• Gunners #16 When can I see you?
    Hands of Guns

    The Death clan, something very mysterious about them, they are powerful demons, but more than demons. They are a powerful race that could stop anyone in their path. Yet lies the story of the First Death. What lies ahead in the gates of the Heavens? What lies in the portal of a realm filled with blood and hate? What lies in the heart of the Death?
    Hakuru: here we are! Japan!
    Saya: home sweet home
    Hakuru: thanks for the ride Onimaru
    Onimaru: pleasure to help
    Yamota: aww man… can we like… stay in Japan… because I’m getting sea sick
    Hakuru: haha yeah guess we can do that
    Yukina: so if we are staying in Japan, are we using portals to go to other countries?
    Hakuru: yep, I guess we are
    Yukina: we could have used them earlier
    Hakuru: I wanted to do how humans do
    Rev: yo, see you in Tokyo
    Rev drops down a speed boat
    Rev: see ya!
    Hakuru: laters!
    Kikio: man… I’m getting some sleep, I need a real bed!
    Saya: sure thing Kikio
    Hakuru: I think we can take it from here now
    She uses her blade and cuts up a portal
    Hakuru: everybody in!
    They all hopped in as they all came home
    Hakuru: home sweet home
    Sukya: finally!
    Yamota: gotta… puke!
    Hakuru: gross.
    Saya: well, we’ll be seeing ya, laters
    Hakuru: right
    Hakuru gets out her keys and opens the door
    Hakuru: man I’m beat…
    Yukina: if you guys need me, I’ll be in the lab
    Sukya: I am so going to go shopping
    Kanomi: I’ll come with
    Fuka: same here
    Tokyo, home to all, the Skull Gunners have a long history here in Tokyo, so many battles, so many hardships yet they hold each other and always stay together. They are the girls who never back down from a fight, Hakuru kept the crew together and also with the help of Saya, Rev and the others. They will never be apart as long as they are together
    Shion: so… this is a hotel…?
    Tressa: has lots of beds, damn I love luxury stuff
    Webber: yahoo!
    Suijo: guess this will do it’s great that Onimaru gave us this place
    Shion: this will be our base of operations then
    Jasmine: dude I am starving…
    Tressa: I’ll call room service!
    Jasmine: yeah… you do that… I’m gonna go take a shower…
    In the sky of The Syndicate Unknown reads a writes a journal of her progress as she closed it and locked it
    Unknown: come in Lillian
    Lillian: what are you doing?
    Unknown: I’m writing a journal
    Lillian: journal logs?
    Unknown: yeah, that reminds me where’s everyone else?
    Lillian: they are all having a break
    Unknown: Lillian, take over the ship, I want this ship to land at the nearest Syndicate base, we need to refuel our ship and re-supply our resources
    Lillian: understood
    She saluted
    Unknown: no need to salute, you’re not a soldier anymore
    She got up and went to her room as she went into the shadow and removed her clothes to have a shower
    The rest of her crew was in the break room
    Medusa: looks like the Skull Gunners are in Tokyo, back home where they belong
    Tomoe: they have the fifth letter
    Thanatos: we barely have any of the letters, why do we keep on fighting the Skull Gunners if we cannot grab the letter?
    Medusa: don’t worry, once they have all the letters they will open the gate where we follow them
    Thanatos: but why do we fight them?
    Pandora: isn’t it obvious Thanatos? It’s to prove if their worthy enough, only the brave and strong can go to Heaven itself
    Thanatos: this is not like the Nord Mythology Pandora…
    Medusa: no she’s right, we have to test their abilities, their courage, their leader’s leadership and I believe they are ready, look guys once our leader gets what’s hers we can do whatever the f*ck we want
    Thanatos: fine, but I hope it’s worth fighting for
    Thanatos walks out of the room
    Pandora: well isn’t he a bit grumpy?
    Medusa: that’s how Thanatos is
    All crew members, this is Lillian, the leader will be taking a break from now on I will be in charge of the ship, the ship will be stopping to a nearby Syndicate base, once we stop by the leader will be taking over the ship again. Thank you.
    Medusa: looks like she’s doing quite well
    Pandora: Unknown is taking a break I see
    Medusa: that reminds me the base we’re heading off to is where Lilith is isn’t it?
    Pandora: Lilith? Ah yes, now I remember
    Medusa: She’s probably going to be joining our crew and once she does that will be our 9th crew member, just need one more and we’ll be even the number with the Skull Gunners
    Pandora: and who do you think that 10th member will be?
    Medusa: hmph, who do you think?
    Pandora: I see…
    Very well, I guess our battle with the Skull Gunners will be quite interesting.
    In Tokyo Saya walks with Hakuru as the both of them grab a cold drink together, Hakuru drinks pepsi while Saya drinks black coffee. The wind blows with breeze with ease. “So, reckon we can catch the sixth letter Hakuru-san?” Saya asks. Hakuru finishes her drink and throws it near a bin. “Probably, we need three more letters to go right?” Hakuru answered.
