• A long time ago, back in the 1900’s, there was once a famous scientist who predicted a radiation blast that would wipe his entire town. No one in the town believed the scientist, just assumed he was going mad. The scientist wife, whom was pregnant at the time, believed him…

    The scientist began ripping apart his basement, changing everything into a steel chamber with a timed door. A room that would one day save his family from the coming radiation blast. The scientist built the room as big as he could, enough for a garden to grow food with an artificial sun as heat and an area where his family could sleep and live peacefully. In time, the chamber was finished. The scientist moved as many belongings into the chamber and locked the door a few days before the radiation blast. He set the timer on the door to open 5 years from the moment the door closed. Enough time for the radiation to past.

    The scientist didn’t realize his wrong calculation. The timer on the door was set to open 20 years from the moment the door closed instead of 5 years. Sadly, the door wasn’t open-able from the inside; the family was trapped for 20 years... Later, their first born had arrived. The family lived a peaceful, silent life. Teaching their son everything they knew, so when the door opened he was ready for the world. Time pasted slowly but, life was simple and unharmful. The radiation came nowhere near the scientist’s family.

    After a long 20 years, the youth of the parents had faded… They were old now, but their son was now a man. They watched the door closely as the minutes counted down, ready to expect whatever was out there. The scientist made his family stay inside as he approached the door. The bolts on the door unlocked one by one and the door slowly opened as the scientist walked outside. The bright sunlight burned his eyes, but the first breath of fresh air in over 20 years was perfect. When he opened his eyes, he was being watched... An entire town was built over his tiny home. The radiation had came and pasted, killing everyone in sight. But, a new era had come, bringing far more advanced technology than scientist could ever imagine. The scientist’s son soon followed with his fragile mother beside him.

    Months flew by and summer had come… It wasn’t long before the scientist and his fragile wife passed away in a deep sleep. The son was devastated, he had lost the only two people he knew his entire life.

    The young man lived alone, watching the world past by him day by day. He saw murders in the street and watched people take advantage of others. The world was suddenly a cruel to him now, without his parents his life turned grey… Yet, when fall had come, the colors returned to his painful life. The shore had brang ships with hundreds of soldiers. The young man was later recruited for war and taken off on the ships that very few men returned on. The world molded him into a real man; he began to see things he shouldn’t have… But, he remembered his morals and stood strong. Kept his parents inside his heart. Awaiting his return home...

    A few years had passed, and the man still stood strong. The war was soon to be over and he was one of the lucky hundred that got to return home. Even though the town he returned to was not his, he was happy. The town hosted a night of fun-filled joy for the soldiers. There was music and food, tons of dancing and laughter. The most fun he had in years. However, he sat alone eating food like he had never eaten before when someone tapped his shoulder.

    He turned his head slightly enough to view who had tapped his shoulder. A man stood above him, laughing at his loneliness. The young man looked down as he completely turned around in shame. He wiped his mouth off with the cloth and stared onto the dance floor as the man walked away. When he looked across room, he saw her. A young lady, hair of the color gold. A fair woman, with beauty so incomparable it made other woman seem ugly. She sat alone, with soldiers hollering at her from afar. Tainting her self-respect and pride.

    The young man stood up and hurried across the room to her. He stood in front of her and laid out his hand. She stared at him, shocked by his boldness. She rested her hand against his and he walked her onto the dance floor. The music had lightened up to a fast paced song, and the two began dancing and giggling. He held her close, to assure the other men that she was his.

    The young lady rested her head against his chest as he walked her back to her seat. The man sat beside her, listening to her ramble about how good of a dancer he was. The two talked to each other as if they had known each other their whole lives. The night had come to an end, and the young man walked her home… Leaving her with nothing but a single kiss good-bye.

    When morning came, a guard came for the young man… Telling him to return to the ship within the hour. The young man gathered his belongings and began his way toward the ship. The woman, still on his mind, caused him to make a slight detour. He stood in front of her house and screamed her name till she appeared in the doorway. She wrapped her arms around him and begged him not to leave her. He looked into her eyes, and assured her that he would return for her and marry her for he could not live a day without her… They swore to wait for each other, sealing their promise with a kiss. They later walked to the dock, where the woman watched the young man leave on the ships that would never return.

    Years pasted by as the woman stood faithful to her promise. Waiting for the young man to return. Her parents thought she was crazy, and her father constantly tried to persuade her that the young man would never return for her… The young lady still kept hope through the darkness. Tuning into the radio every single day to hear updates on the war. Hoping her love wasn’t one of the dead.

    One day, the young woman had left her home to stand on the docks. She held a rose in her hand as she began to cry staring off into the open sea. She kissed the rose, and dropped it into the water. She started walking back to her house at a slow pace. It was a chilly day, the clouds were dark but a ray of sun was still shining. She walked up to her home, ready to announce she had given up waiting. She could hear the music from her kitchen playing.. She sat on the stairs, crying again. She rested her head on her kness as she tuned into the music. The song she had danced to the night she met the young man was playing. When she looked up, a hand was laid out in front of her.

    The young man, as promised, returned…

    The two lovers rejoiced…

    Soon married in the coming spring and lived long and happy lives together.