• "She's dead." a cruel smile erupted from the girl's crude lips and she slowly crept a little closer to Sahara, forcing her to back right to the wall.
    "There's no one to save you from our wrath now." Her snake-like words curled around Sahara's heart and tightened more with every word. The girl's piercing green eyes flickered with pictures of the most frightening thoughts Sahara had ever had.
    "You are now but a magicless weakling. Well, that was inevitable, for it is what you have always been. By the time we're done with you, you'll be a soulless shell, with nothing left to run to," The girl held Sahara's face closer to hers.
    "And don't you think for a second that because I'm attracted to you will make me go easier on you," she whispered. "Sahara."
    She flung Sahara away with a wink and proudly strode off to her dorm. Sahara slumped against the wall and fell to the ground in a crumpled pile of tears.
    Why, oh, why did she have to die? It was all her fault for not going to the party with her. She knew black magic had been swarming around her when she had left for the party, but Sahara hadn't paid attention to them. The minute it had happened, too, black vines had swarmed her vision. Through the vines she had seen the dreaded words of what was to come, as always, but this time, was far more surprising than her usual gift's results.
    " Yangashani " it read.
    But i should start from the beginning, not the end.