• I sit in the frount of the car next to Ethan. "Phere," his voice is full of pain yet i still refuse to look at him. "I'm really sorry about what happened but-." He suddenly stops talking and makes a grunting sound.
    The headlights of an oncoming car blind us and everything is in slow motion. The car slams into us and glass flies everywhere. My head slams back against the set and i feel the all to familar stinging as i realize there is a gash on my head.I hear a scream, but i can't tell if it's mine or not. I can feel a hot sticky substance cover me, but i can't open my eyes. The glass must of gotten stuck in my eye lids.
    "ETHAN! ETHAN ARE YOU OK?" I scream suddenly realizing the the blood covering me could be his. I hear him groan in pain and I sigh relieved that he is still alive.
    "I think my left leg is crushed." His voice is rugged as he tries to keep his pain. "Are you ok?" By now he's trying not to scream.
    "Ya, I just hit my head and i cant really open my eyes." Suddenly an even darker black starts to cover my vision.
    "Phere?! Phere keep talking to me!!" Ethan's voice starts to become more and more distant as the darker black starts clouding my mind. "SAPHIRE! YOU CAN'T DIE. NOT LIKE THIS! I LOVE YOU!!" I feel tears run down both my cheeks as i completely go out. I guess i'm gonna die, maybe i can see Jen agian.
    "Promise?" I hear Jen's voice dirfit across my mind. "Promise, since i won't be here, to live for the both of us?"
    I hear myself as a three year old speak back to her. "I PROMISE, SO YOU CAN'T DIE!"
    "I'm so sorry Saphire."
    I moan and sit straight up in bed. My room smells funny like disanfectants, and the sheets are stiff.
    "How do you feel?" My mom's voice asks from somewhere next to me. I wonder why it's so dark out. I mean i remember the accident and that i'm probably in the hospital, but arent visting hours durring the day?
    "Mom? Where are you? Why are the lights turned off?" i can feel my eyes opening and closing and suddenly i hear a sob. I turn to the direction of it and reach out. Then i hear crying and someone get up and leave.
    "I'm so sorry Phere." i hear Ethan's voice and i relax a bit. At least he seems fine. I feel his muscular arms wrap around me and him shaking."Saphire, the lights ARE on. It's NOON outside and it's bright and sunny." I c**k my head to one side and i feel once of his tears fall onto my cheek. ".........Phere.......you're blind."