    Saya: these letters, I guess their written to someone
    Hakuru: I think their suppose to belong to the first deaths master.
    Saya: she mourns a lot to her
    Hakuru: she’s like us, I miss my mother, father and my sister and you miss your sister that is like a mother to you
    Saya: you ever wonder what the Unknown’s goal?
    Hakuru: all I know is that she wants to go and reach to that heaven gate
    Saya: for the master?
    Hakuru: could be possible, come on Saya let’s stop talking about The Death and start enjoying our lives more often man
    Saya: heh, yeah sure your right
    Hakuru: check it out, some Skillet albums, this music store never seem to fail me
    Owner: yo Hakuru and Saya!
    Hakuru: Benimaru! Hey man how’s it going?
    Benimaru: nothing much, damn you’ve changed, clothes, hair style daaammmn!
    Hakuru: haha, you never seem to change in a bit
    Saya: so what’s up Benimaru?
    Benimaru: nothing much, just selling all kinds of music and all that stuff.
    Hakuru: looks like this place gotten pretty big
    Benimaru: haha, sure has, hey have you listen to this band?
    Hakuru: what band?
    Benimaru: it’s called The Lust of Pleasure; this band just hit the top of Japan!
    Hakuru: Lust of Pleasure huh?
    Saya: wow, this band does sound good, who’s the main singer!
    Benimaru: she goes by the name Lilith
    Hakuru: Lilith?
    Benimaru: mhm! You can have this album for free!
    Hakuru: sweet thanks! Even the Skillet album?
    Benimaru: sure thing
    Hakuru: thanks Ben! See ya later!
    Benimaru: you too!
    As they got outside they returned to their homes
    Hakuru: I’m back! Got some take away food! Come and get em before it gets cold!
    Yamota: alright!
    Sukya: what’s that you got there?
    Hakuru: this? Some album that just hit top of Japan, called The Lust of Pleasure, band leader is Lilith I hear they say it’s a pretty good band so I’m gonna go and listen to it later
    V: Lilith huh? Like the succubus?
    Hakuru: succubus?
    V: female demons that seduce men for their souls, creepy bunch, I see a few of them back in Hell.
    Hakuru: succubus huh…?
    Hakuru sits down and puts her feet up on the table. She gets out her katana and starts wiping it with a piece of cloth
    Yamota: I spy with my little eye, something that starts with H
    Hakuru: me?
    Yamota: oh…
    Hakuru: are you drinking?
    Yamota: come on, a long adventure like that, I am dying for one!
    Hakuru: Gunners Academy, Soul/Fate, Dark Side Chronicles, The Gothic Judgment Order, Ten Evil Blades, and all this other crap. I feel like I’m bound to stop all of this
    Yamota: what can I say? Life’s a b*tch
    Lilith: alright, great job guys, looks like we might hit the top once again
    Drummer: alright!
    Guitarist: well, see you tomorrow Li!
    Lilith: yeah you too
    Lilith enters into her changing room as she takes off her shirt and pants and was about to wear her casual clothes
    Well hellllooo
    Lilith: oh great…. What do you want?
    Nothing baby, how about you and I go out on a date? We can go to some-
    Lilith: restaurant? Well, I don’t think I have an appetite for restaurants today
    You’re refusing me?
    Lilith: I don’t got time for this, move
    Or else what…?
    Lilith: or…. Else I have your soul
    My soul….? Yeah right as if that will e-
    Lilith gets closer to his ear
    Lilith: come to me, you are a very… very... Eager one aren’t you…?
    She kisses him as she uses her tongue then takes his soul from his mouth
    He starts to grow at a very old age then starts to crumble.
    Lilith: eww… that f*cker’s soul tastes gross!
    She puts on her clothes and opens up a portal to her base
    Lilith: Portal open!
    She jumps right in and see’s the ship
    Lilith: Master Unknown, well, well, well what a surprise
    Lillian: I’m Lillian
    Lilith: I’m Lilith, man you sure have a body, your soul looks like it might taste like candy
    Medusa: don’t even think about it Lilith
    Lilith: so what do you guys need?
    Medusa: fuel, supplies, ammo and also I need a drink
    Lilith: bars down up ahead
    Pandora: hello Lilith
    Lilith: hey there Pandora how’s the sh*tty trip?
    Pandora: quite fun actually, we followed the Skull Gunners
    Lilith: wait what?! The Skull Gunners?!
    Pandora: yes, you are a fan of them?
    Lilith: fan? I’ve been dying to meet them!!!! Why didn’t you tell me you guys were following them?!
    Pandora: fufufufufu…. Silly foolish girl, you should of come along, Hakuru put up quite a fight I think she was quite… ticked off
    Lilith: ticked off? You back stabbed a person again didn’t you?!
