• I listened to the beat of the rain as it pounded the roof. My face streaked with tears. I sat by the window and thought. Thought about the deceit, the trickery, the betrayal. How I was played for a fool. How she thought our friendship was pretend. I would just say I'm ok, but the worst thing to do is to feign hapiness. The lies she told. The lies he told. They shall not be forgotten. How I trusted her. She was a sly fox, but I was too blind to see it. I was a fool. Fool to believe anything he said. To be cheated by him, to trust him. But that was ok, for I shall be cheated no more.
    The next day at school, I sat in my chair listening to my Ipod. The song in my heart and mind at that moment was ,Backstabbers, by the O'Jay's. I abosolutely loved this song because it was so true. Backstabbers always smile in your face. But behind that veil, they're scheming to take your place. It is such a shame that there are so many people like that today. Can't trust anyone these days. Just as the song finished, Jade came over to me and we talked about the "Problem Child". I can't believe he did that behind your back, he should feel ashamed." Jade said. " I know right, he's just so stupid. Why would he do something like that?" "Cause," Jade said, " He a trifiling ass n***a. I mean, yall goin' out then he just do stupid stuff like this. And who does this kinda s**t? Trifiling ass n***as that's who!" I couldn't help but laugh. I said "Girl, you crazy." But in the midst of our laughter, the mood in the room changed. As if there was a dark presence about.