• ~Adam the clown~

    Some were in a infested mall of zombies there was 46 survivors left.
    -Frank west (A hard edged photograhper trying to get the story of the zombies)
    -Joe (Not the Joe from Kojas story)
    -And Adam the clow (A clow that every one use to laugh at)
    -Mike (Tourist)

    -The story begins-
    8:31 PM
    inside a food court baricaded by chairs and tables.

    Frank: These damn zombies wont be able to get in by this baricade.
    Joe: Are you sure? this is f*cking crazy!
    Frank: There dead they have no damn brain. . . When we were first here there was 50 people alive. 46 of them died so were missing two of them.
    (Checks on computer)
    Frank: There both around the roller coaster in Wonder land plaza!
    Joe: So we are going to wait here right?
    Frank: No we have to save them before the army comes and sweeps this place.
    Joe: hahah why would they sweep a mall of zombies! ohhh you mean kill, yea thats gonna suck.
    Frank: we better get going!
    Joe: No f*cking way i am going to stay here in a safe baricade!
    Frank: When i leave im knocking down the baricade to get out.
    Joe: Oh well i guess i can go.
    Frank: we need some suplies so we don't die
    Joe: what can we use in a food court as a weapon?
    *Frank walks behind a counter and pulls out some knifes and a frying pan*
    Frank: here use this frying pan, a little boy like you can't handle a knife.
    Joe: yea i can and im 18!
    Frank: you act liek a 8 year old.
    Joe: let me use a knife!
    Frank: fine stop throwing a tantrum
    *frank Hands Joe a kinfe*
    Joe: lets go save them!!!!
    Frank: yea sure. . .

    8:56 PM
    Wonderland plaza

    *looks at the rollercoaster*
    Frank: Its out of control and some one is on it!!!!
    Joe: Why wont the other guy stop it?

    *chainsaw sounds*
    Frank: What the hell?
    Joe: holy sh*t tis the Tezas chainsaw mascure!!!!!
    Frank: ummmm no were in Coldarado
    Joe: ohhhhh

    *clown jumps down*
    Clown: hehehehehehhe, Gramps you aint turning off this rolelrcoaster! my whole life every one always laughed at me. But when the zombies came all of them died! and now i need to give the people some fun!

    *Roller coaster rides by with 2 kids dead bodies in there*

    Clown: if you think your going to turn off this rollercoaster you are gonig to die Gramps!
    Joe: im just going to leave!!!!
    *Joe runs*
    Clown: no your not!!!!!!
    *runs up to joe and cuts him in half*
    Clown: Now gramps you can walk away or die!
    Frank: Hold still and jugle your chainsaws
    Clown: ummmm ok?
    *fred takes a picture*
    Frank: Nice, oh and im going to save that person on the ride so stay back or i will kill you!
    Clown: hahahahahahha, with what that knife?
    Frank: Nope, With this RPG
    Clown: holy sh*t!
    Frak: LOL smiley face!
    Clown: ok i will turn it off!!!!
    Frank: Good!!!!!
    *turns it off and lets mike come out*
    Frank: i'm going to let you live.
    Mike: f*ck i aint!
    *Beats him with a frying pan*
    Clown: owww holy sh*t stop it!
    *adam falls on to his chains saw tearing him up*
    Mike: Fred there is more survivors in the mall!!!! there was not 50 there was 80 actually!!!!!
    Frank: with my luck theres only going to be like 4 more people alive.
    Mike: by the way take off one Joe is dead.
    Frank: Didn't notice.
    Clown: i have one more thing to say.
    Mike: I think this is the time were he says something important and say rest in peace.
    Frank: Sparta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *frank gets on top of the Clowns and beats his face open*
    Mike: *crys* so emotional!
    Frank: ok lets go back to the food court i have a baricade around it, well i got to rebuild a wall.
    Mike: dude that thing could be infessted with zombies! lets just go to the security room
    Frank: sh*t we got one?
    Mike: yea follow me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *jumps on a unicorn*
    Frank: Awesome!!!!!!!
    *jumps on*
    Frank: lets go!!!!!!!!
    *runs on a rainbow to the room*
    Mike: well will be safe!
    Frank: holy sh*t its babe ruth! so your not really dead!
    Babe: no i just hate the fame
    Mike: i hate babe ruth.
    *snaps neck*
    Mike: ass whole, hey Fred lets go to sleep.