guy. You will see...

    "So, what are you doing right now??"said Nicholae

    "Done stupid, when you came here..."

    "Don't be so cruel......I'm asking you to go out with me, will you?"

    "And the answer is NO. I already have someone to go out with., Tonight." Said Ian

    "Ohohoho......who is she?? Is she beautiful? I bet she's more cuter with me...." said Nicholae.

    A big puch from Ian to Nicholae...

    "Get Out!!!!!!!!! Get out of my shop!!!!" Shouted Ian.

    "Ok, ok....By the way, you better tell me who is the girl, make sexy time with her tonight, ok?"

    Dirty mind. I will have sexy time, maybe, but not with a woman. I'll be doing with a MAN.
    Sorry, I will never tell you. Never.

    The bell ring, maybe a customer...better serve them....

    "Hey, what is Nicholae doing here just now?"said Liam.
    Oh!! It's Liam...Oh-no....It's Liam...

    "Making mess in my shop, look what his done..."

    "Ooh...I thought..."


    "Nothing. Hey, I figured, that...how about we...going out, tonight?"said Liam

    "Oh! I figured it out too....then, OK....I'll going out with you" said Ian with a smile.

    Liam take a broom at sweep the mess.

    "Hey, it's OK, you can go to your shop, don't worry about me, I mean this mess" said Ian.

    Liam continue sweeping, ignoring what Ian said.
    *sigh* .......

    "I already take a new avatar to take my place for a while on the shop, and now he's working now"
    said Liam while staring at Ian.

    That's good to hear....

    They don't realized, acctually there is someone spying on them,and that is Nicholae....

    "So, this is the GIRL, that Ian talking about. Hmmm.....interesting, maybe IT'S should follow them this night. Hmm, huhuhh~~" said Nicholae with dirty thoughts.


    The night have come, Rufus take care for the night work, and the new worker for Liam doing the same, while the main worker, go out, in other words, dating.

    "Where do you wanna go?" ask Ian.

    "Go watching movie, let's watch the horror one" said Liam.

    Horror.............HORROR?!?!?!?!?!?....keep cool, keep cool....I must be brave....

    "Ohh..this one looks interesting...it called, ' When the dark came ,and never ends' "
    said Liam happily.

    'As long as Liam is happh, then I'll be ok....' said Ian in his heart.

    *In the movie*

    Oh my, the dark is never ends....
    Even the surrounding is dark, Ian and Liam sit on the last row, and only two of them at the back.

    "You're scared Ian??" Ask Liam

    "No, not at all"....but acctually yes... gonk

    *in the movie"

    "Mommy, where is jessica??...."
    "I don't know sweety...it is too dark in here. Mommy can't see anything"

    'Lalala....lala...london bridge is falling down, falling down......falling down, all the lights is now have gone, my work has doneee......'

    "Mommy, is that jessica, with a big pointy knife in her hand?"
    "Where? *gasp*...Molly, go, run. Get out from here...."
    "But why, we will leave Jessica alone in the dark....."
    "Hear sweety, that is not the real Jessica, that is a-...."

    'Slash'...all the blood was squirting, it is everywhere, the Mommy been cut to two.

    "Mommy? What is this red things, it is so beautiful...."
    The mother have no respond.
    "Jessica, what is the pointy thingy that you holding?"
    The ghost also have no respond, and staring at Molly sharply.

    "Now, you......" said the ghost....


    Molly been cut like a beef....again, the blood is everywhere,
    Then the light came back, Jessica back to normal.
    After what she sees, her mother and her stepsister twin been cutted....
    Jessica is only 3, she don't know anything...the police came by,
    Take care of the dead ones, while the others asking Jessica, but she don't know anything,
    So the mystery is in.....

    "Oh my gawd!!!! The movie is soo good!!!" said Liam.


    "You scared Ian??" ask Liam.

    "N-no....just a bit cold. Look, my hands are shivering"

    "Haha, I know what will make you better, let's go to a bar" said Liam.

    Well, Ian never step to a bar before, maybe, give a go....

    The bar is so cool, the people at the bar is not that many.

    "Sir, to grape wine please" order Liam.

    "See, Liam, do you always been here?" ask Ian.

    "Honestly, this is the second time...." said Liam while drinking the wine.
    "This is good, you better tried it out"

    Ian open his mouth to drink the wine. Oh yeah, it is good.

    "How is it?" Ask Liam.

    "Another glass...." said Ian.

    Liam a bit shocked. He thought Ian will throw it out back and never want another glass.
    So, here, another glass.

