• It was a cold and rainy night and Jesse was alone in their house, Jesse was 12 year old boy who according to himself is not afraid of anything. He isn’t afraid of the dark, Horror films or even ghosts but that night something peculiar happened.
    “Yes! I’m finally alone! Now, I can do anything I want!” Jesse said happily, as he climb out of his bed and started planning on what he was gonna do for the night. His Parents were both going to a Seminar which is gonna end around 10:00-11:00pm so Jesse was gonna have the whole house for himself that night. It was around 7:00pm and Jesse was getting hungry, he decided he wanted pizza for the night so he called the Pizza express where he ordered an extra large pepperoni pizza. Waiting for the Pizza Jesse placed his own utensils on the table, but instead of using the ordinary kind he used their best china. “What they don’t know won’t hurt them.” Jesse said to himself, Ding-dong! The Pizza was there and Jesse quickly opened the front door and saw a man about 18 holding a box of pizza on his hand. “Are you the one who asked for the extra large pizza?” The guy asked, “Yes it’s me and how much would it be?” Jesse replied. “It’s about 350 pesos” The guy said, Jesse who wasn’t thinking had forgotten that he didn’t have any money to pay for the pizza. In rush he went to his parent’s room and search for money, to his delight he found his mom’s wallet and went back to the front door. He gave the guy the money and went back inside with his pizza.
    He ate in silence and didn’t even finish half of the box; he placed his dishes on the kitchen counter and didn’t even bother to wash them. After eating his dinner Jesse turned his computer on and played some of the games he had downloaded last week, He was having a really good time that he didn’t noticed that it was about 9:30pm when suddenly.
    –Click!- the lights turned off Jesse figured out that it was maybe because of the rain, so he went back downstairs to light up some Emergency lights his parents had bought. He turned one on but it wasn’t working, so he tried turning on all the emergency lights but not even one was working but it was because Jesse had forgotten to charge them all. So Jesse miserably went back to his pitch-black room and was lying on his bed when he heard a rustle in the garden. He got a flashlight from his drawer and went outside to check it out. He examined the bushes were he thought he heard the sound when Crash! He heard another one inside the house so he quickly went back inside the house and checked all the rooms but he didn’t found anyone instead he found a shard of mirror in the floor. Jesse started to panic, What if burglars were attacking the house? What will he do? So without much ado he ran to his room and shut the door, he locked it tight and hid under his bed. When suddenly he heard a knock on the door, he was so afraid that he couldn’t speak. But he still did, “W-w-w-h-ho’s t-t-h-he-re?” Jesse stammered but no one answered so he took all his courage and open the door to his room. He was so surprised because he didn’t saw anyone, shivering and scared Jesse just closed the door again and went back into hiding. He was starting to fall asleep when he heard another knock on the door he now didn’t dare open it so he just left the person or thing knock, knock and knock. The Person or thing was maybe getting impatient so the knock was getting louder, louder and LOUDER! Jesse as frightened as a young lamb whimpered but opened the door. He was flabbergasted when the lights turned on and when he heard two familiar voices shouted “SURPRISE!” He looked at the smiling faces of his Parents “Happy Birthday!” His father told him as he walked up inside the room holding a box of cake “And happy April Fools Dear “His mother said. Jesse was surprised, shocked, amazed and was taken aback about what happened this night, as he remembered that today was his birthday April 1. His father explained that he and his mom planned the whole evening for Jesse, “Did you like your birthday this year kid?” His father asked “I sure did Dad thanks for this cool Birthday adventure!” Jesse said as he dabbed his parents with some icing.