    Pandora: why are you so angry? You don’t even care if I backstab a man or a woman but… wait is this about Hakuru?
    Lilith: you got no idea how much I lust for her power, if I can suck out every last bit of her soul, she can be a part of me… no wait! We can be… together!
    Pandora: seriously, you got some serious ass problems young lady…
    Thanatos: I need a bed… but first… some steak…
    Lilith: oh you know when you guys got those mini cameras? Do you have any footage of her?
    Pandora: yeah sure go ahead, half the footage has been lost due to her god like monstrous power
    Lilith: I’ll make sure I won’t miss every bit of her in action
    She takes the footage and brings it back into her room
    Medusa: what’s that about?
    Pandora: hmph, she always seem to be obsessed about Hakuru
    Medusa: yeah ever since the beginning, jeez it’s like the world is all about Hakuru this Hakuru that
    Pandora: she is the Death y’know?
    Medusa: so is the Unknown, heard the rumors about the Death clan?
    Pandora: The Shi?
    Medusa: yeah, that clan… turns out that one of them is still alive
    Pandora: here?
    Medusa: reckon Unknown knows about it?
    Pandora: probably
    Hakuru: darn it…
    Rizumi: you need to move like a ninja
    Fight like a ninja
    And learn the ways of the ninja
    Rizumi: you can’t just get it in one day
    Hakuru: come on, aren’t I doing it? Besides all clones are built in with ninja combat
    Rizumi: just because you have built in ninja style combat that doesn’t mean you’re an actual ninja, you have to learn the ways of a real ninja
    Hakuru: fine…
    Rizumi: but…. Since training is over we will do this another time
    Yamota: yo, you guys finished training?
    Hakuru: yeah… trying to be something real is pretty hard
    Yamota: real?
    Hakuru: you know how I can do Tae Kwon Do and Ninjutsu which are already built in my brain?
    Yamota: yeah?
    Hakuru: well, Rizumi wants me to be like a “real” ninja, not someone that knows how to do it with built in technology. Although her training has helped me relaxed my mind and I can feel a lot of my energy coming back to me. Not to mention I can already feel everybody’s energy levels and I know what their all doing
    Yamota: you know what they’re doing?
    Hakuru: yeah, Asuka is probably learning how to be a proper medic and Yukina is still doing research in her lab.
    Yamota: this is amazing I never knew you can do all that
    Hakuru: thank Rizumi, without her training I don’t think I could handle this much power I go crazy whenever I use a lot of my energy
    Yamota: hey maybe with that training you can beat Unknown with a K.O.!
    Hakuru: hehe, we’ll see about that
    Later at the Unknown’s HQ
    Unknown: good afternoon
    Lilith: good afternoon to you too Unknown, so you fought Hakuru huh?
    Unknown: yes I did, she is a formidable opponent and cannot be underestimated, and our final battle will be up in the heavens
    Lilith: what if she defeats you?
    Unknown: hmph, then a loss is a loss. However this time will kill her
    Lilith: kill?
    Unknown: she already knows that we’re using her to get all the letters to open up the gates of heaven once that is done we will destroy her team and we will accomplish our goal
    Lilith: why kill? I thought you cared for the girl
    Unknown: I did, there are so many reasons why I want to keep her alive, she has the will to live and fight and protect the weak but as long as I’m still alive, she will not stop until she has her revenge
    A long time ago, I killed her step family who took her in, since I have adapted to my powers I can read time and know what our future is coming to, killing her parents was the only way, including Rukina.
    Now since she has grown much stronger, she is a threat to our organization, however I need her for our plans if we need to succeed.
    Heaven should be a good grave for her.
    Lilith: you use a lot of people, including gang bosses
    Unknown: they deserved death, we deserve life.
    Are the supplies finished?
    Lilith: sure is, fuel is up and running and ammo
    Unknown: then we should be leaving, are you coming?
    Lilith: hmph, sure why not?
    In an unknown world, there are throne chairs around the corners in a large mansion room, about 9 people were sitting there, in the middle was a dark cloaked lady with purple hair and purple lingerie clothing and leather boats with her legs crossed, she begins the meeting of the order
    Murasaki: meeting begins, report
    Haiiro: Hakuru has collected the fifth letter of the First Death; her whole team of Skull Gunners has travelled back to Japan
    Murasaki: so then the 6th letter must be in Japan
    Haiiro: also, The Syndicate seems to be on the move again
    Murasaki: Unknown…
    Shiroi: so I guess the rule of our clan is probably just stay put and watch right?
    Murasaki: this is Hakuru’s fight; we do cannot interfere with her battle.
    Makka: why not we just recruit her in?
    Murasaki: if that is her choice, however if she ever comes close to death, we may take measures within our own hands, heal her body and teach her all we know about the Evil Energy
    Makka: couldn’t we recruit The Ten Evil Blades for that?