    "Aahh....this is good...I never taste something like this before....." said Ian a bit drunk.

    They still don't realized that Nicholae spying on them.

    "Whoa....Ian, get drunk? You have gotta be kidding me...."said Nicholae.

    Another glass. And another. And again. Again. Another again. Until Ian finally exausted.

    "I can't take another glass..."said Ian drunk.

    "Ok, that's enough, let's go home you drunk head.." sakd Liam.
    "Thanks for the drink"

    Nicholae stop following them, maybe it is nothing...

    "Hmph, they just buddyz...."step out of bar, also way back to his shop.


    At the house, Ian smells really good even he drinking to many.

    "Ok Ian, better get washed up, then you can go to bed."
    "I'll go showering at downstairs."said Liam.

    Drunk Ian gets up. Catch Liam's right hand.

    "Make me go to bathroom" said Ian with the drunk voice.

    Again, Liam carry to bathroom, Liam have to do everything, open Ian's clothes, open the tap water, fill in the bath tub.

    "Here, get clean by yourself.." said Liam

    "Make me...beside, get in the thb with me, or I'll get drown by my drunk..." said Ian.

    *sigh* Drunk Ian is soo annoying....
    Liam scrub his back, shampoo his hair, everything,

    "Open your cloth, Liam, or you'll get wet...." said Ian.


    After the clothes been opened, then, scrub back.
    Ian staring at Liam while scrubing in front.
    (Liam was closing his eyes)...

    Ian touch slowly Liam's face, bring near, and kiss.

    "*moans*, what is it??"said Liam.

    "Do it, I want you inside me....after the showering is done"
    "Make it harder this time" said Ian.

    No way......Ian never been like this, is he drink to many wine.....

    After the bathing done, what just Ian said....he want me inside him, deeply....
    What the hell is going on.....

    Ian at the bottom doing his 'work'.
    Liam still confused but he felt happy.
    Liam grab Ian's head.

    "Ian, are you ok?"

    Ian stand up. Sit on Liam's leg near Liam's business.
    Ian push Liam lay down to bed.

    "Shut up, enjoy with me. Let me satisfied you" said Ian.

    'The insertion'

    "*twitch* Are you ok Ian??" said Liam.

    "I-i'm ok....don't worry....I'll ma-...make you-uhh~~"
    "Ha-h-haaaah!!!!a-iaaahhh!!! I-in....m-moorreee...GYAAAaaahhHH!!!!"said Ian.

    "Ok Ian, stop it!!! You can't make that far!!! Or your hole get really wet covered with blood!! Like the scene in the movie just now!!"sakd Liam.

    "Make me..." said Ian.

    Liam push Ian down him.

    "That's enough.....ok....I really wanna do it, but, looks like you're in pain, so, its not the same"

    Ian stop. Then his eyes were red, even his nose, his a** also in pain, his eyes were drowning with tear drops.

    "I'm sorry....I can't make you satisfied... isk isk" said Ian with a sad face.

    Liam hug Ian tightly.

    "Listen here, Ian. I don't really need that thing. I only want your love, and you do show me your love. But yoir love is in pain. It is like, you push yourself to do it with me...."said Liam.

    Now Ian has really stop.

    "You don't love me anymore, do you?" ask Ian.

    "Of course I do still love you silly. You're mine now, I will never find another person as long I have
    you now..."said Liam with a smile.

    Ian really crying loud now.
    While hugging Ian, Liam whispering,

    "....I love you....."

    Tonight, completely ending with a sad moment, but, happy also came in....
    Now, I know, what is true love means. It is not about how you look, it is not about sex,
    It is about heart. If oir heart really honest to someone we love, then our love will succes.

    That morning....

    Again, Nicholae get in, but, not making mess this time.....
    "So, how is your DATE, yesterday??" ask Nicholae with a grin.

    "Non of your business...get out..."

    "Are you sure, the person you date is a GIRL??" grin.


    "GET OUTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!" shouted Ian while throwing something to Nicholae face.

    Nicholae leave the shop with a wide grin....


    "Hey, nicholae again? Ok, you better tell me what is going on."

    "Huuuh....well..I said to him that yesterday, I'll be going a date with someone, then he thought I'll be going out with a girl, but its not....so, he really wanna know, who is the girl...."

    "*giggle* You're so cute Ian"


    *kiss*Liam to Ian's lips.

    "I'm going to work, I'll be here to take you at night, ok? "

    "Umm....thanks...I...I love...you too....."said Ian.

    Love till the End: second scene