• Our swords clashed in sparks of light. Her sword caught my leg and brought me down to one knee. "Miyuki!" Daisuke shouted as he fended off another guard. Kanako knew we were coming. This damn blood mage knew we were coming! Roaring, I took the chance of an opening and stabbed her in the stomach with my black sword. She fell backward, throwing up blood. Smiling, she started controling the blood that came out of her, making it into thousand of needles, and sending them towards me. At the last minute, I conjured up a forcefild and obsorbed the needles. Running, hoping it would work, I squeezed my fingers together and made my hand straight so it resembled a dagger. While she tried to block my sword, I got my hand, wrist, and half my arm through her heart, and out the other side of her body. She fell to the floor, finally dead. I looked toward the egde of the roof. Running, I grabbed Daisuke by the collar, and jumped over the side. Muttering two spells, I grew ings, and we went invisible. We flew all the way back to Aria's, who was suprised to see how injured we were. "Oh! My dears! Please, come in to the next room." she said, helping us there. She tended to our wounds and washed away the blood. "Well, did you succeed?" she finally asked us. I nodded "Yea." I sighed. "Good. Now hurry home. You can come back to me for your next mission." she said. Daisuke sat up "Wait, what does she mean?" he asked. "Oh, sweetheart. Kanako, Tanaka, and Sasuke has legions of followers. If you really want this to end, you either have to kill them or change their opinion." she said. I sighed "This is gunna take us a very long time, isn't it?" I said. Aria nodded "Afraid so." she told us. On our way back home, I faced Daisuke "Hey, you know what your name means in the mage language?" I asked. He shook his head "No, what does it mean?" he asked. "It means 'Little star'. See, it even matches your eyes." I smiled. He smiled back at me, and drew me into a kiss I'd remember all my life.

    The End