    Murasaki: we could, however they are not the ones we want, what we want is Hakuru, she may be useful to the clan, our main sole purpose is to keep the balance of good and evil, just like what The Demon Knight wanted, that is what she wanted Gunners to do
    Shiroi: heh, you have a point, since the Ten Evil Blades member name “Estray” she made both Light and Dark kill the living crap out of each other. Not to mention Gunners is a freaking big mechanical sky hiding in some small dimension
    Haiiro: yet they still believe they work for God, the heavens don’t really have any business with the Light Gunners do they?
    Murasaki: no they don’t, it seems that Light was working with Hell along.
    Enshoku: hmph, feel bad for them, what about the goddess?
    Murasaki: there have been no reports of her, however she is innocent and pure hearted, she is no trouble
    Makka: so then, what should we about The Master?
    Murasaki: I am still thinking of a plan for that, do not worry
    Aoi: if she ever does passes through the gates of heaven, what would happen if she would try and search something else?
    Makka: and what’s that?
    Aoi: there are many innocent souls in heaven; do you think she will ever search for her family?
    Murasaki: if she wishes to do so then so be it, herm other cannot be located anywhere on Earth
    Aoi: what about the rest of The Syndicate? Do we destroy them?
    Murasaki: no, we will let the Skull Gunners handle them, we do our part in training Hakuru, we must not let the world know of our existence, if they do, they will hunt us down one by one
    Makka: just like the purge
    Midori: then we must see to it that our plan will succeed, once she has defeated Unknown and complete the task of rescuing the first Death’s master, we will take her in, give her out knowledge and training.
    After all, she is just like us correct?
    Murasaki: yes, yes she is
    Yukina: hey Hakuru we got a problem
    Hakuru: what is it?
    Yukina: there seems to be a shipment that’s transporting young girls less than 18 years of age, it seems to be a sex trade
    Hakuru: a sex trade? Not good, alright I’ll handle it from here, just give me the coordinates
    Yukina: roger that
    Hakuru goes into her armory as she puts on her leather boots, her combat knife strapped onto her left boot, two 9mm pistols, and one sharp blade katana strapped behind her back. She puts on her black cap on as she opens up a portal.
    Hakuru: be right back in a jiffy
    Yukina: good luck
    She goes into the portal and see’s the men
    Hakuru: alright I see em, how many cargos are there?
    Yukina: about five
    Hakuru: five cargos? Seems to be a lot of girls in there, I see the men. They seem to be foreigners from another country; I’m going to take them out one by one
    Yukina: you probably have enough time as well; ship will leave in about an hour
    Hakuru: got it, I’ll do it fast
    She walks around and see’s one of the workers, she raises out her hand and puts them to sleep with her evil energy then moves the body into an empty cargo
    Hakuru: that’s one
    She sneaks as fast as she could then see’s more workers coming by
    She knocks them out and puts them in another empty cargo
    Hakuru: man I’m sick of tired in doing stealth stuff all the time, I’m gonna go save the girls
    She teleports herself inside of the cargos and see’s the girls
    Girl: ah! Wh- who are you?!
    Hakuru: No time to ask, I’m here to rescue you all, in one hour all five cargos that are you in right now will be going on that boat and be sold to some sex trade
    Girl: sex trade…? P-please! I want to go home!
    Hakuru: don’t be scared now, I’m here, the door I just opened is only going to last for about five minutes, everyone should get in now!
    Everybody ran into the portal as they were teleported outside of the cargo
    Hakuru: okay, now I need you all to hide over there! I’m going to get the rest, do not move anyway else understand?
    She teleports again and gets all the other girls out of the cargos
    Worker opens up a cargo and finds it empty
    Boss: empty?! The girls are supposed to be in there! Get everybody to find them! Look in the other cargos!
    Hakuru: damn, they must’ve found out already!
    She gotten all the girls out of the cargos as she makes them hide
    Hakuru: this will all be over, stay here okay?
    She takes out two of her guns
    Boss: hm? That woman…
    Hakuru: alright now boys, let’s rock!
    She runs in and does a leg slide while firing both of her 9mm pistols at the enemies, then jumps up as she rapidly kicks with her right leg then throws in an over arm punch. She flies up and does a spinning double back kick at the left enemy then to the right.
    Hakuru: man, is that all you guys got?!
    The boss fires a bazooka
    Hakuru managed to destroy it with her evil energy
    Boss: what the f*ck are you?!
    Hakuru: I’m your Death that’s what I am.
    She kicks down the steel bars as the boss falls down onto the ground
    Hakuru: but, I won’t kill you though, I’m taking you to the authorities, and you’ll be faced with the consequences asshole. *takes out radio* this is Hakuru, mission accomplished
    Radio: great work Hakuru!
    Hakuru: hmm look’s like police has just arrived
    Hakuru breaks his legs
    Boss: AH f*ck!
    Hakuru: well, it’s a lot better than tying you up anyway
    Hakuru: alright girl’s I’m going to go now, stay strong now, the authorities should take care of you, ciao
    She enters into the portal and returns home
    Makka appears on top of a cargo crate with Enshoku.
