• My Name Is Winter Salinder
    I Live In Australia With My Mom and My two Brothers
    I Had A Twin Sister But She Died Of Cancer....
    I'm Really Only Close To My Brother Seb
    I'm A Junoir At Warmbora High School
    It's a huge high school, me and my brothers only go there because we get into a lot of trouble
    I'm depressed.......
    i only have one friend called April
    She keeps me from suicide.....
    Sad right?
    My worst bully is a boy called Damo Green
    I know what your thinking i really have a huge crush on him.....
    No, i hate that kid and i hope he rots in hell for ruining my life....
    i cut sometimes and im not proud of it
    Also i've never known what it's like to love.

    My life is like a rollar coaster,
    Enjoy The Ride..... cry