• Pika shivered as icy flakes of snow scattered across her bare shoulders, sending shivers cascading down her spine. Just a moment ago, she had been toweling herself off, getting ready for another day of exploration with the Crystal Cane Pirates, whom she was the captain of. Now, she was sitting- half-dressed, to boot- on a narrow cliff on the side of an icy, snowy mountain. She tugged the towel closer to her, trying to trap some heat, when suddenly an angry, masculine voice rang from the top of the mountain. She caught a glimpse of a pink-haired boy as he flew closer to the ground. A hazy blue object, presumably a bird, sped after the falling boy, scooping him upand pulling him back where he had come from. Pika blinked in astonishment. That was no bird. A cat with wings pulled the boy, near effortlessly, to the top of theincline. She rubbed her eyes, trying to convince herself otherwise. She sighed heavily. I must be hallucinating, she thought. She ran into the nearest cave, sprinting towards where the cat had placed the boy.
    A extremely strange scene awaited her there, causing her to nearly lose her balance. A blonde-haired girl was sitting, stunned, on the ground. A gigantic, muscle-bound cow was lying unconscious on the ground, a clear footprint planted on the side of his face. A huge monkey was wielding an equally huge axe, and the pink-haired boy from earlier was glaring at it. She blinked, so utterly confused at the entire situation that she didn't notice the monkey had begun crying "Woman! Woman!" at the sight of her. She had also forgot that the only thing she was wear right now was a towel. Upon remembering this, her face turned a bright tomato red and she screamed in an awkward school girl fashion. The monkey charged at her, drooling like a pervert, prompting the boy to punch it into the opposite wall. "You alright there?" he said, looking at Pika, who had rolled herself protectively into a ball. She nodded quickly, still blushing. Then she felt someone's arms curl around her, warming her with a blanket as well. The blonde girl said, "It's ok, I've got ya. My name's Lucy, and he's Natsu. We're Fairy Tail wizards." Pika blinked."So that's where I've come," she said, her voice seemingly surprising both Natsu and Lucy. "I've been wondering where I was. I'm in Fiore, no?"
    Natsu answered in a slightly agitated tone, "Yes, you're on Mt. Hakobe. Why exactly did you come here wearing a towel?!" Pika answered defensively, "I didn't.And by the way, my name is Pika. Pika deLuca. But just call me Pika, if you would be so kind." A small blue cat walked up to her, smiling. He said, "My name's Happy. It's nice to meetcha, Pickle."
    "Pika," she corrected. Then she realized. "The cat... just talked."
    "Well, yeah." Happy and Natsu said in unison. There goes all of my common sense, Pika thought. The huge monkey-like creature propped itself up, using the axe as leverage, and charged Pika blindly. Soundlessly, Pika appeared in front of the creature, stopping it in its tracks. After a moment of confusion, the thing sent its hulking axe crashing down onto her, who it seemed to slide through, without leaving a mark on her body. She gripped onto the stone that dangled from the chain around her neck, calling forth her power. Her blonde hair turned to a silvery gold colour, a black and yellow vest tightened around her chest, light enveloped her hands and back,causing a waterfall of yellow to encase her. Golden pants emblazzened in black clouds and black boots with golden patterns completed her transformation as she slammed one of her gilded fists into the monkey's jaw, causing it to fly involuntarily into the cieling.
    She turned around, causing gold flecks to peel away from her as she transformed back into her towel-wearing self. Natsu and company stood, gaping and confused, as she walked towards them with a huge grin. "What's with those surprised looks?" she shivered. "I need some clothes before I die of pneumonia." Lucy snapped out of her confusion enough to nod. Suddenly, an ominous shadow began to loom over Pika and Lucy, causing Natsu to spring into action. The monkey, thoroughly angered, slammed Pika full-force into Lucy, knocking Pika unconcious and injuring Lucy. Lucy cried, "Pika? Pika! Natsu, she's not breathing! We've gotta help her!" Natsu answered agressively, "I have my hands full over here, Luigi."
    "It's Lucy! Hurry it up!" Lucy cried in frustration. Suddenly, Pika's hand shot up and grabbed Lucy's arm. "Damn." she choked, and proceeded into a coughing fit. "There's no way to fight that thing wearing this towel. Just finish it off," she said, before resuming her coughing. Natsu yelled in an irritated reply, "Get off my back, would ya?!"
    "As soon as you beat that thing," she replied crossly, "I will." She brushed herself off and stretched. "So hurry it up." Natsu's rage became unstoppable, causing the monkey to run, screaming, all the way to the edge of the cliff, where Prisma tripped it, sending it to the bottom of the trench. "That was simple enough. Can you get me some clothes now?" she commented. "Shoulda brought clothes then," Natsu said sarcastically.