• "On September 12 at 12:49, a plane that was going to Europe has crashed. 180 people are missi-" the words from the news reporter in the T.V has repeated in Aaron's mind over and over again. Aaron sat quietly in his black suit, watching Arlene in tears. The funeral was almost finished. But Aaron heard the gossiping.
    "Those kids-They're dispicable!! I can't believe they left them with us," said Aaron's aunt
    "Now, now. You two are the only relatives they have left. Please take care of them," said a stranger.
    "Now, honey.All we have to do is watch over them,"whispered his uncle.
    Aaron saw a couple of newly couples. One of them were laughing and the other was looking over at them.

    Soon, later that day, Arlene and Aaron were in despair while their aunt and uncle were just talking. As soon as they got home, their aunt said," We should sell your mother's jewelries for the bills and food."
    Their aunt went in the house and into the drawer of expensive jewelry. Arlene ran and and took the box of jewelry.
    "I won't let you!" Arlene cried"Please, please leave it alone!"
    Then, began the abusing. Her aunt whipped her with a belt. Aaron came in as soon as he heard Arlene. He jumped in front of Arlene, and his uncle kicked him, Arlene cried so hard, that a newly-couple just came in.
    "Stop this immediately or I'll call the police!" yelled a man. A lady ran to Aaron and Arlene, holding them tight.
    "How could you do that to these kids?" asked the man frustrated.
    "Come with us, you two. You can't continue to live like this... being abused," said the lady with a kind low voice. Aaron stared at the couples.they looked familiar. Ahh, he thought,the funeral.

    Aaron and Arlene went into the car with the two couples. Of course, they took their belongings, and their parents most precious items. Soon, they were in a large place.
    "Here we are," said the man. He opened his door, and Arlene's side, then he opened the trunk. Arlene and Aaron were amazed.
    "Aaron, are we living here?" asked Arlene.
    "OF course! As long as you want!" said the man enthusiastic, carrying the bucket of clothes and the precious items in the boxes.
    "Come inside, you two," said the lady.
    They followed her into the rooms. One of the rooms has a kid playing by himself.
    "This'll be both of your rooms," said the lady.
    The room had two beds. One close to the wall and the other near a closet. Arlene jumped on the bed near the wall.
    "I call this one! " she yelled.
    Aaron sighed" Arlene...Don't jump on the bed."
    "Nah, it's fine! Have fun, you two," said the man coming in with the stuffs.

    Aaron glared at the couples though. It seemed like has has yet to trust them.