    Enshoku: I’m starting to like her already
    Makka: very interesting, she’s planned this out perfectly
    Enshoku: no human was killed during the fight
    Makka: let’s go and report
    Enshoku: yes
    Unknown: this cure seems to be working well, I’m surprised you and Hakuru managed to grab it
    Pandora: it was worth it
    Unknown: hmpg, you betrayed her
    Pandora: ah that’s right you can read the future, yes of course I did, she made it out alive of course
    Unknown returns to her seat and cracks her knuckles and crosses her legs
    Unknown: set course to Tokyo.
    Hakuru: I’m back guys
    Yukina: welcome back, here a gift
    Yukina throws Hakuru’s right gauntlet to her
    Hakuru: my B.W.F armour gauntlet?
    Yukina: I made some upgrades to it, try it on
    Hakuru: I hardly recognize it as my armour now, I barely use this now
    Yukina: just put it on
    Hakuru slides her right arm into the gauntlet as it locks in. The gauntlet activates itself with two holes pops out
    Hakuru: woah, a weapon?
    Yukina: not just a weapon, its design like a shotgun, I loaded it with buckshot bullets, you can load it with other type shotgun shells so come and see me if you want some adjustments to the gauntlet, I’ll be happy to upgrade it besides it helps with my time with the group.
    Hakuru: Yukina, you’re the smartest girl in the world.
    Yukina: I try my best to my abilities Hakuru
    Hakuru: anything else you come up with?
    Yukina: I’ve been trying to make the Yamato Technology
    Hakuru: Yamato Technology?
    Yukina: yes, I’m using my own funds for my own secret project, we can use it against The Syndicate and The Illuminate
    Hakuru: does it require my evil energy?
    Yukina: never thought of that actually
    Yukina places her hand to her chin with her other arm crossed to her forearm
    Yukina: you gave me a good idea, I’m gonna go spend some time in the lab
    Hakuru: don’t spend too much time in there, get some sun outside, you’re looking like a ghost
    Yukina: true, true.
    The Syndicate – HQ
    Unknown has both of her hands together gripping hard as her eyes were glaring at the screen of data. She looks at the reports of every member of the Syndicate. A door appears to slide open as Medusa heads up to Unknown and gave her reports of the ship.
    Medusa: hey boss, all systems clear, engines are good to go
    Unknown: set course to Tokyo, I want Lilith’s team to be ready to be deployed
    Medusa: you heard her people! Set course to Tokyo!
    Aye ma’am!
    Hakuru: Yukina how’s that helmet?
    Yukina: oh that thing? Shesh I’m working on that and the Yamato technology at the same time, well since that Hildre chick first put it on her freaking head she went berserk right? I studied it’s markings and the energy, I surprised that the Demon Knight carried this much power, Hakuru… this power, it’s huge! It’s bigger than your power
    Hakuru: man, what would happen if one person wears all the pieces of the armour?
    Yukina: then that person would destroy the whole world; nobody can’t control this armour, not even you Hakuru, it’s best to leave it in my lab for now
    Hakuru: heh, alright then but don’t even think about wearing it
    Yukina: please, I’m not a fool, I’m not even interested in that kind of power, all I bloody care about is keeping this team alive
    Hakuru: that’s why you’re the best scientist in the world
    Yukina: oh yeah I found the next letter
    Hakuru: you did?
    Yukina: I actually managed to suck a tiny bit of energy from that helmet, it took me 7 hours to do that with the tech I have in this room, when I sucked it out, it automatically sensed the letter, it’s at Kyoto Castle, you know where it is right?
    Hakuru: Kyoto Castle? I know where it is but I never been there
    Yukina: well it’s your lucky day; you can do it on your own right?
    Hakuru: of course I can, I’m taking the car with me, I think I’ll have a nice drive
    Yukina: see ya
    She gets into her car and drives off with her katana at the front seat and her guns in the bag.
    Hakuru: just a few more left….
    Time to get the 6th letter
    She hits the gas pedal and speeds up
    Meanwhile there.
    Unknown: ….
    Medusa: so why here?
    Unknown: because she left it here, though it appears we are not alone
    Medusa: hm?
    Raiku: you….
    Medusa: Raiku is it? I know why you’re here; you’re here for Hakuru, pity.
    Seeing as though most of your generals died from the hands of the Ten Evil Blades, can’t say I blame you, I say I pity you
    Raiku: I will fight Hakuru!
    Medusa: please, for a general Gunner like you? You have no idea who you are dealing with punk
    Unknown: no… I want to see this “general” fight, y’know I do hate your kind in this world, Gunners trying to keep the balance of good and evil? Your doing a pretty terrible job Raiku
    Raiku: what did you say…?
    Unknown: I’m getting very, very bored from this ridiculous conversation we’re having. Medusa what about you?
