• Chapter two: How the Morphs Started

    "Ok but how?" Marta said a little confused.
    "Try thinking of a big flying animal and put your energy into that thought and then turn into one!" Keith said. "And hurry!"
    Marta looked up and spreaded her arms out and little feathers came out of her arms and then two minutes later she was a big eagle.
    "WOW! Uh anyways climb on quickly!" Keith said while grabbing his wives cloths off the ground and hoped on her back.
    Cody followed and they were on their way.
    "Oh wow I never knew what it was like to fly!" Marta said.
    "Yeah fine just hurry and go, go, go, go!" Keith said.
    "Ok I will try and concentrate." When they climbed above the clouds they saw her. Keith stood up and made water come up and shot really hard at her body she swung to the side and turned toward us dodging the attack. Cody stood up and helped bring more water up and shot her as hard as he could with his water "snake". This time it hit her!
    "Good job Cody now she is falling out of the sky!" Keith said pointing to her as she fell down to earth.
    Marta flew down to see her up close.
    "UHG! It’s a copy of her!" Marta exclaimed.
    "Really? Darn! Well let’s go back up and spot her again."
    When they went above the clouds instead of spotting her she spotted them and landed on Marta.
    "Someone just landed on my butt!" Marta said.
    Keith turned to see Martly standing on Marta's butt. Her eyes shot red as she fell. Behind her was Kathren. Kathren had grown wings that were so pretty and sparkly that they were hard to look at.
    "Thanks Kathren this means a lot." Keith said walking towards Martly.
    This time they got the real one all that looked like happened to her was a big bang on her head that made her pass out. Cody's hair was in her hand. Keith grabbed the hair and kicked Martly so that way she would fall off Marta's back.
    "YEAH! WHOOO HOOOOO! We did it Marta we did it now all we got to do is find were she put the kids." Keith exclaimed half way excited.
    Martly flew up again and she busted right through space.
    "WOW! What extreme speed!" Marta Said swooshing up after her. Cody and Keith helped put a shield of water around them so they could still breathe while going up into space.
    "Incredible flight Marta great job now try and grab her and force her down!" Keith said excitedly.
    "WAIT A MINUTE! If we take her down how will we find Eianal, Sheela, Noro, Ace, and Kate if we follow her we might find them!" Cody explained.
    "Good point we should watch her from a distance." Marta said.
    Marta slowed down and watched as she flew into an invisible door that flapped.
    "That was a warp in time and space maybe that was where she put them!" Marta said flying into the warp.
    Marta, Keith, and Cody saw a city of people and houses kids from all around playing with balls. Marta and they started looking for me, Ace, Kate, Sheela, and Noro on foot Marta turned back into a human and got her cloths on without anyone seeing. They started following Martly down the street as she flew passed people and around some corners and up into an apartment complex. Marta, Keith, and Cody peered into the window where she had interred luckily they saw me, Ace, Kate, Sheela, and Noro sitting there with our heads down. Keith broke in and Martly stared at him.
    "So why are you here you were on earth still." Martly said circling the kids.
    "I came to save them from you." Keith said as his anger started rising like boiling water.
    "Mm thought so I was going to make a deal with you first.... how about we fight whoever wins gets to keep the kids and whoever loses DIES! Mwa ha ha ha ha!" Martly squealed as she turned into the dragon again.
    "Marta take Cody and the kids outside while we fight I don't want any one getting hurt!" Keith said powering up his flames.
    Kathren jumped into the apartment and growled at Martly as it started to pounce on her. Keith blew out flames at her and shot out water and froze it onto her she struggled to get out. She blew her fire on the ice and it melted of her. Her body seemed to grow when Kathren bit her foot and tore off some of her scales. Keith harshly knew what to do until he saw a snap dragon flower and made it grow so big and hungry it looked like it wanted to eat Martly. Keith got water to distract her from the snap dragon and hit her in the face as he could with it. Martly squealed on snarled at him. Keith quickly shut the snap dragon’s mouth close to suffocate her. Keith made sure she didn't get out or rip a hole in it. Keith saw her body form into a human after 5 minutes and faint. Keith shrunk the snap dragon around her she broke out. Luckily the snap dragon was like her cloths. Martly's teeth looked like vampire teeth when she smiled she got closer to Keith and Keith started getting frightened by her slow and fast actions she was making. All of a sudden WOOSHHHH! She zipped right passed him and when she did she bit him too. Keith fell to his knees in pain. When he looked at his blood it wasn't red it was blue! Marta came in after him and held up his head on her lap.
