• I went on with my life like usual. The call from my father didn't effect me as much as it should. I geuss I was getting to used to the thought of running away. I wasn't a part of his life anymore, and he wasn't a part of mine.. I lived with friends who took care of me, and at that time, that's all I cared about.
    "Artemis?" Milaya asked as she slowly came into my room.
    "Yes?" I answered shifting to look behind me at Milaya. I put down my mechanical pencil and pushed my homework aside. Even if I was a run away, Chizuru didn't let me drop out of school.
    "Do you know where Yumeji is?"
    No, wasn't he supposed to do the chores today?"
    She nodded "Think he skipped out again."
    "More than likely. I'll go find him." Milaya nodded as I stood up.
    "Can you do it quickly? He's skipped out the last three times and I'd like to kick his a** before he gets to work."
    I laughed "I will." And sped past Milaya to look for Yumeji.

    I found Yumeji near the cliff a few miles from our house. He was sitting on the edge, not the least bit afraid he might fall. "Yumeji." I called.
    He turned around and immediately grinned. "Hey Artemis. What are you doing here?"
    "I'm here to bring you home. It's your turn to do chores."
    Yumeji groaned "That's boring!"
    "Too bad. It's your turn and you already skipped out the last three times."
    "Yeah yeah." He sighed then stood up.
    "You can be such a pain the a**, you know that right?"
    "Whoa, Artemis. That hurt my feelings." He put his hand dramatically over his chest with a devastated look on his face.
    "Like hell it did!" I said, slapping my hand against his arm.
    He laughed, rubbing the place where I hit him like it actually hurt. "Well, hop on my back. It'll be faster."
    "Yeah yeah." I climbed onto his back, wrapping my arms tightly around his neck. I thanked God he couldn't see my cherry red cheeks.
    "Time to go." he said, and we blasted off. Not even noticing the dark figure that loomed in the same spot that Yumeji was in not a minute ago. It whatched us leave. Calculating, stalking, studying, planning.

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