    Medusa: of course
    Unknown: how about this Raiku? If you win against Hakuru we can transfer all of her power to you “or” if you lose
    Unknown gets up from her chair and walks up to Raiku with a dark and evil aura
    Unknown: Medusa will have your head
    Medusa: actually maybe before I can have his head I can have fun with him, seeing my body hasn’t had a lot of fun with boys for a while now, oh my god… seeing his tempting hot body makes me wanna get wet!
    Unknown: you’ve been holding it in, my Captain
    Seeing Unknown as leader, Medusa is a rank of Captain in the team
    Raiku: w-who are you….?
    Unknown: we are the Syndicate and we will dispose any who gets in our way
    Well… she’s coming here soon, you best prepare yourself, being patient starting to anger me boy.
    Medusa: I’ll enjoy eating your body R-a-i-k-u
    Raiku: *My gods… please help me*
    No! I will get my revenge on that b*tch!
    The car stopped, Hakuru got out of her car and grabbed out her katana and most of her other weapons
    Hakuru: well, it’s show time, don’t know what might attack me, I wonder what it looks like inside of Kyoto Castle…
    She walks inside in the castle and walks up the stairs to the top.
    Hakuru: this place has a lot of stairs, jeez I feel kind of sorry to the guys that built this place. I’m surprised this castle still stands.
    She opens up the last door at the top tower and see’s Raiku there
    Hakuru: huh? Raiku, what are you doing here?
    Raiku: you….
    Hakuru: Raiku listen if it’s about that incident I’m sorry
    Raiku: sorry…? Is that all you have to say? “I’m sorry?”
    He rises up his flaming sword
    Raiku: you of all people, I knew why the council wanted you dead… The Death? Why would you carry such a name, and why would you carry this much power…
    Hakuru: Raiku stop
    Raiku: no, don’t tell me to stop! I am a general! You have no right to tell me to stop!!!
    Raiku unleashes flaming wings on his back and unleashed dangerous fires around him like a shield
    Hakuru grabs out her katana as her right eye glows death
    Hakuru: your leaving me with no choice Raiku, damn. I’m gonna defeat you but I’m not going to kill you
    She shoots out a skull from her blade as the flames tries to stop it but the skull eats away the flame as Raiku jumps back and fires out a fire ball and destroys the skull, but in the smoke Hakuru jumps in with a turning back kick.
    Raiku gets hit and falls down as he raises up his left foot and fires out a flaming venom
    Hakuru: alright let’s try this then!
    She raises up her right arm and lets out a punch which unleashed an evil energy of wind pushing away the venom snake
    Raiku: AAAH!
    Raiku gets up with rage and lets out a roar as flames came out of his mouth
    Hakuru: name, they don’t call you Raiku for nothing huh?
    Hakuru slams her katana on the ground and cracks her knuckles
    Hakuru: give me everything you got Raiku
    Raiku: FLAME WAVE!
    Hakuru runs in and dodges the flame wave with a barrel role and does an uppercut and with a left hook and a right hook, she follows it up with a power kick, her evil energy began to turn into wings as she flew up in the air and slams her whole kick down upon Raiku.
    Raiku: AAAH!
    Hakuru: LIMIT BREAK!
    Her two fists unleashed two blue flames as she unleashed powerful cannon punches, blazing with fury and control she slammed tons of hits onto Raiku. Raiku began to dodge but has taken hits, but then his hand turned into flaming blades and hits Hakuru onto the shoulder
    Hakuru: ah damn!
    Hakuru steps back as she sees a scratch
    Hakuru: I went a bit cocky there
    Hakuru moves her side fringe from her right eye and opens it up
    Hakuru: alright big guy, if you really are serious then I’m not going to go easy on you
    Her eye glows with a skull on it as she raises her full power
    Hakuru: come on out…
    Kuroi Shi!
    (Black Death)
    Hakuru: Grim Reaper!
    A womanly figure of darkness with a cloak comes out of Hakuru’s back as she holds a death scythe and points it at Raiku
    Raiku: ah…. What… the… f*ck?
    What is that?! I never seen this kind of power before!
    Hakuru: come on. What are you waiting for? You want revenge? Then do it
    Come and hit me “Raiku”
    I’m standing here in front of you what are you waiting for?! Do it for your comrades who died in the hands of The Ten Evil Blades!
    Raiku: you really are the worst… aren’t you…? Why… why a being like you have to be created in this world?
    Hakuru: what?
    Raiku: the human race on this pitiful planet, I see why they created a mad creature like you, your nothing but a monster filled with power that you barely have in control in.
    Yeah…. Thinking you’re a human, but you are not one.
    You are just a copy!
    Those words reached into Hakuru’s heart as it made her stood there.
    Hakuru: a copy.
    Yes. I’m just… a copy.
