• As I stare into the black abyss beneath the Angel's Labyrinth, I am amazed. How do humans live down there? It seems so dark and unwelcoming. "I know you can't see much from here, Valissa, but the human world is beautiful. Breath taking sights are everywhere, and there are many things to study. It is not dark like it appears. The layer between our world and theirs separates us, and it only shows darkness between the two. But beneath, it is marvelous." My mentor, Malec, smiles at me, gesturing below with his hands.

    Malec has been my mentor since, well, forever. He looks unusually young for how old he is, which he still refuses to tell me. Malec looks as if he's twenty or so, with dark blonde hair and sea blue eyes. He's tall and well-built, and his angel wings are much larger than mine, showing that he has done more good deeds than I. It is also a sign of how many Ethereal Crystals he has offered to our great goddess, Neveah. My angel wings are hardly visible, seeing as I have never gone down to the human world for any assignments.

    Malec turns to me, smiling. "Now, we should prepare you for your journey to the human world. I'll ask Nevaeh what your assignment is as soon as you ready your things. You can bring a few articles of clothing, if you'd like. I'll see you in the Goddess's Hall soon enough. Meet me when you are ready to leave." I nod as he waves and leaves.

    I travel through the angel's labyrinth, walking in silence. I feel anxious thinking about my assignment to the human world. What if something goes horribly wrong? What if I am captured? Terrible thoughts fill my head, and I try to force them out. I try to ignore my thoughts as I pack up a few pieces of clothing, although I don't have much. All angels are required to wear a long, white dress, although those with a mentor can bend the rules a little. Many angels do not have mentors, so I'm special in a sense. I'm grateful to have Malec, because without him, life would normally be boring and fruitless.

    I pack up my things, and head towards the Goddess's Hall. The Goddess's Hall is where you get 'teleported' down to the human world. I spot Malec, and run up to him, my long dark brown hair swaying behind me. He smiles as he sees me. "Valissa, Nevaeh has given you your assignment. You are to stay on the surface for a year, and guard over a young teenage boy by the name of Aden." I give him a puzzled look.

    "But why would I do that? It's my first assignment to the human world, and I get put onto one of the most important assignments possible? I'm not even that high class of an angel yet. I've never collected any Ethereal Crystals. Look at my wings, even! They're miniature! How can I be cut out to be a Guardian Angel for a year?" Why was I arguing against this? I should've felt proud. No angel got to take a go at this position when their wings were this small. So why was I panicking?

    Malec chuckles. "You're special, Valissa. You're going to be one of the very few angels in training to be assigned to a serious mission. Nevaeh decided it was time for something..new. She wants to experiment. But that's all I can tell you." He looks into my gray-blue eyes and I wonder why he can't tell me more. "Now, you know the basics of being a guardian angel, I trust?"

    I nod. "Of course, Malec. I'm to make sure no harm comes to my client, even if it involves harming myself. I have to stay near them without them suspecting anything." And I have to make sure that I watch them almost all the time, but that's a little stalkerish in my own opinion. I'm supposed to be protecting my client though, so I guess I can't object against anything.

    He smiles, and pats me on the back. "You'll do a fine job, Valissa. You do remember the rumours of an angel falling in love with a human, correct?" He eyed me for a moment. I nod. Everybody knows that legend. The angel fell in love so deeply with the human that they cut off their wings, so they would become fallen and forsaken. They became human, and were then punished by the Arch Angels, who watch over you when you're on a assignment. That is why angels are rarely sent down to the human world nowadays, only those who can be trusted are sent. "Well, I hope that you remember it throughout out your one year. If a human does get involved with you, and you decide to go along with it and they 'persuade' you to..well..e-erm.." I could tell he was going onto the subject of something I really didn't wish to discuss.

    I held up a hand. "I'll be cautious. I'm not going to fall in love with any humans, Malec. Trust me on this. I'm not a fool that will try to anger the Arch Angels and Neveah. And I'm not going to get into that sort of situation you were about to discuss with me. So, no worries. I'll be perfectly fine." I give him a smile to reassure him. He relaxes.

    "Good luck on being a Guardian Angel, Valissa. I trust that you can handle this assignment well. " Malec waves me good-bye as I make sure my Ethereal Pendant is around my neck. The Ethereal Pendant is made up of blessed thank-you's, and allows angel to stay down at the human world for longer periods of times. If I were to lose it, I would die a horrible, slow death on the surface world. I hug him, and then proceed to the angel who watches over transportation to the human world and the Angel's Labyrinth.

    "Valissa? I was told to expect you. Please make sure you have an Ethereal Pendant and all of your things. It would be a shame for you to go down and find out you forget something important." The angel eyed me up and down with her bright jade eyes. "It seems you have everything. Will you step through the Portal, please? Be prepared for a slight twist in your stomach." She smiled, and gestured towards it. I look back at Malec once, and wave good-bye, going in.

