• Just what I don't want to do,

    Rizuki searched the area, looking for a landmark or anything that looked familiar. He remembered entering these wood as a kid but after his father's guards followed him out to his secret spot one time, the king forbid him to enter them again. But Rizuki was never one to follow orders, he continued back into the woods and continually got caught time and time again. After so long, Rizuki did stop going into the woods, he had found no fun in it anymore because it had no longer gotten on his father's nerves. He even pushed back the memories from the woods, he wanted nothing more to do with them, it seemed that now these woods only caused him pain, even if for a few short months it had brought him the most joy anything ever had.


    After a good few hours of walking in what felt like random direction to Rizuki, Kira stopped dead in her tracks and turned to him. Her deep green eyes burned into his, almost an apologetic look on her face. Rizuki was a little shocked by the expression, was she feeling remorseful? He pushed the thought back for a moment and became very serious. "Why have we stopped?" His voice was harsh, as her's had been all day. He rethought the question and before she could speak, he spoke again. "Where are we headed anyways? I deserve that much!" He crossed his arms over his chest and stood strong. While awaiting her reply, he noticed the apologetic look turn into something much more sinister. He knew he had just sparked something inside her that he wasn't sure he could handle.

    "You deserve, huh?" Her laugh was just as sinister as the look she was wearing. "I laugh at how conceded you are, thinking you deserve everything. In my country you wouldn't deserve the dirt beneath your feet because of the crimes you have committed. Be appreciative that I haven't taken that from you, yet." Rizuki was a bit surprised that the words hadn't come out as screams, though it did scare him more because they were whispers. He didn't even have time to react before a cloud of smoke obscured his vision and a putrid smell filled his nostrils. He noticed that he was starting to slip into unconsciousness but he did hear one last thing before completely falling into a deep slumber. "See you in a few hours, dear prince."

    Is to fall in front of you...