    Hakuru: I did killed people, I was just a shell nothing more…
    Hakuru: that was a long time ago, you may call me clone, you may call me a killer, and you may call me insane, but that is just the past and will always still in the past.
    I’m trying to do what I’m supposed to do, to make sure that I can make things right and fix myself for what I have become. So shut up. You do not even know what it is like to be made from one another.
    Hakuru’s grim reaper sliced Raiku’s arm with a fast clean cut
    RAiku: AAAHHH!
    It bursts out in flames
    Hakuru: your fire is strong in your heart but fire my blue flame is stronger!
    She jumps up and does a blue flaming triple air kick
    Raiku: AH!
    Hakuru grabs out her katana and fires out Skull Blade
    Raiku: sh*t! Flame Eagle!
    Hakuru: Skull Bullet!
    Raiku ducks down, he begins to regrow his arm but into a flaming arm
    Raiku: damn!
    Raiku uses flash as he appears behind her, he unleashes flaming wing blade but Hakuru flashes behind him and kicks him down
    Raiku: sh*t!
    Unknown: more thank you very much.
    Butler: yes madam
    Medusa: man Raiku is really getting his ass kicked
    Unknown: ordinary energy cannot defeat Evil Energy. Raiku’s energy is sort of rare in his rank as General. When a Gunner reaches up a rank his or her energy will expand and transform into a unique energy that they will have, it is like the energy will have a mind of its own.
    Water Energy, Flame Energy, Blood Energy. It just depends on the user
    Unknown: but Evil Energy is way beyond than any energy, besides it’s the power from Satan anyway, The First Death traded her damn soul for that kind of power anyway
    After all diablo was the first one to use The Demon Knight’s energy to manipulate it as his own. Evil Energy and The Demon Knight may look even.
    But her energy is far more dangerous than Evil Energy. It takes a lot of focus to control its power
    Medusa: yeah yeah I know like Hakuru and the Ten Evil Blades. Besides I’m surprised about that ninja they have on Hakuru’s side.
    Unknown: yes the kunoichi… her clan has studied the way of the energy force. They have a long history with the evil energy, it was forbidden for one of their members to use the energy, but they were all allowed to study it and restrain the power.
    The kunoichi is helping Hakuru to control its power after all.
    Raiku: AAAHHH!
    Hakuru: this is it Raiku!
    She ran up to him with her katana and began hitting him rapidly with her blade however she was using her back blade while transferring her evil energy into it and using the Kuroi Shi to help her with her combos.
    Raiku: AAAAAHHH!
    She unleashed one more hit and slam it hard onto his chest as she sheathed her weapon away.
    Raiku: ah… n…no…
    He falls down onto the ground.
    Hakuru: forgive me Raiku.
    I didn’t want to do that.
    She walks up to retrieve the letter and heals him with her evil energy
    Hakuru: Raiku… I know what it’s like, please for god’s sake
    Don’t be like me
    Unknown: it’s already too late for that Hakuru
    Hakuru: Unknown?!
    Medusa: hiya Hak!
    Hakuru: what are you doing here?
    Unknown: well I came here to see the castle, but instead I bumped into Raiku the fire general, such a pity he has been defeated
    Hakuru: you set him up for this?!
    Unknown: it was his own decision Hakuru, if he won I would of given power of the Evil Energy
    But since he has lost, his body will be-
    Medusa: mine, his body will be mine and I will-
    Hakuru: you’re not going to have him
    Medusa: what’s this you in love or something?
    Hakuru: no, I’m not going to let you have him or kill him, his coming with me and his going to go back to the world he came from
    Unknown: Hakuru is this the purpose I’ve given you?
    Hakuru: don’t worry I’m going to beat you but I’m doing it my way, I’ve already shed a lot of blood for my entire life, but what’s more important is my friends so I’m trying to change
    Unknown: that doesn’t match your name
    Hakuru: don’t worry the only people I’ll only kill are real scumbags
    Unknown: hmph, carry on then
    Keep getting stronger; I’m expecting a lot from you
    Hakuru: heh, I will and just you wait, The Skull Gunners are gonna kick your ass!
    She walks away with Raiku on her shoulders
    Medusa: she’s a strong one; this world needs a Gunner like her y’know hehe
    Unknown: that’s why she is fit to protect this world
    Outside of Kyoto Castle lies a bench where a man with a brown jacket and blue jeans look at the castle.
    So, what’s it like seeing her again?
    It feels great actually, I’m actually proud of her; she’s just like her mother
    She resembles a lot like her, even acts like her too
    So what now… Tomoka?
    Tomoka: hm… until the time is right, I’ll face her father to daughter
    But she isn’t really your daughter you know?
    Tomoka: I know, but to me, she is, besides I hate leaving her wondering all by herself but hell what about you?
    I have to go and meet Yamota
    Tomoka: you left Yamota all crying y’know that?
    Yeah…. I did
    Tomoka: I’m surprised that Hakuru carries a lot of the Evil Energy she has the same fighting style as Rukina does and not to mention she has her own team
    Just like the good old days remember?