    "K-Keith? A-are you ok." Marta said on the burst of tears.
    "No! AH! It hurts not only that but my blood is turning blue! Look." Keith said whipping some of the blood off of his arm to show her.
    Kathren approached Keith and licked Keith’s wound as she whined. Keith’s blood was now turning back to red every time she licked it. Kathren kept on licking his wound when she saw this and helped his pain go away. Keith got up when he was completely healed and jumped up and hugged Marta.
    "WE DID IT!!!!" Keith said.
    "Not really look out there...." Marta said as Martly turned into a big phoenix bird.
    "Oh..... Eh that’s not good."
    Martly charged after Keith by surprise. Martly took Keith by the pants and was carrying him over the apartments. Martly threw him up in the air and she tried to eat him until Kathren flew with her wings and grabbed his shirt with her teeth. She put Keith on the apartment roof and let him fight. Keith stared at Martly as she slowly approached him. She got so close to his face he swore she was going to kiss him. Keith back away and fell. Marta Morphed into a dragon so huge it would crush a human flatter than a pancake and flew up to Martly. Martly got up off of Keith and she turned into a poisonous wolf if bitten will die within an hour. Marta stepped towards her and blew out flames. Martly dodged it and pounced on Marta. Marta kept trying to avoid the bites it didn't work one of the times and she got bit. This made Keith furious and started growing bigger and bigger. He made a tornado with wind and asked Cody to move water into the tornado.
    It became a hurricane.... Keith moved it to her and drowned her in the "hurricane". When Keith finally stopped to run to his wife something grabbed his foot. Keith turned around to see a hand on him. He screamed and jumped. The hand was Marta's he turned to her and said;
    "MARTA! NO! don't die on me...... please I wanted there to be a future with us I wanted to have kids and I want to spend more time with you c-c'mon d-don't do this." Keith said crying.
    "It's not... my fault..... Take it out on Martly.... if I die make sure to take the kids back home and move so Martly won't find you again." Marta said half way conscious.
    "I know I just don't want you to die..... we are one remember if you die I will too that is how much I love you and how much I would hate it for you to die."
    "You know.... if I die....somehow...." Marta passed out before she could finish her sentence.
    "NOOOOOO! MARTA! No....." Keith said crying.
    When Keith looked at her she started to glow. Her body lifted off the ground slowly and she swirled in the Air. Eventually she was set softly on the ground. Marta woke with big blue pretty eyes and her hair was red instead of brown and she had freckles on her face like blush or dirt. Keith was surprised at this and he stood in shock.
    "Keith? Where am I?" Marta said.
    "You’re on top of an apartment complex." Keith said still in shock.
    "Cool..... WAIT! How did I get up here?!"
    Keith shook his head and said; "you’re a morph remember?"
    "OOOH yes I do I guess I just forgot cause..... Do you think I can be eternal or kind of like a vampire ya know?" Marta asked.
    "Uh I don't know maybe." Keith said searching for Kathren.
    Kathren was lying down bleeding from her stomach. Keith rushed to her and knelt down beside her. It looked like there was three cuts on her stomach and a big nasty bruise on her leg. Kathren looked up at Keith and there looked like there was a faint smile on her face as she passed out. Keith picked her up and jumped down off of the apartment complexes. Marta came after him and took the kids with her. Keith started running towards space. Marta jumped up and Morphed into a big bird and all of the kids jumped on her back. Keith grabbed on her feet and swung himself on her back and flew into space. A gravity field flung them back to the planet they were on.
