• Gunners #2 An Organization Rises
    Hands of Guns

    As Hakuru leaves the Gunners world, she heals up all of her wounds and picks up Yamota from the airport
    Yamota: thanks Hakuru!
    Hakuru: no problem, I see you had fun
    Yamota: yeah haha! Hey what the?
    Hakuru: what?
    Yamota: is that a scratch?
    Hakuru: *s**t I forgot to heal that one!*
    Yamota: have you been in a fight again?
    Hakuru: no actually uh… I just tripped!
    Yamota: nah, you’re face is too strong for that!
    Hakuru: okay I have been in a fight
    Yamota: with who?
    Hakuru: Onimaru Kenji
    Yamota: wait! You mean the principle of the Light Gunners Academy?!
    Hakuru: yeah
    Yamota: you win?
    Hakuru: yep
    Yamota: damn! Even without Evil Energy you still kicked his a**!
    Hakuru: with the help of Hinkyo too, I’ve developed a new technique known as Ganazu Break Limit
    Gunners or in Japanese Ganazu is a way of pronouncing it in Japanese, unfortunately if you go on Manga Fox some d**k head mecha artist made a manga known as Gunners. It has only been published this year, and I have been working on my stories for the last four years. That’s why I’m naming this story Ganazu from now on in the near future
    Hakuru: Ganazu Break Limit is similar to my blue flaming Limit Break. Ganazu Break Limit or in short G.B.L, grows my energy and releases it at a scale of 100 percent, turning into a full scale cannon. Speed, mind, strength, anything.
    Hakuru: it’s like Evil Energy for example, it will make me feel as if I’m not running out of energy, and also it preserves a lot as well
    Yamota: you’re like a scientist you know that?
    Hakuru: haha, nah Yukina is better than me
    Say let’s get all the guys together shall we?
    Kenji: ah thank you
    Motosuwa: it looks like Hakuru has defeated you
    Kenji: people were right, she is the strongest gunner
    Motosuwa: you went too soft on her
    Kenji: I did the best I could, even with this old body of mine I couldn’t defeat her, even if I was still young
    Motosuwa: hmph, she even beaten Everis
    Kenji: of course she did, her hate and anger is far stronger, but without her hate and anger she still beaten the two of us.
    Motosuwa: you hogged too much fun from me, I wanted to fight her as well y’know?
    Kenji: you will have your time
    Motosuwa: so, what will the council do now?
    Kenji: they called off the execution already
    Motosuwa: ah that’s right, they always wanted to cut off Hakuru’s head. Yet they never succeed. Nor have we. Though I do admire her strength though, and her spirit. Just like Saya Hurisha, them two are equals
    Kenji: indeed they are…
    Indeed they are…
    Kanomi: yes! I win!
    Fuka: awww, you got more kills than me!
    Kanomi: tough like!
    Sukya: hey, wow Kanomi, you killed them all and you only just put one arcade token in, that’s pretty awesome
    Yamota: yo!
    Sukya: ah Yamota!
    Kanomi: it’s been awhile!
    Yamota: it’s only been a couple few months, how you guys been?
    Kanomi: we’re doing good!
    Hakuru: wow is that your high school Kanomi?
    Kanomi: yep sure is!
    Fuka: man I don’t even know how to play this game!
    Yamota: hey there’s V!
    V: hey guys
    Yamota: yo! Wow Asuka I like your new look
    Asuka: “thanks” *her voice is still cranky as she is still a zombie*
    Hiyane: yahoo!!!!
    Hiyane: oh ******** you!
    Yamota: hey Hiyane! Still got some moves I see!
    Hiyane: yeah man! How you been?
    Yamota: nothing much, just met some cool people in America that’s all, hey where’s Rizumi?
    Rizumi appears behind Yamota
    Yamota: woah!
    Rizumi: sorry if I startled you, how was America?
    Yamota: it was okay, haha
    Yukina: hey Yamota
    Yamota: oh hey Yukina!
    Yukina: look what I made for you
    Yamota: hey what’s this?
    Yukina: it’s a new round, similar to your Flare rounds. This one is a seeker.
    Yamota: this looks really cool!
    Yukina: yeah and it wasn’t that hard to make
    Hakuru: oh let me see
    Yukina: so how was “your fight with Kenji?”
    Hakuru: oh how’d you know?
