• Chapter Two: "Prince Kaito headed back to his castle"
    While he was going to his castle,his mother saw him walking by and she talked to him.
    Elizabeth"Kaito?,where have you been?"
    Kaito"Mother...i was just exploring the forest and i even saw princess scarlette their"
    Elizabeth"Don't go exploring without asking permission from your father?"
    Kaito"Permission!?,I am 17 and i can go on my own!,don't treat me like a child!"
    Elizabeth"*tears falls*kaito...i am worried what might happened to you!"
    Kaito"i can manage on my own!,i am trained prince and knight!"*running away from my mother*
    Elizabeth"kaito! where are you going!"
    Kaito"None of Your Business"
    Her mother was crying and she headed back to her room,while his father so kaito running and he blocked him.
    Shinji"and where are you think,you are going!?*angry expression*,you missed the training,you disrespect your mother!?who do you think you are!?"
    Kaito"I am going some-where else,where no-body bothers me around,just like you father!,mother always treated me like child!,i can manage on my own!*rushes and bumps to his father and goes to the up stairs*
    Shiniji"I am not yet done talking to you!Kaito!,come back here!"
    Kaito"I will never come back!"
    Shiniji"You Stupid Son!,you weren't my real son!"
    Kaito"WHAT!?,i would never ever be your father from the start!"I hate you!"
    Kaito was very depressed and he went up stairs to get some fresh air and his best friend was also their.
    Setz"Hey prince?are you alright?
    Kaito"not really setz,i heard the truth from my father"
    Setz"i heard your conversation too..i feel sorry for you,my prince,but how ever,if you need some-one to talked to i will be right here for you prince"
    Setz"See you some-time,*Jumps from the fifth floor to the first floor*
    While Kaito was thinking,he fall asleep in fifth floor without realizing.
    Kaito"Dang...so sleepy"*falls asleep*
    ~End of Chapter 2~