• The bell rang. I put my jacket on and left the class. I went downstairs and then left the building. It was 2:48 and school was out. It was spring time but the school is across from a lake, so it’s usually cold I sat down on a ledge waiting for my friend. My name is Ginger, but my friends call me Gin, or G. I’m almost 15. I’m a foster kid, which nobody knows about. I’m 5’2, have brown hair and brown eyes. I’m not that pretty like most the girls in my school, but I’m fine the way I am. “Hey babe” A tall guy, about 6” walked up to me.
    He kissed me on the cheek. “Hey silly” I joked and punched him in the arm lightly. He sat next to me and laughed. “Marcos! G!” Another kid ran up. “Hey Jason” I said. Jason was a good friend of mine, we were both crazy, but he liked me which made it awkward. But it was fun to tease him. “Aren’t you going to kiss your girlfriend” Marcos said which made me giggle.
    “Calm down he’s playing”
    “Fine….” Jason looked mad and looked around. “Where’s Greg? Diddn’t see him today” “He went home early, he wasn’t feeling well” I said