• Isis

    Payne's leaving again. With my money. Why does she always do that? Does she always forget about me? Plus she's with Lily again.

    I ran down the stairs. Drawing my message to Payne in my book. Knowing I was mad, people moved out of the way for me. Everybody is scared when I'm mad.

    I ran outside towards Payne, who looked at me in confusion. I colored my picture in red and shoved it into her hands. She looked down at it.

    "Really? I will pay you back." She said as she gave my book back.

    I sqribbled a new picture and colored it red. I handed it to her.

    "Mom won't be mad." Payne said.

    "Isis, get over it," Lily said, "She'll pay you back."

    At times like these, I wish I could talk. I grabbed my book back from Payne and colored a whole page red.

    "Cool it Isis." Lily said.

    I shook my head and walked away. I can't stand Lily. Excepically when me and PAyne are fighting.

    I stomped back into the school and into the office. I opened my book and drew my mom. I showed it to the secetary.

    "Ok, one minute." She said as she picked up the phone.

    A few minutes later my mom came into the office.

    "What's wrong?" My mom asked.

    I drew a picture of Payne running off with my money and showed her.

    "Again? God, when will she learn?" Mom said and faced the secretary, "When is lunch done?"

    "12:20. But Payne has a spare next so she might not be back until 1:40." The secretary replied.

    Mom turned back and looked at me, "I'll be back at 1:40. Don't let her get into your head."

    She patted my head and left. I took my books off the desk and followed. I watched her get into the car and drive away. She won't come back. She never does.

    I walked around the school to the back and I went to my favourite tree. I threw my books up and climbed up after them. I sat down on a branch, knowing I'll be up there for the rest of the day.

    The tree was small, always being covered by the shade of the other bigger trees. I always felt connected to it somehow.

    I watched the leaves wave in the wind. The dark green leaves that started to turn Fall colors. Maybe that's why they call it Fall, because that's when the leaves fall.

    I watched an orange leaf fall past my foot and float to the ground. Beside it, something sparkled. I sqwinted, trying to see what it was. Slowly, I jumped down and picked it up.

    It was a necklace, with a sliver chain and on the end, there was a chinese symbol meaning strength. I rubbed my thumb against the cool metal. It was smooth to the touch.

    I looked around, seeing if anyone was near that could've dropped it. But no one was.

    I climbed back up the tree and examined the necklace carefully. The symbol sparkled in the sun. I knew I wouldn't let it go.

    Carefully, I attached the chain's ends together around my neck and hid the symbol under my shirt.