    "HOW IN THE WORLD.....oh my god how did that just happen it’s like oh my god!" Marta said.
    "I don’t know but however it happened it’s probably Martly making almost impossible to get off this planet. We might just scare the people who live here because were like E.T.'s you know." Keith said.
    Kathren was still in his arms half way alive. Keith decided to find a pet hospital on this planet if there was one. Keith tried talking to people but when he did people looked at him funny and ran ahead of him or just ignored him. Keith was a little confused at the silence people were in front of each other like they were talking to each other but they weren't saying anything.
    "Wow no one is talking in here it’s like there speaking with their minds it weird and not normal." Marta said.
    "Yeah I think there speaking with their minds maybe we should try it..." Keith suggested.
    "Yeah I will try and get some of their attention." Marta volunteered.
    "Okay... I dare you." Keith dared.
    Marta walked up to a girl and said in her mind 'hello what year is it today I am a little off and I have no idea what planet this is we came from outer space to get back our children and we have no way how we can get off of this planet.' The woman turned to her and smiled and said in her mind to her 'its 3012 and this planet is called mars the only way you can get off is if you are a morph and you turn into a space shuttle or something.' Marta was surprised that she was actually talking to her in her mind it wasn't normal but to them it was.
    Marta walked up to Keith and whispered "This planet is called Mars and the year here is 3012 one thousand years and I have to turn into a space shuttle in order to get out of the planet."
    "Ahh I see.... ask if she knows where a pet hospital is so we can take Kathren there." Keith said.
    Marta walked over there and said to her, 'we need to know where a pet hospital is can you show me where one is?' she looked up and said to her 'there is none we don't capture animals anymore.' Marta looked down and said, 'well we are trying to help this wolf its badly hurt we have no place to put it so it could heal.' she looked confused and said, 'why don't you just put her in the hospital that’s where everything is healed well except for technology.' Marta laughed and said out loud,
    "What is this place it hurts my head trying to talk to you all in my mind!!!"
    When Marta said that everyone turned to her and voices popped in her head. They were saying stuff like 'HEY DON'T TALK IT HURTS OUR FEELINGS! Yeah not only that but you can get arrested for such a crime. PEOPLES EARS HURT WHEN YOU DO THAT! STOP TALKING! You need to watch it girl. What are you trying to start a fight. Back up girl! Ok why were you talking in the first place. You gonging pay a big fee for this don't do this again.' Marta went down on her knees and started screaming from her headache getting worse. the woman that she was talking to earlier shut everyone up and said to them 'she is from a different planet and a different year she was trying to find her children that was kidnaped by Martly.... where she comes from they talk.... please leave her alone and do what you are doing and ignore her if you plan on doing so.'
    Marta stood up as her headache started going away. Keith walked up next to her and put his arm around her. Everyone stared at them. Keith looked confused at the people’s actions. Keith stared at Marta and Marta stared at him. They started to laugh as did the others.
    "You know this is kind of funny I feel dumb like I don't know anything you are saying!" Keith said.
    The people started laughing harder and harder when Keith would talk or Marta. Marta and Keith started to get a little worried and Marta asked them all if they would stop laughing. But when she said that they laughed even harder. Marta started to get the worst headache she ever had when the laughter grew. Keith and Marta were trapped by the laughing people and Kathren was getting more and more dead than alive. Keith handed Kathren to Marta and Keith started up a fire in his hands to get them to at least move a little so they can get out. The people looked frightened at that and scattered off. Marta handed back Kathren to Keith and they ran out of the Mall and went outside to get some fresh air. instead of bringing Kathren to a hospital they took off to their planet but before they did Marta bent down and picked up a piece of paper that said;

    To Marta,
    you are in great danger Marta there is a secret you need to know... I should of told you when I was alive but now I am a spirit and you need to read every word I write... this might sound silly but if you become a morph you will turn to great evil when you die your hair will turn a reddish color and you will become more beautiful then you were... that may not sound so bad but here is the worse part... Keith will HATE you he will not except you as his wife and will get the divorce papers as soon as he could just to get you out of his sight... If you have already become a morph... I am sorry for you... but now you must take it easy as soon as you can like right NOW!


