• "Your a terrible person!I never want to see you again!"I yelled as I packed my bags."but Lydia I-"Feris said in a begging tone."I don't care!I saw you and Saria together!"I screamed as I stomped down the stairs into the foyer."and I hope you two are happy together because I'm leaving."I said.as I slammed the door to the orphanage.then I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head and before I knew it I had blacked out.and I had a dream...In my dream,dark storm clouds were billowing over a land I have never seen... But suddenly,a ray of light shot out of the forest,parted the clouds and lit up the ground...The light turned into a figure...the figure was dressed like me but he looked like Feris,and he was holding a green and shining stone,and he was followed by an imp...I awoke several hours later in a spring with a sword and shield on my back.I saw an open gate and looked out of it.I saw a path and followed it.I came across a man sitting on a log with an afro.he had a pot hanging over a fire pit but there was no fire.I walked passed him and followed the trail.I came across a bridge and as soon as I neared it i heard a loud stomping noise.it sounded like giant hooves trampling the ground.i turned around to see a man.he was on the hefty side.he had green skin,and horns,and he was riding on a giant boar.he jumped off of his large steed and as he did i feel to the ground terrified.he picked me up by my throat slightly strangling me,and took my sword and shield.his skin smelled of pork and ale.he dropped me on the ground and I took off running across the bridge.he jumped on his boar and followed me.some how I stayed ahead.I made it out of the woods and entered a large field.I didn't stop running until I bumped into a man wearing green who dropped his sword.and when I first saw him I remembered my dream."it's him!the one from my dream!"I thought to myself.remembering the creature following me I grabbed his sword off the ground.as the creature neared me I closed my eyes and prayed to the goddesses that it wouldn't kill me.I swung the sword and after I did I heard a loud crashing noise.the boar had crashed into a tree.and where the man sat,a dark ominous cloud appeared,like he had vanished into thin air.and he vanished with my sword and shield.I turned to face the strange swordsman."I'm sorry I took this without asking."I said as I handed the sword to the man."it's okay.you took it for a good reason.it was self defense."He said.just then an imp appeared beside him."Link she looks like you."the imp said."AHHH!what is that!?!?"I screamed.after i said that another imp appeared beside me."Midna?is that you?!?!"it said"Aftern!its been so long!how are you?"said the imp apparently named Midna."um...I don't mean to interrupt but can someone explain to me whats going on before I have another heart attack?"I said."Oh!yes!my name is Aftern.while you were unconscious i found you and put you in the spring,which was said to have healing powers,with the weapons you needed,taking note of your wound on the back of your head.the spring worked wonders.it's like you never even got injured!"Aftern said smiling.”w-wound.”I said feeling the back of my head,and as I felt the spot where I was injured I winced at the pain."and I'm Midna!"Midna said."I'm Link."said Link."I'm Lydia."I said enthusiastically."come one.I'll take you to my home village and I'll get you some weapons."he said gesturing to the horse that was off to the side grazing the whole time.as we got onto the horse Aftern and Midna disappeared underneath us.we went back on the path I took.we went over the bridge and past the guy with the afro,whom which Link waved at.we went past the spring I started in.we went a little further and I found out that there was another spring called the Ordon spring.we came across a small village."Okay!here we are."Link said happily.we got off the horse and beside me was a sign.the sign read Ordon Village."Ordon."I said fascinated.we walked onto a small flat bridge over a small creek.in a distance we heard a girl yelling."LIIIINNNK!!!"the voice said.I looked around to find a girl,standing on a porch of a large house waving at Link.Link waved back.we went to the porch which the girl was standing on.she had a friendly smile and her friendly eyes complemented it."link its so good to see you in one piece!"she said."it's good to see you to Ilia."Link said."whose this?"Ilia asked."Oh!this is Lydia.her weapons where stolen so I'm