• In the forest filled with birds and creatures,there was a prince named Kaito,kaito was a prince of Vansberg,i country full of knights and people from different countries,his father was king of vasberg named Shiniji and his mother was a queen named elizabeth,Shiniji called his son to train for the up coming battle,Kaito was in the forest exploring.
    Kaito"My father must be angry,because i left the battle field for training and i was wondering around"
    Mean while,Kaito was in the forest,his best friend Setz was finding Kaito,so they explore to together,until they bumped to each's other back.
    Setz"Kaito!,where are you!"*running*
    Kaito"Hmm..i heard setz was here?*bump to setz*
    Setz"Ouch!,so there you are!*rubs head*,my prince?,shall we explore the forest?"
    Kaito"Sorry! oh sure,Setz"
    They headed in too the forest,and they so a girl with flowing hair and beautiful flowing skin"
    Setz"Amazing!,her skin is white as snow,and her hair is blonde"
    The girl was the princess of the roses,they call her Scarlette.
    Scarlette "*seats in the grass*Such a Beautiful Day!
    Setz and Kaito was hiding and talking in the bushes
    Kaito"wait!it's princess Scarlette"
    Setz"Yeah,your right prince",let's great her!"
    They went out of the bushes and They Greet Princess Scarlette"
    Kaito"Good Day,Princess Scarlette"
    Setz"Good day to my princess"
    Scarlette"Good day,Prince Kaito'",Good day Setz",Hey kaito?,i taught you are training?"
    Kaito"i was..but it's a lovely day,so i escape and went to the forest"
    Setz" then i will heading back to castle,Prince Kaito,i won't tell the king,you went some where else"
    Kaito"Thank You Setz"
    Scarlette"Bye Setz"
    Scarlette and Kaito was left in forest and they ride their horses and went back to their caste and they say farewell to each"
    Kaito"My Princess,i will head back to my castle,*rides his horse*Gives a Rose*Farewell,My Lady"
    Scarlette"i will head back too,thank you for the chat,Prince Kaito"
    They Headed Both Back to their Castle
    ~End of Chapter One~