    "K-Keith um look at this this is freaky my mom is dead but she wrote me this letter in her sp-sp-spirit?" Marta said handing the letter to Keith with a trembling hand.
    Keith took the letter and read it. The letter turned to....

    To Keith,
    You will have to save your wife from morphing if she has already try to go easy on her she is going to go through an evil trance she will never get out of and the only way you can save her is if she eats a plant that you made grow like beans, potatoes, lettuce, and ect. And cook it with your Element fire and don't scare her with your actions. You would also want to get her a pet wolf if you already have one that’s GREAT! After she eats the food you gave her it will take at least 3 days for her to be cured of her evilness.


    "WOW! You read this?!" Keith asked.
    "Yeah of course I have what does it say?" Marta asked.
    When Keith looked at the paper to start reading it became blank and Keith couldn't figure out how to tell her what it said. Keith showed Marta the blank paper. Marta gasped and looked up at Keith and asked him if there was even any words on the paper. Keith said back to her that yes there was words on there but there is no way to tell you what it was. Marta looked down and fittled with her fingers.
    "I want to go home already can we please?" I asked.
    "Yeah we can go right now... Marta please?" Keith said looking at Marta.
    Marta turned into a space shuttle and they were on their way. It seemed like it took hours to get back to earth as a matter of fact it took 3 months! When we finally got home Keith made bean soup with his beans he made grow and with his flame he cooked it. We had the yummiest meal I have ever had. When we were done Ace grabbed my hand and lead me into a room.
    "Hi Ace what’s going on?" I asked.
    "I-I wanted to ask you a question..." Ace said.
    "What is the question?" I asked.
    "Will...will you be my girlfriend?" Ace said.
    When he said that my whole entire body froze in amazement then I said, "Yeah... uh yes sure mhm."
    Ace looked at my bright red face and laughed and said, "I knew it! You did like me so you are into boys now aren't you!"
    I looked at him and said, "Why? Do you think that I'm interested in girls."
    Ace laughed and laughed at that he laughed so hard that Marta and Keith could hear him laughing from out there. Kate, Noro, Cody, and Sheela were standing right out the door way staring at us. The only thing that didn't fit this picture was my bright red face still glowing.
    "Why is your face so red girl! HA tomato face!" Kate said.
    "I don’t know I guess it’s a little hot in here." I said trying to hide that I was actually blushing.
    "I think it more like cool in here." Sheela said.
    "This room is not cool it’s a mess dude." I said.
    "Not what I'm talking about..." Sheela said, "I was talking about the temperature duh."
    "I know I was being smart." I said.
    "Mhm so what are you guys doing in here alone?" Noro said.
    "Talking you?" I said.
    "Looking at you... staring at you... um... yeah." Noro said.
    "What I thought anyways why did you guys come in here in the first place?" I asked.
    "We heard Ace laughing so we came in here to see what he was laughing about." Cody said.
    "He laughed because I said something funny... and over exaggerated it I think." I said.
    "Ha what did you say I want to hear!" Cody said.
    "Mhm us too!" Sheela, Noro, and Kate said.
    "Na... maybe when you figure out my secret." I said.
    "They don't have to because I'm going to tell them... I asked her out and she said yes." Ace said.
    "Don't tell 'em! Gosh!" I said.
    "Oh wow I knew Ace liked you but never knew that he would ask you out." Cody said.
    "Why didn't you tell me, Cody!" I said.
    "It was a secret that’s why I didn't tell you if it wasn't I would of told you duh." Cody said.
    Marta and Keith came into the room with bean paste on their faces staring at us with smiles peeking through their mouth.
    "What are you guys doing in here." Keith said.
    "Nothing... why?" Ace said whit his arm around me.
    I slid his arm off of my shoulder and glared a playful glare at him.
    Marta laughed and said, "You guys look perfect for each other you should hang out more often!"
