• Rebellion Leader x Underground journalist
    It's 100 years into the future. There are no more marriages and loving families. Now you can be in an airport, see ten different girls being raped and not even turn around to see whats happening. Police dont even try to stop it anymore because they and the rest of the government are going around and sexually assulting females. Women are now just a subject to the mens assults and nobody is stopping it because it is normal.

    All women do is walk around in fear, raising their daughters to be cautious and raising their sons to try to not be like other men, but fail. They are all poor and are not allowed to have official jobs and live in crappy houses. Also, they are banned from learning self defense. Most of the time they lock themselves in their room and put on their virtual gear to see what true love is actually like.

    One girl is around seventeen years old and her mother taught herself self defense and proceeded to teach her daughter. She goes around, running from the police just for defending girls who are being assulted. She is known as the hero to women. One man, the only one who doesnt assult, finds out about her and wants to interview her for his secret blog talking about rising against the rapes. While interviewing her, he developes some feelings as she comes up with the idea to wear a mask and have the women rise up against men.

    Generic Vampire x friend

    When vampires were discovered, they quickly went extinct. The reason was because they starved themselves so they wouldn't be killed off. The first vampire didn't want that, however, and created a device that selected certain humans to become generic vampires. Generic vampires are humans that are intellegent, blood thirsty, and have no recollection of their past.

    A girl has been best friends with this one boy for as long as they could remember. They even have been in love without the other knowing. One day, he is late to school and she begins to worry. When he arrives, everybody is stunned. His eyes are red and the generic symbol is implanted in his neck. The girl gets upset and tries to talk to him. He gets annoyed and pushes her, saying he doesnt remember her at all.

    Not wanting to give up, she goes into the generic training field where they all fight like its a world war. She tries to find him but is almost killed. Her old friend protects her, saying that something inside of him told him to. This gives her hope and she continues to be by his side and he eventually starts to recall his feelings.

    Demon x Human

    One afternoon, a girl is walking back to her home from her day at highschool. She ends up running into an adorable little boy who says he's lost. Feeling sympathy, she takes his hand and takes him home. The next day, she finds the same little boy. She asks if he is lost again and he said that he wanted to see her again. The girl just finds this adorable and not suspicious. She takes him home again and his parents ask her to babysit because he liked her so much. Needing money for a car, she agrees.

    On her second week of babysitting, the little boy says that he loves her and demands a kiss. The girl takes this as a joke and tries to go along with it saying that the age difference was to big. The little boy replies with, "Just because I'm in a little childs body doesn't mean I'm not a man." She takes it as another joke and kisses him on the cheek. The following morning, she is pulled into an alley by a rather attractive man. He says that he is the little boy, but he's actually a demon who was imprisoned in that body because of being accused of killing hundreds of innocent humans.

    She doesnt believe him at first but he transforms in front of her and she faints. She comes back thinking it was a dream. However, she's scared. She goes to the parents and explains her dream. The parents become other demons and say they are going to kill her because she knows to much. They knock her out but she opens her eyes and they are a different color. She doesnt know this but inside her body, a dangerous demon with the appearence of an angel hybernates inside her.