• A man stood in an abyss of never ending darkness. He didn't know who he was nor how he got there. As he looked down at his hands he saw they were covered in thick coagulated blood. Whose was it and how did he get it on his hands? Deafening screams filled the air around him. He covered his ears to guard from the ear drum rupturing noise and dropped to his knees. Though no one would be able to see it in such darkness, the man was visible afraid.

    The room lit up to reveal he was kneeling in a pool of coagulated blood. The screams soon faded and were replaced with grunts and shrieks of pain. Soon, groups of people with slit throats and mutilated bodies started to crowd around the scared man. "Why did you let this happen?" the people chanted as they drew closer. There was no escape, they had him cornered. He screamed as corpses circled him.

    The man awoke violently thrashing at his surroundings. "Get away! I don't know what's going on! Help me!" the man yelled until he finally realized it was all a dream. Sitting up, he observed his surrounds. He was on the floor of a bank with dead bodies laying all around him. He pulled a wallet out of his back pocket, "My name is Jack? Okay that's a start but what's going on?"

    Sirens started going off in the distance, they sounded as though they were getting closer. Jack figured it wouldn't do him justice to be found in a bank surrounded by dead bodies, so he fled the building. The skies outside the bank were thick and black with furious storm clouds. This would be a storm for the ages but didn't take in these details, all he could think about was fleeing the scene of a crime he hoped he hadn't committed. There was a car sitting right in front of the bank, it had keys already in the ignition. The sirens were approaching quickly, Jack had no time to ask why.

    He jumped in the car and sped off in the opposite direction. One could only guess where all this was taking place but based on the scenery it almost had to be somewhere in Nevada. As the city started to fade away in the distance, it became obvious that the road was leading him deep into the desert. The sirens suddenly got louder, they were following him! "That's impossible, I thought I was in the clear." Jack said as a clap of thunder acted as an invitation for rain to join the party.

    The car's windshield wipers were on full speed but the rain was just too much. If it didn't let up soon Jack would be forced to pull off the road, that was something he couldn't afford at this point. There were three cop cars only seconds behind the car, all with their sirens blaring that annoying wail. One could even say they noise resembled the screams of lives taken from this world long ago.

    Lightning lit up the sky while the thunder clapped so loud that the sirens sound was almost covered up but not quite. All this excitement was too much for Jack, he just wanted answers as to why this was happening. These answers he wouldn't get for quite some time yet, for destiny had other plans for him. "Jack, take my hand and you'll make it out of this alive!" a man in black trench coat said as he appeared in the passenger seat.

    This scared Jack, he lost the focus he desperately needed and instantly spun out. It took him some time but he regained control of the car, he turned to address the man but he was no longer there. "Be careful ahead Jackie boy!" a disembodied voice boomed as the road got visibly more worn and cracked.

    "Whose there?" Jack said frantically looking around the car for the body that fit the voice. There was no reply but the ground around the worn old road started cracking and shaking. Fire blew out of the cracks in the earth, the flames acted as though it wasn't raining at all. It all started to cave in on itself leaving only darkness and fire surrounding the now floating road.

    Lightning viciously struck the front police car with no mercy, the car exploded into a fiery ball of death. This event forced the other two vehicles off the road into the fire and darkness. Now even the road was abandoning Jack. As he drove forward, the path behind him crumbled into the darkness. The man from the passenger seat of the car stood in the middle of the path laid out for him.

    Jack slammed on the brakes and got out of the car, the rain and wind blew in his ears. "Take my hand Jack and this will all be over! You'll be safe." the man said as he held out his hand. Jack just stood there with fear in his eyes, he couldn't even move to save his life. "So be it Jack! I guess I'll see you soon enough though." the man said as he disappeared. The rain soaked Jack's clothes, and the wind chilled him to the very bone.

    The skies ripped wide open revealing the space and stars far above the planet. Asteroids rained down from the heavens and flew past Jack into the fire and darkness below. One of them was unlucky enough to hit the last remaining ground in the area, the space he was standing on. The road dissolved and he fell into the darkness below. As the light faded away, a voice boomed "Welcome to the real world Jackie!" That was the last thing he heard or saw as his life changed forever.