    I looked at Marta with a shut up look. Marta laughed at my face and held onto Keith’s hand trying to stop her from falling to the ground. Me and Ace looked at each other and laughed too. Someone knocked on the door Keith answered and it was our neighbor.
    "May I help you?" Keith asked the man.
    "Yeah can keep it down your being way to loud for my wife to sleep." The man asked.
    "Yeah um sorry we were laughing so hard we couldn't stop." Keith said giggling a little still.
    "Um Keith you were also over exaggerated it a bit you know Marta over did it too much she’s a little coo, coo right now." I said.
    "Who is this Keith? Did you adopt her?" The man asked.
    "Kind of..." Keith said.
    "What do you mean by kind of? Did you kidnap her?" The man said.
    "Dude Jarred you know I wouldn't do that!" Keith argued.
    "I know but things have been changing with you and Marta so I don't know did you adopt her?" Jarred asked again.
    "NO! THEY WERE ORPHANS WE FOUND THEM LIVING OUT IN THE WOODS ALONE don't you understand?!" Marta said.
    "I do now but I am still calling 9-11." Jarred said.
    "Jerk!" Keith said slamming the door on his face.
    Keith walked into his room, screamed, and said, "WHY DOES JARRED DO THIS TO US HE IS A JERK! I SWEAR!"
    Marta turned around to the door and found blood spilling in from under the door. When Marta finally opened the door Martly was standing there with a knife in her hand. Jarred was lying down on the floor blood spilling out his neck. Martly disappeared and the knife appeared in Marta's hand. Keith came to Marta and was shocked that she did that.
    "MARTA! Did you do this?!" Keith said.
    Marta dropped the knife and started backing away saying, "No, no, no, no, no way no fricking way na-uh." Marta said.
    "Who did and why did you pick up the knife?!" Keith said.
    "Martly did this she disappeared and when she did the knife appeared in my hand." Marta finally said.
    Marta gulped and ran away outside. She kept running and running and running until she turned into a bird and flew off. Keith ran after her he tried grabbing her with a plant but missed and she kept flying up and up and up. Keith stood there watching her as she slowly disappeared. Keith kneeled down on his knees and buried his hands in the snow and froze the whole ground around him. He took his hands out and looked up at Marta as she became invisible.
    "MARTA! COME BACK!" Keith said to the sky.
    "Where is she going?" I said.
    "I don’t know she is running away that’s all I know." Keith answered with worry.
    Keith sat down on the ice waiting for Marta to come back. She never did and everyone was getting hungry for lunch. Keith didn't want to go away from the spot he was at until Marta came back. One time he just had to get up and go find her somehow hopefully she didn't turn back into her human form without her cloths. Keith took the kids to go get something to eat.
    "I thought Martly was dead!" I said.
    "Me too I guess she is eternal." Keith said.
    "How is that possible? Who has ever lived that long? I have only lived 12 1/2 years and she has lived like 300 or maybe 1,000 for all we know." I said.
    "Yeah that’s the thing though what if she really is the age she is and she is now eternal for some reason." I said.
    "Hmm yeah that might be true and she might have become eternal when you killed her." Kate said.
    Keith got up and went outside and looked up at the sky and started to cry.
    "Marta why did you have to go... I love you too much come back no!" Keith said.
    Keith kneeled to the ground and created a big ice shield around him. I came out and touched the ice. When I did something amazing happened. My body became cold and things like my cloths started changing. My hair turned red and my eyes became darker purple orange streaks in my hair and light coming from my clothes were melting the ice around Keith. When I landed I fainted. Keith turned toward me and Ace ran to me.
    "EIANAL! A-are you ok?" Ace said.
    My fingers twitched as my arm moved around him. I opened my eyes and his eyes dropped tears on my jacket.
    He whipped his tears and kissed me. It was such a shock I couldn't move. When he finally stopped kissing me I blinked and tried to smile but it didn't work. When I finally moved my first action was hug Ace. He hugged me back and picked me up and set me on the ground. I tried to look up but I didn't want him to see my tears spilling out my eyes. He was the one who lifted my head to see the tears. He whipped them and smiled.
