• Age: Newborn

    Time: Her Birthing Ceremony

    Where: The North-Western Lands of Japan


    It all began when the father, whom would disappear two years later, picked up his tiny child from the crib she lay in, and walk down the veranda to he ceremony room.

    There she lay, in the swell of he crowd among the demons and lord that surrounded her. A tiny wail emanated from her, realizing that the dagger in her fathers hand was somehow intended for her.

    Her father, by the name of Cain Goshawk, swiftly cut the reigning priest's hand, and then her own tiny hand. The priest then announced that she was a child from the heavens...

    The entire room went still. The priestess from he local shrine picked up the child, and cleaned her bloody hand. "This child be from great ancestry, true be that, but what ye don't understand is that the young one is sharing, or holds, that soul of the Goddess, Tokimi-dono...

    "And that ye child will never have peace."

    Can, forlorn at the though of his precious daughter never finding peace, was heartbroken. But instead of doing what others were already planning, he decided that since the future was never writ, then maybe he could make for her a bright and happy future, one with great peace. "The child is to live," he announced, ",and take the name of her soul, Tokimi. She is a blessing, and will live on in my shiro."

    The crowd once more stilled, and went into an uproar. They could not believe their ears! Had the old dog lost his mind? But Cain quietly picked up his ill-fated daughter, and quietly left the room. The child cooed up at him, her wound already healed, and clutched at his kimono tightly, safe in her fathers embrace.

    Humming a gentle lullaby, he put her to bed, where she slept quietly, unaware that several assassination attempts were being dissuaded by her father, and brother that is unknown to her at the time. Sleeping blissfully she dreams of the future her father wishes for her...

    And thus, her story has begun.