    Yukina: I put a beacon in your jacket
    Hakuru: oh bugger
    Yukina: well at least you’re not dead
    Hakuru: yeah haha
    Suddenly Yamota hears a voice
    Yamota: huh?
    Yamota walks out of the arcade but no one was there
    Yamota: jeez, I must be hearing things then
    As they got out side it began to rain
    Yamota: aw man it’s raining!
    Hakuru: everybody in the car
    Yamota: y’know everybody can’t fit in the ford right? Unless we try and do a freaking battle formation
    Hakuru: yeah true
    Yamota: I’ll take foot, you guys can go ahead
    Hakuru: you sure?
    Yamota: yeah no prob
    Hakuru: alrighty then, laters Yamota
    Yamota: yeah laters
    She begins to walk home by foot, she then hears a voice from behind
    Yamota: …. Oh hey….
    It’s been a few months Yamota
    Yeah you too, mum
    Akashi: tell me Yamota, what do you think of me now?
    Yamota: right now?
    Akashi: yes, ever since I killed your father, ever since I abandoned you, ever since I tried to kill you…. Right now what do you think of me?
    Yamota: …..
    I don’t know, honestly….
    I really don’t know…
    Sometimes when I think about it, I still thought of you as my mum, but now…. I don’t know really
    Akashi: you can just spit it out already you know!
    Akashi grabs Yamota
    Akashi: just spit it out! Tell me if I am an evil person! If I am a b***h! Just spit it out!
    Yamota: I TOLD YOU I DON’T KNOW!
    Akashi: ah!
    Yamota: …… I really don’t know….
    Akashi: I see then……
    Yamota: ….
    Oh bugger, come on mum
    It’s raining out here, let’s head to my place
    Akashi: what?
    Yamota: well you coming or not?
    Akashi: …. No, I already rented out an apartment…..
    Akashi got up all on her own and takes off her cowboy hat. She walks up to Yamota and puts it on her head as she place her head near Yamota’s forehead
    Akashi: live strong….
    My daughter
    She walks off as Yamota stood still and looks up in the rainy sky as her tears fall from her eyes
    Yamota: ….
    ********…. Why didn’t I tell her I love her?
    Meanwhile later on
    Kikio: hey Saya, what you up to?
    Saya: nothing much really, just watching some boring tv
    Kikio: Yamota’s back from the U.S
    Saya: is that so? Hmph
    Tsuki: do something else than watching tv
    Kurai: it’s bad for ya
    Saya: *sigh* whatever, buzz off will ya?
    Kasumi: y’know they have a point
    Saya: well it’s raining outside anyway
    There’s nothing to do after when we defeated the Ten Evil Blades
    Though I always wanted to fight the Demon Samurai, yo Yukia is my katana done yet?
    Yukio: yeah of course it is
    Saya: very nice, makes me wanna remember back that time when I first slashed my blade at Hakuru. Heh. That sweet taste of her blood makes me boiled up inside
    Lilly: yesh, that sounds pretty dirty
    Saya: say whatever you want but, y’know me, I kill to ease my hunger
    Mina: is that so…?
    Sometime later there will be danger that will rise up sometime later…..
    Saya: you got a point Mina….
    After all this world isn’t even peaceful not one damn ******** bit of it
    Sometime later we have to be there to stop it, then the last part we let Hakuru do it all on her own.
    Saya: if something comes up we take the show, Hakuru takes too much of the spotlight
    Kikio: agreed, ******** Skull Gunners haha
    Though they are fun all the time
    Saya: yeah
    Kikio: Saya?
    Saya: what the?
    An energy source?
    What? No…. this energy…
    Is disgusting
    Saya runs out of the door and sees nothing
    Saya: damn…..
    Hakuru: huh?
    Odd…. Did I sense something?
    Limit Break on.
    Hakuru: …..
    She walks outside and sees nothing
    Hakuru: tch, s**t
    Hakuru: AOI FLAME!
    Hakuru jumps up and sees an enemy right in front of her
    Hakuru: well it looks like I’ll have to deal with you don’t i?
    Hakuru takes out her 9mm pistol
    Hakuru: Skull Bullet
    Snake Shield
    A pile of snakes shielded her and fired out a gashing bullet of mercury rounds
    Hakuru: SKULL BLAST!
    Woman: so the rumors are true, you are the ultimate Gunner
    Hakuru: no actually they call me “The Death”
    Woman: I know that too….. well then prove to me that you are The Death
    Hakuru: tell me your name
    Woman: the name is Gana
    Hakuru: Gana huh?
