• Rusty cars lined the roads, doors hanging off the hinges. The road was crumbling and rough as we pushed through the blockade. My stomach churned as I saw the bleached bones of skeletons littering the surrounding desert. The houses that once stood tall and proud were decrepit and loomed menacingly. Some were sagging inwards, the material giving way before the onslaught of the fearsome elements. A shiver crawled up my spine as I glimpsed a giant mouse skeleton. It rested next to an old Volkswagon Beetle, roughly equaling it in size. All over, skeletons of man and man made items cluttered desolately. It really appeared to be teh ruin of a once thriving civilization.

    Our convoy slowly trundled into the city. Dev gently placed his hand on my leg, an unconscious gesture of reassurance as we gazed sadly at the ruins of Tucson. Everywhere there were signs of destruction. Houses had crumbled leaving debris strewn among the tangled overgrowth of desert brush. Some of the buildings were darkened with soot. Bleach white skeletons leered at us from their resting places. A shudder raced up my spine.