    Tomoka: yeah, just like back then, where my wife would tell us this and that to keep moving forward and stuff, hell we even stopped a huge bloody rocket that would wipe out half of Earth’s population
    Yeah I remember that was hell
    Tomoka: I’m surprised both of us are even still alive
    There are only four of us left still alive and breathing
    Tomoka: then we better contact Suijo-san because the next wave of terror is going to hit this world
    Do we know how much time we have?
    Tomoka: nope, but Suijo might help us on that
    Guess we’ll have to contact Suijo and also contact my wife
    Tomoka: you guys haven’t seen each other in years, you sure it’s gonna be alright for her to see you?
    I almost died on that day but I’m pretty sure my daughter calmed her heart down; my wife still has some love left for me y’know?
    Tomoka: hmph up to you
    Tomoka grabs out his phone and calls Suijo
    Meanwhile at the Ten Evil Blades HQ
    Suijo: a phone call…? Who would call me?
    Hey! Long-time no see!
    Suijo: Tomoka? Heh… I thought you were dead
    Yeah that’s what everybody said
    Suijo: so, what can I do for you?
    Tomoka: well another new threat is going to rise up on this world again, I thought why not we bring our old gang back together again and stop it
    Suijo: shouldn’t you leave your daughter for that?
    Tomoka: a father shouldn’t leave his daughter facing all the burdens; I’m going to her job on this one
    Suijo: does she know?
    Tomoka: no…
    Suijo: best for her huh?
    Tomoka: did you meet your daughter yet?
    Suijo: yeah did, she’s strong
    Tomoka: hmph, all of our daughters are strong it’s like their destined to be Gunners or something
    Suijo: so true on that I’d say
    Tomoka: so, how about it?
    Suijo: sure why not, how long has it been anyway?
    Tomoka: almost 50 or 60 years ago I guess
    Suijo: have you spoken to her yet?
    Tomoka: no not yet, I’ll meet her till the time is right
    Suijo: hey can I ask you something?
    Tomoka: yeah sure what is it?
    Suijo: how are you holding up with you know… Rukina and Sukya’s death?
    Tomoka: …
    Suijo: I’m sorry I was just-
    Tomoka: no it’s okay, y’know I keep thinking about them both every day, including Hakuru
    Suijo: it’s not your fault
    Tomoka: I hear that everyday
    Suijo: what? From Jason Yamaha
    Tomoka: yeah, hey Jason say hello to Suijo
    Jason: haha, hey Suijo long time no see
    Suijo: come on Jason stop reminding Tomoka about his wife it’s gonna bother him a lot
    Tomoka: nah don’t worry about it, I like remembering about my wife and daughters, besides it’s what keeps in me in a happy mood
    Suijo: you know her daughter has his gun now right?
    Tomoka: yeah we went to the grave
    Jason: tell her we’ll meet her at the Asakura place!
    Tomoka: alright man, hey Suijo you hear?
    Suijo: yeah Asakura gotcha
    Tomoka: also, do you still have their private numbers?
    Suijo: who the witch mechanic?
    Tomoka: haha yeah Moyoto
    Suijo: I should, I can still sense her energy around and she’s not far from here in Japan
    Tomoka: contact her if you can, I’ll see if I can contact Laura
    Suijo: the scientist?
    Tomoka: yeah, she’s the reason that kept us alive remember?
    Suijo: she’s still the best scientist I can think of, not to mention she’s the only one in the group that does not have any energy or powers
    Tomoka: but her greatest ability is her mind
    Suijo: damn right
    Tomoka: well anyways, see you there Suijo-san
    Suijo: yeah see you
    They both hanged up, Suijo puts her phone on the table and leans back on her chair
    Suijo: heh, looks like we’re back in action again
    Shion: hello Suijo who was that you were speaking to?
    Suijo: nothing much, it was only an old friend of mine
    Shion: an old friend?
    Suijo: don’t worry about it, hey I won’t be here for a little while but I’ll be back okay?
    Shion: that’s fine, do whatever you need to do Suijo
    Suijo: thanks Shion
    Jason: so we’re really gonna stop this new evil that’s gonna spread Japan?
    Tomoka: sure why not? Then after that, we’ll do whatever we want
    Jason: what about Hakuru?
    Tomoka: hm… yeah that too
    Jason: your just worried that she’ll get mad at you right?
    Tomoka: yeah, she’ll probably be pissed at me for not seeing her for quite some time
    Though, it took a while for my body to heal… thanks to Laura
    Jason: yeah.
    Tomoka: your wife doesn’t know your dead does she?
    Jason: nope, she still hates me I think but I still love her
    Tomoka: we can’t hide forever, we gotta see them eventually
    Jason: true, true
    Tomoka: let’s go get the other guys
    They’ll be happy to see us
    To be continued
    Next Chapter: #17 Back Together Again