• ~Tory

    “Because its time that they knew, that everyone knew,” I said back calmly.
    You fool, you stupid girl!” the wolf advanced a step towards me.
    “Don’t you dare, don’t even think about it,” I said as I found the strength to jump from the bed with my hands out in front of me as if to warn it off.
    “What is going on here?” Noah decided to ask while stepping forward.
    The wolf growled deeply as he swivelled to Noah and its eyes flared with instinct to kill, it bared its teeth in warning. Power rushed from me and into the beast, air left my lungs in a gush as my knees started to give out.
    “Noah, please don’t move,” I gasped out, clutching at my throat with both hands.
    Noah stopped as I asked, eyes on me with emotions I hadn’t seen from him in forever. Kindness and worry.
    “Wolf, hurt him…hurt anyone here and I will end your life,” I threatened, pulling back the power it had taken from me. I was still clutching at my throat but with one hand and with stronger knees.
    It growled low, head hanging towards the ground in submission yet ready to attack if necessary. It slowly backed up; away from the people it wasn’t comfortable with.
    “You will not always be in control user, see you when you need me,” it snarled its usual threat. Flames engulfed it and slowly disappeared from the bed.
    “How?” Seth murmured again.
    I turned to him; eyes that were still turning back were full of sorrow and regret. My heart was the same. My eyes dropped to the floor in shame.
    “Your it…” Amelia started, my eyes turned up to her. Her eyes wide and accusation filling them.
    “What?” Noah pushed, looking from me to Amelia and back again.
    “You’re…a legendary power. A fire user with a wolf spirit…” she murmured, walking forward to touch the side of my face softly.
    “The sun, the moon, the stars, the planets are all of us,” I quoted.
    “It is all at stake if you let the darkness get to the legendaries, do not let this happened,” she finished the quote, taking her hand away from my face.
    We stared at each other, keeping in our minds that the book was about me and how to stop NightDust; them being the darkness.
    “Hold up a damn minute,” Noah’s angry voice butted in.
    We both looked at him, his face was flushed red with anger and his jaw was set in a deadest determined line. The bossy Noah I knew was back, it happened to also be the one I hated.
    “Sit.” His voice had a commanding tone in it. Not like I was going to listen to it.
    Instead, I crossed my arms and continued to stand where I was. Deifying Noah would be classed as a capital offence, not that I cared a great deal. But he really wouldn’t get me in trouble, since I ‘apparently’ had him wrapped around my little finger. Amelia didn’t sit either.
    He clenched his jaw together as his hands fisted. Angry, obviously. You could just tell by the look on his face and the tension in his body.
    “You just don’t know how to take orders, do you?” he gritted out.
    “From my boss, maybe. But you’re not my boss,” I answered, it was not the answer he wanted though.
    “What was that?” he asked, changing the subject.
    I looked around before I answered; Jamie had taken a seat on the end of the bed, Seth was still leaning against the wall with Shaun by his side and Gabby had taken up a position at the window looking out of it so I couldn’t see her expression.
    “It’s a spirit, a fire wolf to be correct,” I answered slowly, seeing their blank faces. All but Amelia’s.
    “Oh, right. A spirit that could have taken my head off. That’s fully believable Tor,” Noah added his unwanted sarcasm.
    “It’s true Noah; it’s a spirit for the power of fire. It’s meant to guide me or something, but it has a nasty streak in it,” I answered his sarcasm with anger that I didn’t want.
    “Noah, listen to her. She’s telling the truth, would you like me to get the book for you?” Amelia asked softly, she was being gentle with him.
    “Please,” he murmured to her.
    She left the room to get the book just as she promised. But I didn’t think that she was entirely thrilled about it. She didn’t want to leave me alone, I didn’t like the idea either. I suddenly felt unsafe without her next to me.
    Jamie, who had gone quiet and started to pace in front of the bed,. My eyes followed his pacing and it started to make me dizzy.
    “Can you tell us more while we wait?” Seth asked, thankfully, breaking the awkward silence.
    “If you have told me a day ago, this wouldn’t be a problem,” Noah mumbled to himself.
    I nodded slowly at Seth, trying not to comment Noah’s sarcasm. “It’s a legend, an old legend that comes true every century. The powers are like a set of-”
    “Wait, powers? As in, more than one?” Seth seemed to be the only one wanting to talk to me at the moment.
    “Yeah; fire, water, earth, snow, electricity and air,” I finished my previous sentence.
    “So, there are six and we only know of one? Great,” he complained a little.
    “Two,” I corrected him and he gave me a confused look before it hit him. The electricity user.
    Silence formed, not an uncomfortable silence but one full of thinking and I could see the wheels turning in peoples head.
    “Three actually,” a voice from the deep said.
    I looked at Gabby, almost wide eyed as she admitted to knowing three users. I could feel something coming from her, it was powerful and almost like my own aura. This time my eyes did widen. She didn’t just know the third, she was the third.
    “You…Your air…” I was shocked; I was never this shocked about things.