    "Ace... this might sound a little funny me saying this but these are tears of joy." I said.
    "I know hey hey hey guess what Eianal!" Ace said.
    "I love you!"
    "I love you too, Ace!"
    When we were done with our lovey dovey time we went home. Something was dark about our home. It started raining hard on our heads. It suddenly became hail. Ace slipped on the hail and he hit his head pretty hard on the ground. I helped Ace up and tried to get to the door. Keith stopped the hail from touching us and we quickly ran inside with Keith following. When we finally sat down panting I saw blood coming out of Ace's head.
    "Oh my god what is up with your head it is bleeding Ace!" I said.
    "When I slipped I hit my head hardly on the ground." Ace said.
    "Why did you do that silly?" I said.
    "I fell it wasn't on purpose, Eianal." Ace said.
    "I know... I was trying to get a couple of laughs out of you." I said.
    "You always are, Eianal, always." Ace said getting up and heading toward the bathroom.
    Ace shut the door and I heard him grabbing a lot of tissue. I came up to the door and knocked.
    "Leave me alone, Eianal." Ace said.
    "Ace please let me in." I said.
    "NO! I'm going to the bathroom silly!." Ace said.
    "OH MY GOD NEVERMIND THEN!" I said, "That was stupid I'm not doing that again."
    Keith and everyone stared at me when I walked in the room.
    "What are you staring at?" I said a little confused.
    Keith pointed behind me and before I turned around Martly grabbed me and took me out of the house. Keith jumped up and grabbed her foot. She kicked Keith and flew out the chimney. She kept flying and flying up and up and up. This reminded me of when I was first kidnaped by her. I screamed and kicked but nothing happened. I was floating up with her she protected me from the people on her planet and took me to a big place that reminded me of a church. But everything was dark instead of light. I started screaming again when I did I felt a bolt of pain rush right through my spine.
    "She has the red hair of a fire Element I am willing to give her away to you my boss you will have her hair for yourself." Martly said telepathically.
    The boss stepped toward me and cut a strand of my hair. When he did the rest of that strand turned back to blonde.
    "She hasn't learned the Element fire yet take her back and when she has finally learned the Element fire kidnap her again." The boss looked scared when he looked into my eyes.
    "What do you want with my hair anyways?" I said.
    The bossed hissed at me and sat back in his chair.
    "That was rude you didn't even answer my question." I said.
    "Get her out of my sight now!" The boss said.
    Martly created the same force field around me and took me back to my front porch. I went inside and sat down on the couch and fell asleep. When I woke I found Ace's face in front of mine.
    "When did you come back?" Ace said.
    "I don't know I guess when you guys weren't home." I said.
    "Yeah we went out looking for you we found Martly and she said if Keith and we go home you would be asleep on the couch." Ace said.
    "Oh I see." I said.
    "Yeah." Ace said.
    "I'm getting worried about Marta she has been gone for like 3 weeks now!" Keith said.
    "Yeah where was she planning on going?" I said.
    "No one knows Marta could be still a bird flying in the sky hopefully s didn't turn into human or she would have been naked." Keith said.
    "And that would not be good at all." I said.
    "Yeah no one would want to see that." Ace said.
    "WHO WOULD!" Cody said.
    "I don't know." Keith said.
    "You probably have already seen her naked." Kate said.
    "You don't know that." Keith said.
    All of a sudden Marta come into the door her eyes red and staring at Keith.
    "MARTA! YAY! YOU’RE BACK!" Keith said.
    Marta stood there her eyes turning black.
    "Marta?" Keith said again.
    Marta jumped up and turned to a bat and bit him. Keith screamed and kneeled to the ground in pain. Marta grabbed Cody with her teeth and stopped turned back into a human and fainted.
    "Marta why did you do this why..." Keith said shutting the front door.
    He turned to Marta and peted her head.
    "Marta I thought you were cured..." Keith said.
    "Cured? Of what?" I said.
    "Nothing... " Keith said.
    Ace looked at me with an I need help look.
