• heart The two star-crossed lovers' fates intertwined long before they came to exist in the universe. Destined to meet, two roads of life converged into one path.

    Blinded by the arrogance of youth, they made a future that would never exist. The dreams and ideals that they had envisioned for themselves; never fulfilled.

    Even so, the happiest of days were spent together; likewise, tears were shed, blood was spilled. Despite the setbacks and difficulties, they lived their life without regrets, grasping every moment and capturing it as a mental snapshot, storing it away in the never-ending collection of memories.

    Towards the end of their lives, they held each other dearly in their hearts to their very last breath. When they had reached the end of the road, approached with death, they felt no fear, no sense of sadness or regrets; rather, the couple, aged and wrinkled by this time, felt a sense of relief, that this road had finally ended. Even in death, they reached a utopia that could never exist in Life. Even in death, they did not part. heart