• I steered my horse through the forest. A grave mistake I made... The forest was full of monsters and demons, including Hell hounds, the mot terrifing beast known to man ( well maybey im exaxerating a little. However it was home to "The Wolf"
    Biard storted in discontent, however I calmed him down with ease . Slowly his breathing became steady again, and continued cautiously along the path.
    I was uneasy as well This forest was extremly dangerous actually the only ones who went through the forest were extremely strong warriors and the fool hardy. However I was both.

    I felt chills running down my spine. Biard was felling it too. I couldve sworn I saw a shodow out of the corner of my eye.
    When I look back at that moment I could have done so much differently, my sword fastened to the saddle of Biard I continude onward.

    Suddenly I heard I loud howl and thats when it truey began. Biard stood on his hind legs neighing franticaly kicking and screaming, I felt blood splatter acros me as Biard toppled to the ground sending me into the forest.

    I heard growling and snarling, and the screaming of my horse.

    I quick scrambled to my feet, and ran out of the underbrush without knowing the true danger. I dashed at the Hell hounds tearing at my horse without even thinking. The wolfine like creatures gazed upon me with those blood red eyes, blood dripping down their fangs.
    I reached for my sword but it was not their, it was then that I remembered My sword was attached to the saddle, but their was no time for that. I backed away slowly my mind with mixed emotions.
    If I left now The wolves might just ignore me but if i did then Biard would surely die, but then again he didnt look so good s would he survve anyway or if I did run....
    My thinking was stopped short for the alpha dog was already making a move for me. asw it pounced at my throat for the kill.
    I managed to sheild my neck by using my arm.
    "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I screamed, It hurt so terribly badly did I hurt. I felt the blood and saliva running down my arm.
    I managed to thank god kick the dog off, and I ran. Faster than ever before.My life depended on it.
    As I ran I heard a voice running through my head slowly getting louder
    "Wait, Stop, Help me"
    At first I thought it was the guilt of leaving Biard but then I heard the voice but as I looked I realized what it was a scrawny hungry wolf with a trap stuck on its foot.
    It howled in complete distress as I aproached I looked behind me te hell hounds were nowhere to be seen.
    A huge wolf it was. but as I gazed into its eyes all I heard was "HELP ME." Then suddenly It barked out " I see you are In a similar situation,"
    I was dumbfounded a dog talking no way could this be a cheesy fairy tail like the frog prince.
    "I can help you" the wolf barked.
    "H-How do I know I can t-trust you."
    "Easy a wolf keeps its word."
    Upon that I knew it was real a talking animal... go figure. Slowly I knealed down and fiddled with the latch of the trap in the darkness, as I heard the barks of the hell hounds slowly getting closer. I triffled with it trying to pick it to no avail.As the barking grew louder. I was extremly aggravated ready to run.The barking right behind me Finnaly the latch opened.


    i might change this up later