• Prologue

    My phone rang loudly as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes. “Hello.”, I said dully into the phone.

    “Michelle?”, a small voice cried into the phone.

    “Anna? What’s wrong?”, I asked, more alert.

    “He just kept hitting me…and yelling at me.”, she was sobbing.

    “Anna, you have to leave him! He’s just going to keep hurting you!”

    “I-I can fix it…I don’t want to leave him..”

    “Anna please! You can’t fix him!”

    “I have to go Michelle…I shouldn’t make him angry anymore..”


    She hung up. I dialed another number.

    “Hello?!”, Daniel answered angrily.

    “Daniel I swear to God if you touch Anna again I’ll kill you! Do you understand me?! DEAD!”, I screamed into the phone.

    “She told you?”, he asked.

    “Yeah she told me! We’re like sisters, she tells me everything.”

    He hung up.

    “Oh God.”, I said to myself, “What if I just made everything worse?”