    No last name?
    Gana: just Gana, you?
    Hakuru: Hakuru Sakura
    Gana: then you mortal will-
    Hakuru: I’m a mortal, I’m a bioweapon clone
    Gana: bio weapon clone?
    Hakuru: I’m just a mere creation
    Gana: is that so….? Do you have a soul?
    Hakuru: jeez, don’t know if a clone really has one, wanna cut me up and see if there is one?
    Gana: will do!
    Hakuru fires her gun and flips all over the place. She jumps up and fires her break limit, then jumps up a couple few times
    Hakuru: I really want that evil energy back
    Ah my mind!
    Hakuru: ah…. Since I don’t have any evil energy back some of my bio cells are rapidly going out of control….
    Meaning their gonna be creating a half personality
    Turning me into a mental berserker
    Gana: come back here!
    Hakuru fires multiple bullets at Gana and began jumping all over the places, she fired her Skull Blast, then threw one of her grenades
    Gana: you think that will work on me?!!!
    Gana grabs out her snake blade and stabs through Hakuru
    Hakuru: AHH!
    Gana: this si where you d-
    Hakuru: fine…. If that’s what you really want?!
    Her eyes began to cross, as her teeth begins to grin, her arms begin to grab Gana tightly as she begins to turn into the Berserker mode
    Gana: WHY YOU!
    Hakuru: DIIIIE!!!!
    She breaks Gana’s bones and smashes her down to the ground. She then went on top of her and begins to smash her head with her own fist
    Hakuru: DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!!!!!
    Gana: hahaha….hahah…
    That’s what I want to see….
    That’s what I truly want to see!!!!
    She summons her snakes to strangle her but Hakuru breaks them apart and begins to punch Gana
    Gana: HAHAHA!!!!
    How about you die…?
    Snake Crusader….
    Hakuru: AAAAHHH!!!!!
    Hakuru’s eyes began to glow with anger with blue energy around her
    Hakuru: blue energy, the energy of a Gunners Master rank, Light Energy an elite Gunners energy. And Dark Energy, one of the Dark Gunners and also the Evil Energy, the source of the devil himself and also….
    The main source of The Demon Knight
    I can see clearly now, the devil stole all of the Demon Knight’s energy, it didn’t belong to him, he stole it from her.
    It truly belonged to “her”
    Hakuru: I see now… I can see it…
    Evil Energy begins to rise in her body as it mixes into her blue energy
    Hakuru: Evil Energy is beginning to come back, yeah… I do feel a bit evil
    I see now, as a Gunner those who begin to learn evil, begins to earn its power and its trust, and those who know how to kill without hesitation will truly earn its full potential
    Darn I’m a quick learner
    Hakuru: I am fully aware that someday this Evil Energy will someday control my whole body, but as long as I can control at its full momentum, then I can control it’s full power….
    There was dark and blue energy coming out of her back as it regrew back her mechanical energy wings
    Gana: what… are you?
    Hakuru: just a simple bio weapon
    This is the final blow…
    Sakura Style, Kurai Aoi Shi
    (Black Blue Death)
    The energy begins to flow out of her wings as she releases a huge cannon from her hand
    Gana: NOOOOO!!!!!!
    It disintegrated her into ashes as Hakuru walks away with a smirk on her face. She is The Death herself and always will be, and those who opposes her will face death itself that is the true meaning of The Death
    Meanwhile at Snake Gunners headquarters
    So…. Gana is dead is it?
    Yes my lord
    Pity, I knew she would, she is as stubborn as always. Oh well at least we can make new ones, besides she was just a simple experiment. Just a test sample anyway, she wasn’t as much use to us
    That’s a shame my lord, shall we send in other experiments?
    No, they will become failures anyway, our experiments are no match for The Death
    Sir! Our army has destroyed the 3rd B.W.F base!
    Is that so? Good then, at least our experiments can kill one of the B.W.F’s clones. Though with The Death, this clone is a tricky one, even the other clone Saya Hurisha the Blood Shed angel
    Once we eliminate both B.W.F and the Hurisha company, we will eliminate Hakuru, Saya, Aja and Rev
    Those four are our prime targets
    Send in a group of squads if you can.
    Yes, Lord Kajin
    Kajin: heh…..
    This is our time to tell the world that we are the Snake Gunners
    To be continued
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