So that's why he lay there, twirling his fingers through his silky black hair, salty tears streaming down his face. He reached down and pulled out her picture, her beautiful smiling face. Golden hair streaming down her shoulders, her white teeth perfectly straight smiling brilliantly. He vaguely wondered if she had settled down yet. She'd be happy with someone new, someone that made her more happy then he ever could have.
    He knew she didn't love him, his children didn't love him, but that didn't stop him on that cold winter night.
    He crept slowly to the light house that had once been his. He saw his children laughing ans playing, chasing each other around the brightly lit tree. His little girl was wearing a new dress, a red velvet one with sparkles, while his son wore a black jacket and light blue jeans. They would be teenagers now the man thought.
    He wondered what would happen if he walked in there now. If they would throw his out again. Slam the door in his face again. If his wife would furious again, if his children would look away in shame again.
    He was about to move to them, to go to them, but then he saw her. His beautiful wife sitting in a chair, laughing with her children and....the man holding her.
    The man in the sitting outside the window was broken. She had forgotten and moved on. She didn't wait for him to come home from jail.
    He moved away from the house staring back at the people who had once been his family. Tears freely fell from his face. He ran, ran from the people who had lied to him. His foot caught onto a root. He stumbled and fell into the snow, but he made no movement to pick himself up. He just lay there, waiting for someone to love him. To remember who he was, and what he did. For someone to find him and someone to pick him up and say it was okay, that someone loved him.
    But that person never came.
    He waited, and waited. His body freezing his lip quivering. He was tired. He wanted to close his eyes and never open them again. He gripped a fist and took a deep breath. It was his time now. Time to say goodbye and time to leave. He could hear death calling his name, the voice getting louder and louder until finally, he was engulfed by the sound. “Goodbye...” He whispered. “Goodbye, I love you.”