• (Maria; age 5)
    “Maria, why don’t you introduce yourself to Draco’s son, and play with him for a little while,” said papa as I hid behind his leg, and stared at the strange boy around my age, hiding behind a pretty lady.
    He had brown eyes and jetblack hair.
    “David, honey, why don’t you play with her? You’re father and I have some catching up to do with our old friends,” said the pretty lady.
    “But mama, she is a girl, and girls are no fun!”
    “What was that, ye wee little twit?!” no judges me for being a girl and gets away with it! The hunt is on, my tail wagging, because I’m going to bite him.
    I started to chase him, but not full speed, I want to enjoy the chase.
    “Ha, and ye call me a twit, ye be as slow as a snail!” he mocked.
    That is when I went full speed and knocked the twit down and bit him.
    “Mama! It hurts,” he cried, so I stopped biting him.
    “Just because I be a girl doesn’t mean I be a wuss like you!” I growled at him.
    “Maria! That was uncalled for!” Mama’s angry voice rang in my ears.
    “It is alright Beth,” the pretty lady said to Mama.
    “But Deanaila..” Mama tried to argue with her.
    “No Beth, David had it coming and he knows it,” said the pretty lady who’s name is Deanaila.
    Me and David played for hours, then it was time for him, his mama and papa to leave. I didn’t want him to leave, I was having to much fun with him.
    “Goodbye, come and play with me again someday, David,” said to him with a smile on my face.
    “Don’t worry, I will, Maria,” he told me as he left with his mama and papa.
    But I never saw him again..
    (David: age5 )
    “Who would have guess that playing with a Werewolf was so much fun!” I said happily to Mama and Papa.
    “Now David, you know you cannot be speaking about what happened today with anyone, especially with the ‘Za Kei Lae’ coming to visit our Coven to night,” said Papa.
    “The ‘Unholy Ones’?” I didn’t want them to come, they are evil, they cannot go into the sunlight, and they are the undead versions of our race. “Why won’t God come and send them all to hell already, Papa?”
    Papa had a scared look on his face after I asked that. “Hold your tough, David! I will not have them take you away from me because you do not know when to close your mouth!” His voice was chiding and full of sadness.
    “Yes Papa.”
    After that I stayed quit all the rest of the way home, by the time we got there it was dark, and those thing were there... All six of them.
    “Ah, Draco, you are finally here. I was hoping to talk to you about joining us,” said the scariest one of them all, Lucifer.
    “No, never again!” yelled Papa. I do not understand, what does Papa mean by ‘Never again’? “I have found my redemption I was looking for when I became one, so I never want to go back to the darkness.”
    “And neither do I,” said Mama. I became even more confused.
    “Draco, you will join us tonight, as for you, Deanaila, you have a child to raise,’ hissed Markus, the youngest of the monsters.
    “David, go to Zerrek’s, now!” Papa commanded.
    I did as I was told and ran into Zerrek’s House as fast as I could, and Knocked him over.
    “David, what is wrong?” asked Zerrek, who help me up as he got up.
    “Papa... Undead monster!..and.”That is when I noticed, Zerrek’s body was as cold as death, and his heart wasn’t beating. “You are one of them?!”
    A look of shock came over his face. “No, I am not ‘One of Them’, and as long as they never learn of my existence I will never be ‘One of Them’,” he sneered.
    “How.. How long..?”
    “Have I been Undead. David, I have been Undead since Babylon,much longer then ‘Them’. Now, David tell me what is going on slowly,” he spoke calmly.
    “I..” I could not get the words out.
    “Come here, David, so I can look into your mind.
    (Zerrek; age really old)
    David walked slowly up to me. He was shaking all over.
    I gently placed my hands on his cheeks and looked into his mind. What I saw was Lucifer trying to get Draco to rejoin them. Something I knew Draco would refuse, and condemn him to death.
    I ran to the window and looked out, and saw Draco holding Deanaila close to him.
    I know she was pregnant and so did Draco, she had only been pregnant for a few weeks now.
    Draco was whispering in her ear. I could tell he was trying to convince her to come inside with me and David by reading his lips.
    I ran to the door, opening it to yell out to her. “Deanaila, you should come inside, it is cold out and you might catch a chill.”
    “Yes Sweetheart, please go inside with David,” he said pleadingly to her.
    There was tears in her eyes,”Draco, please let me stay with you!”
    “David needs you right now. Please go inside and stay with him.”
    “Fine... I love you,” she pulling him into a long kiss, then she reluctantly left him to come inside with me and David.
    Luckily ‘They’ never noticed me. But unforchantly for Draco they did noticed him, and he was going to die for it, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.
    (Deanaila; age really old but not as old as Zerrek)
    I knew what was going to happen next and I didn’t want to think about it, but I couldn’t help but think about. They were going to make make him undead again.. Then they they are going to tie him to a stake, and burn him with the light of the rising sun.
    I could feel his life force slipping away. All those years I had spent building a life with him was going down the drain.
    My Draco was never going to see David grow into manhood, and he was never going to hold his unborn child. I am going to awake every morning thinking he is going to be there, just to realize he is gone! Gone!
    They are taking away the redemption that that I had waited so long for, they are taking one of the greatest gifts God has ever given me, and there is nothing I could do to stop it!
    I fell to my knees and started to cry, thinking that those monster that are taking the love of my life away for me were working for the devil.
    Then I felt to two little arms, David’s arms pull me into an embrace. I could feel his tears fall on me as he held me close, he knew exactly what was going on.. He knew his father was going to die.. And those things where going to be the new leaders of our Coven.