    "Does your head still hurt?" I asked Ace.
    "Yeah a lot still." Ace said.
    "Maybe we should take you to a doctor and get something to stop your head from hurting." I said.
    "Maybe we would have to take Marta too," Keith said. "And for all we know she could have hurt jarred he is in the hospital."
    Keith covered Marta with a blanket and set her on her bed. Keith lied down and petted her head crying. I came in and watched him.
    "What happened to Marta she used to be the nicest girl I have seen... now she is turning to an evil I never saw." I said.
    "Yeah like she took some kind of drug of some sort." Keith said.
    "Like meth?" I said.
    "Pfft she doesn't even smoke I don't think she would want to do meth." Keith said.
    "Yeah weird..." I said sitting down on the bed next to Marta.
    Marta’s eyes were twitching open every once in a while. When she would move she would be turning over like she was sleeping. I walked out of the room and ran into Ace. We fell and when we fell a paper landed on my head. Ace laughed and took it off my head and it read:

    To Ace,

    Ace Marta is in a comma at the moment and she can be only healed by your wind. If she gets your wind in her lungs she will be cured more from her evilness... help her for me she is my daughter and I want her to live longer than I did.

    you’re soon to be grandma

    "Wow I have a grandma?" Ace said.
    "Can I see?" I said.
    "Of Course you can." Ace said handing me the letter.
    I grabbed it and it was blank I laughed and laughed and finally said; "OH MY GOD I guess your grandma doesn't know how to write Hu?!" I said.
    "No what do you mean? It said uh... lemme see the paper." Ace said with his hand out.
    I handed him the paper and his eyes grew when there was no words on it.
    "I guess I just saw things or maybe it was the paper maybe somehow I saw an illusion." Ace said. "I'm going to take this to Keith to see what he says about it."
    Ace walked into the room and stopped at the end of the bed. Ace set the piece of paper on the bed and it glowed and lifted up to Keith instead of written words a voice spoke which drew me in. the voice said:

    Keith... Ace... you two need to help Marta out of her comma... she can be awaken by wind from both of you into her lungs... Cody will need to help you too... Cody will need to create a bubble around you three... Eianal you will need to make her sweat with your fire in that bubble... Sheela you will need to freeze her sweat into ice cubes and put that in water and have Marta drink it... Kate you will need to cover her thin lips with dirt before she drinks the water... after you have done that Marta will wake up in three days.... love you all~~ Janelle

    "That was freaky... yet AWESOME!! How did that just happen?" I said.
    "That was Marta’s mom." Keith said.
    "Oh still that was freaky..." I said.
    When I turned around I saw everyone standing there.
    "Why can't I help Marta?!" Noro said.
    "You are supposed to be nature and Keith already feed her duh..." Kate said.
    "Aww but I wanted to help Marta how can I help?" Noro said.
    "You can help by making sure nothing goes wrong ok now shut up and stop your worrying." Keith said.
    "Aww ok..." Noro said.
    Cody created a big bubble around all of them except for Noro and Ace tried so hard to create the Element wind... it worked after several minutes of practice and Ace and Keith helped fill the bubble full of air as the all breathed it in. I already kind of knew how to create the Element fire so it was easy to learn. Sheela was good at the ice element already without even trying she created ice and the water surrounding them froze with glitter.
    "Wow so pretty..." I said in amazement.
    "Yeah I can't believe I just did that!" Sheela said.
    "It's cool.. Ha cold." Cody said.
    "Keith are you going to learn the element rock with me?" Kate said.
    "Of Course you start." Keith said.
    "Where in the world do I get the rock from." Kate said with her arms above her head.
    "I don’t know somewhere..." Keith said the ice dropped water on them.
    Dirt fell on their heads and Kate got so frightened she made all of the dirt float off of their heads and splat on Marta's face. Keith glared at Kate and Kate smiled. Marta's face twitched as dirt fell into her mouth. Sheela slowly poured the sweaty ice and water to the back of Marta's throat. Marta choked and swallowed the water.