• I have never been this scared in my entire life, nor did I ever think this old sheet metal shed in my back yard would ever make a good shelter for anything other than tools or my families bikes.

    Let me explain.

    It was about three days ago. I was sitting in my room at about 4 in the morning drawing whatever came to mind. Drawing and writing were my passions and still are (It’s the only way i have been able to keep from going insane these past few days). I was very tired and delirious from having stayed up all night the night before. I am plagued by insomnia and night terrors. I can never get goodnights sleep. It was the insomnia that night. My desk I use to draw is under the window in my room which faces our large backyard containing the shed in which I am currently writing from.

    I was focused on a sketching of a dark, dead forest when something moving in the back yard caught my eye. I looked up in time to only see what appeared to be a silhouette of two long, slender legs moving behind the shed. Me being the curious person I am, left my desk to investigate. I was frightened, but I didn’t think it could be anything too bad.

    I grabbed my wooden baseball bat leaning on my desk as I opened the door no more than two feet away. I slowly stepped out into the cool summer night, leaving my door open in case I needed to run inside.

    I slowly crept to the shed and backed up to the side readying my bat for whatever lay beyond. I mustered all of the courage I could and looked around the corner only to see the moon reflecting off the dew ridden grass between the fence and shed.

    Suddenly my ears rang with an incredible buzzing noise as I was blinded by an intense blue hot light coming from my windows. I fell to the ground, shaken and terrified, and looked to the house after my sight had returned. It was black. All of the lights had gone out, and it appeared my house wasn’t the only one, yet the streets still remained empty.

    I caught myself looking from my neighbor’s houses to the stars as my drowsiness took over and the insomnia slowly faded. I couldn’t sleep now though, I thought. My stargazing was interrupted by the sound of my bedroom door slamming shut. I stared at it hoping it was the wind, even though it was a windless night. I started to the door with caution. By now I had almost forgotten about what I had seen in my back yard, but I was immediately reminded as I saw the two legs disappear through the door leading into the rest of my house out of my bedroom. I ran to the door and slammed it open with my bat at the ready and ran through the door into the hallway containing my bathroom and my parents room.

    It was dark and hard to see. I didn’t know where the thing could have gone so I slowly inched forward, not letting my fear take over me.

    I moved an inch at a time, feeling around with my toe, when suddenly I felt something wet and furry. I hoped to god it wasn’t my cat. As I reached the end of the hallway, I felt on the wall for the light switch, which after finding, I felt incredibly dumb for forgetting there was no power. My only choice was to head to the kitchen to grab a flashlight.

    I stepped over the furry lump only to place my foot in a puddle of some thick liquid. I slipped and landed onto the one thing I was trying to avoid, other than death, flat on my back. I heard several cracks and knew it was my dead cat; and the puddle, its own blood.

    I screamed as I jumped up and threw off my blood soaked shirt. It didn’t even register to me that no one ran out of my parents room in alarm as I ran tripping over furniture to my kitchen.
    I ripped the blinds off of their rail so I had light to see by. But there was no light.

    what was there instead was a pale face attached to a head on slouching shoulders. The black soulless eyes seemed to be draining my own soul as it smiled at me with large razor sharp teeth. I could see the start of two very slender arms and the whole creature looked emaciated.

    We stared at each other for a few seconds, as I was frozen with terror. The creature seemed delighted at my terror. It lifted it arms and pulled itself up the wall, revealing the two slender legs I had seen twice before and disappeared, scraping its claws as I heard it crawl across my roof.
    I didn’t want to move. I stood in my kitchen wondering if I had hallucinated. No. not wondering. Hoping. It was too vivid to have been caused by my sleep depravity.

    I opened the drawer containing medical supplies and grabbed the black, cold steel flashlight and headed back to the hallway. I needed to check on my parents, now that it occurred to me that through all of this noise, it didn’t even seem as they had budged. I turned on the flashlight and came across the place where my cat had been, but all that was left was a puddle of blood, with a trail leading to my parents room.

    I opened the door to the room which glowed red.

    My parents were dead.

    They were strewn across their room, blood covering their bed and walls and window, producing the room with the red light. My father and mothers decapitated heads were hanging, swinging slowly on their own entrails tied to their ceiling fan.

    I slammed the door shut, crying in both terror and sadness from the loss of my two loving parents.

    I sat against the wall, tears streaming down my face wondering what I should do now.
    I looked across the hall into my room, and saw in the window that same pale face staring at me again, blood streaming down the sides of its lips. It was playing with me. Tormenting me to insanity. I couldn’t handle it. The angry side of me wanted to kill it and avenge my parents. But the practical side wanted to hide. It knew I was no match for whatever this creature was. The beast ducked below my window. I stared for a few seconds wondering if it was going to show itself again. Suddenly it slid infront of my door and lunged at me. I lifted the heavy flashlight and met the creature with it, bringing it down hard between the things hellish eyes. It hit the wall then the ground with a thud. I lifted the flashlight to do it again. The angry side was taking over. I swung, but the creature caught my arm and snapped it in half causing me to drop the flashlight. The pain was unimaginable, and the creature, so strong. It brought my arm to its mouth and sunk its teeth into my flesh. I tried to get away as it pulled my forearm from my body, tendons snapping and blood pouring. I felt like I was going to faint from the pain, but I managed to grab the flashlight with my other hand and bring it down on the creatures head. It fell and was seemingly unconscious. I wasted no time as I ran out the back door to the shed, grabbing my laptop to write my farewell. It would be awake soon, and the streets, and open playground for it to catch and slaughter me. I decided to hide until it was gone.

    That brings us to now. Since I arrived out here it has been walking around outside of the shed. The door is locked from the inside with a padlock and a few steel rods. I managed to bandage up my arm to stop the bleeding, but I know I am still unsafe. It could rip through the flimsy metal anytime it wanted. Instead it is toying with me. I know it’s a matter of time until it decides to end me.