getting her more."Link said"Oh!how sweet of you Link!"Ilia said smiling."hey why don't you go and show Lydia around the village."Link said."that's a great idea Link."Ilia said."come on.i'll show you around."Ilia said waving me to follow her.Link went to get the weapons and Ilia and I walked around the village.she talked about the villages history while I tuned her out thinking about what went on earlier.all of a sudden I felt someone tap on my shoulder.I turned around to see Link holding out a sword and a wooden shield."Hey!i got the weapons.the shield is wooden so avoid fire...Oh!"Link said reaching into a little bag on his belt."here.it's a slingshot.it may come in handy."he said handing me the slingshot and pumpkin seeds."thank you.how much do I owe you?"I said pulling out a rupee bag."Oh!no!don't worry about it.it's on me."he said."thank you."I said shyly."hey!Lydia are you going adventuring like Link?"Ilia said."yeah...I guess because I don't know to get home...I don't know if I want to go home."I said sadly."oh...well you can borrow my horse if you want?"Ilia said."that would be great!thanks!"I said smiling."no problem!"Ilia said smiling and cocking her head to the side.she pulled out a whistle and played a strange tune,and as soon as I knew it a beautiful white horse rode up to her."her name is Haruna.take good care of her."Ilia said stroking Haruna's coat."okay.I will."I said.I jumped up on the horses saddle and looked at Link."are you ready?"I asked."ready."Link said."hiya!"Link yelled as he dug his heels into his horses sides."Hiya!"I yelled doing the same thing.we road to the Ordon spring.we got off the horses and walked to the gate."what is it?"I asked."I just noticed...I haven't taken a shower in three days."Link said blushing.the stench didn't hit me until he said it.we walked the horses into the spring."I'll go to my house and get some bathing supplies.you stay here and-"I didn't hear the last bit of what he said because of the horses running in the water.but I nodded.after he left I stared getting undressed and hung my clothes on a branch.I walked to the miniature waterfall and cleansed myself.five minutes later Link came back with towels and soap."AH!!!what are you doing!I told you to wait until i got back,gave you your stuff and left!"Link screamed"I'm sorry!I didn't hear you!"I yelled as I covered myself with my arms and hands."here."Link said covering his eyes and handing me my towel.I covered myself with the towel as fast as I could."Um...Link...now that you've seen me...um...in the nude...um"I said shyly."well what is it?"Link asked."well ...um...I made a rule for myself.I must marry the first man to see my bare skin."I said looking at my feet."but I can make an exception for you since we just met."I said looking into his eyes.and at that moment I realized how blue his eyes were."oh...okay..."Link said."well I'll go bathe in the other spring.you get dressed and wash the horses until I get back okay?"Link asked."okay."I said.Link left and I got dressed and went to where Haruna was.I found a brush in her satchel on her saddle.I scrubbed the horses for an hour or so.I was scrubbing Link's horse and I saw something etched into her saddle."Epona."I said reading the word."that must be your name girl!"I said rubbing her head.Link came back rubbing his head with a towel."are you ready?"he said putting on his hat then putting our towels in Epona's satchel on her saddle."Yeah"I said lifeless.we got on the horse and set off.we left the woods again on the trail into the field.we road until we got to a wall made completely of darkness."what is it?"I asked."the twilight realm."Link said staring at the wall."hey!there's something I wanted to ask you."Link said looking away from the wall and into my eyes."what is it?"I asked again."can I see your hands?"he asked."sure I said. taking off my gauntlets.as my left hand neared his a light glowed on my hand.a triangle appeared made of three little triangles.the left one glowed brighter."I knew it!"he said looking surprised."knew what?"I asked putting on my gauntlets.as soon as I said that something grabbed me from behind,and pinned my arms to my side.Link drew his sword with an angry face and thrust it at the side of the thing holding me.it vanished and I dropped to the ground.I stood up and felt a sharp pain in my side.I put my hands on my side and looked down at it.I uncovered it and saw blood gushing out,and at the sight of the blood I fainted.