    * * *

    I fall down on my butt, wincing. Standing up, I look around and dust myself off. It looks as if I'm in some abandoned place. Moonlight gleams onto cracked glass from a broken window, shining a small source of light into the darkness. Why would they sent me here to start off, and why is it the middle of the night? I assumed humans had different timezones than angels.

    "So, you're Valissa? Neveah and Malec told me to give this to you." I perk my interest over to a tall angel with wide wings and a frown upon his face. He's holding out a bag in one hand, and what seems to be human currency in the other. I look up at him, assembling my things. "I'll show you where you'll be living, also. Come along. Neveah wants you to at least get some rest before you start to attend the high school classes tomorrow." He gestures with his hand for me to come with him after handing me the bag and currency. I nod, and follow him out of the abandoned place.

    * * *

    The angel brings me to a small apartment, and gives me the keys to the place. "Good luck on your mission, Valissa. May The Goddess bless you." The angel disappears in a flash of light, probably back up to the Angel's Labyrinth now that he no longer needs to give me anything. I look up at the apartment building, and walk inside, unlocking it as I go. It looks like it's only one apartment, and I'll be the owner to it. I set my things down inside, and notice the bed has already been made. Nevaeh seems to want me to really well.

    I get dressed out of my angelic garb, switching to a night gown. I notice that in the bag there is what seems to be a school uniform, and other articles of clothing. There is also a piece of paper that shows me how to get to the school, along with my 'schedule' written onto it. I tuck it into the uniform's pocket, yawning and then getting snuggled into my blankets sheets. I quickly fall asleep with the blessings of the Goddess Nevaeh.

    * * *

    After getting dressed and trying to follow that angel's directions to the school, I finally make it. The school's letters in front of me spell out "MONORAIL HIGH". It seems like a boring high school name to me. I head inside, noticing over a hundred others inside. Most are either talking, or at lockers. I frown. Malec or that angel guy never told me what Aden looked like, or who he was. I sigh, hoping that I can find him quickly.

    The bell rings before I get the chance to look around. I glance at my schedule, and head to my first class, which seems to be Algebra 1. I hope that it isn't anything too hard, seeing as angels don't have to do much math. I sit down, and look around. The classroom is bland, and the clothes I'm wearing are starting to itch. I sigh under my breath. I can already tell this will not be an exciting day.

    First period ends and there is still no sign of Aden being anywhere. I let out a frustrated sigh, heading into the halls. "You think it's funny, Comir?" I turn my attention to a fight in the works, with someone being pressed against a locker. The one pressed against a locker is grins, and lets out a small laugh. He has light azure eyes, with tousled coal black hair.

    "Of course I think it's funny. Who wouldn't, Victor?" The boy wryly smiles.

    "You're about to get a beating, Aden Comir.." Victor holds Aden by his collar, readying a fist. My eyes widen in small surprise. I have to get over to him quickly, so he won't be harmed. I run over, and get between them, holding my arms out.

    "Stop it, or you'll be the one getting a beating." I glare into his eyes, giving a frown. Victor smirks, and lets go of Aden.

    "You honestly think I'm going to stop because a weak girl told me to? Ha, girls are weak and good for nothing! They deserve-" I slap him right across the face, stopping him in mid sentence. Angels have brute strength, and will harm you if you even threaten to attack their 'client'. Victor walks backwards, clutching his face while looking at me with a surprised expression.

    "I would advise you to leave him be. Just think of how you would feel if you were in his situation." I give him another glare, and Victor gives me a cold look, walking away. I turn to Aden, sighing. "Are you okay? I hope he didn't hurt you in any way.." But he's just staring at me with his intense azure eyes.

    He then chuckles. "Nice job fending off Victor, Guardian Angel." I am stricken with surprise, but try not to show. How would he know I'm his guardian angel? Humans never know unless you tell them yourself. I must convince him otherwise.

    "G-Guardian Angel? What're you talking about? I'm nor guardian, or angel!" I cross my arms over my chest, staring down the floor.

    "It's just a figure of speech, geez. Anyways, thanks for 'rescuing' me. What's your name? Mine's Aden Comir, if you haven't already guessed." Aden smiles.

    I look up into his eyes, sighing. "It's Valissa. That's all you need to know about me. Now, we should get to class before we're late." I already know that we have the same schedule, seeing as Nevaeh is careful about these sort of things, or so I would think.

    "How would you know my schedule?" He questions. I groan. Of course he has to ask the questions that I'll probably be horrible at answering.

    "I..saw your schedule on the ground when you were held up against the locker. I guess it fell out or something.." I tell to him, hoping he doesn't catch wind of my horrible lie.

    Aden thinks this over for a second. "Sounds reasonable, I suppose.. Well, let's get to class, Angel!~" He grins at me, and I wish he wouldn't call me angel because it makes me feel a bit paranoid. I feel like he's holding back more than he knows. But I shake it off, because how can he already know of me being an angel?

    "Yeah, let's go before we get into trouble for loitering in the halls." I start to walk to our next class, regretting that this assignment was ever given to me. I hope that the rest of the day will not be as bad as the beginning of it.