• Welcome to the story of Drayviel Liquin, the only member of his family.
    We will be looking in on Drayviel Liquin here and there and see how he is doing.

    Chapter 1: Flashbacks
    Page 1:
    The pale male figure is sitting in front of his fireplace listening to the crackle and pops of the burning wood, the light from the fire glowing brightly in his darkened living room.
    The flames glistening off his eyes, he lets out a slight sigh and begins to get up and as he does his bangs that was swiped back from his forehead fall into his eyes.
    He says in a Irish accent, "these flames... they keep my body warm, but why can they not bring warmth to my heart?" he questions himself.
    He then looks around for his cup of water, then when he finds it he walks over and softly grabs the cup handle and thrust the water calmly in the fire making the room immediately pitch black.

    He then plumps onto his bed, pulling the silk cover over his body slowly and calmly as if he did this daily.
    Then closes his eyes thinking back to a time when he was younger and didn't have problems like he does now.
    A vision of him running around in a field of sun flowers come to mind, his body showing a dark summer tan.
    He runs to a nice Victorian styled house only to find his brother laying on the porch covered in blood, he immediately runs into the house ignoring the blood smeared door screaming "MOTHER, FATHER, WHERE ARE YOU?!"

    Tears begin to flow down his cheeks as he runs upstairs to the master bedroom where his parents sleep, only to barge in to see his father lay dead on the bed and a hooded figure biting into his mother’s neck.
    He finds himself unable to move from the shock of the scene before him, he has an irresistible urge to let out a scream but is unable too.
    “W-why are you doing this… WHY DID YOU KILL MY PARENTS?!” he yells out to the hooded figure.
    The hooded figure stops what he is doing only to look at the small fragile boy, then says as blood goes down his chin; “one day we’ll meet again, so when that day comes be ready boy.”

    To be continued