• I am just like a bird locked in a cage who has forgotten how to fly but still yearns for freedom , the ice cold touch of the metallic steel chain that binds me to my cage rattles every time I try to move. On that accursed day every thing was taken from me , my home lost to flames ,my parents murdered and my innocence stolen. They took every thing from me all except my burning hatred and my desire for revenge I would gladly sacrifice my every soul to make them pay for what they have done. Out of the darkness two pairs of cinnamon eyes pierce my soul and voice that sounded as smooth as silk spoke ''Are you the one that has summoned me''? ''Well no matter if you wish for revenge a price must be paid once a sacrifice has been set there is no turning back so what will decide little master ''?
    At that moment a surge of anger welled up inside of me and I found myself shouting and giving orders to the invisible being .
    ''If you're going to save me then bloody hurry up and get a move on I don't care what I have to give up or what it takes I will have my revenge no matter what the cost'' !

    From that day on I signed away my soul to a demon who is now known as Sebastian who is now my butler and guardian until I exact my revenge . On that day that seems so long ago I was freed from one but then bound to another the only difference was that this time I was the one who decided .