• Adem was walking toward where Eva’s locker was when he saw a large crowd of students gathered there. “What is up?” Marie asked Adem as she and Rafi came up behind him. They both looked at Adem he was the tallest.

    “I don’t know but I plan to find out,” he said as he grabbed and turned a 9th grader around to face him. “What is going on here?” he asked the boy. “What is everyone staring at?”

    The boy’s pale hazel eyes widen in fear as he looked up at Adem through his sandy blond bangs. “So…some gi…girl’s locker was vandalized,” his voice broke with fear. He swallowed hard as he looked from Adem to Rafi, “I think it was the girl who had half the hockey team expelled.” He swallowed again and got a little bit more courage. “Wait a minute you’re Adem right?” the 9th grader asked.

    Adem let him go and pushed through the crowd till he was able to see what had happened. Marie and Rafi where right after him. When they caught up to Adem the stood on either side of him. He stopped in his tracks at what he saw. “Damn it!” Adem swore.

    Eva’s locker had been pried open. The door was scratched up and her belongings where trashed. Her school books had all there pages ripped out and the extra set of clothes she kept in her locker had been ripped to shreds. When Adem took a closer look at the locker door he saw that on the door a message was scratched. It read ‘I told you I would get my revenge. And now I will take it you and me out side after school.’

    Marie picked up one of Eva’s school books, “Oh my god. Who could have done this?”

    “I don’t know but there had to be more then one of them,” Rafi said as he looked at the door.

    “Eva, I’m so sorry,” Adem whispered as he picked up the tattered remains of Eva’s shirt.