• "Rae?" I could hear Finn's voice echo up the tower, calling for me.
    What is he doing here? Finn wasn't supposed to come today, or anytime soon. I quickly tugged off my ratty t-shirt and slipped into my flowy dress. It was yellow, my favorite color and came down to about my knees. Plus, as mad as I was at Finn right now for just randomly showing up, I knew he loved it on me. The pastel color went perfectly with my tan skin and dark brown hair and eyes.
    "Finn? I'm up here." I called down to him only when I was ready.
    Soon enough, I heard his footsteps outside my door. He knocked lightly and then pushed the wooden door open.
    "What are you doing here?" I tried to act upset, but in truth, I was excited to be with him again.
    "Rae, I just wanted to see you!"
    I know that's all that was behind Finn's actions, but if we got caught, it could be weeks before we met up again. The Headmaster punished many students for any non-approved rendezvous.
    I never can stay mad at him. How could I? I loved him.
    His strong hands pulled me closer to him. On my tippy toes, I wrapped my delicate arms around his neck. He kisses me sweetly. I never wanted this to end. Of course, it would have to, soon.
    Finn seemed to know this, too. He slowly pulled away, grinning like an idiot.
    "Come with me, Rae." He started to pull me out the door, but I stood my ground.
    "Finn, we'll get caught, for sure."
    He rolled his eyes at me but didn't pull again.
    "Fine." That's Finn. Always stubborn.
    But then he smirked like a maniac and said, "Don't worry, I'll come see you again."
    For some reason, this made me giggle, and he stooped down to kiss me again.
    "Bye, Rae." Then he walked out my door.