• Introductionary (meaning important beginning)

    My name's Flynnigan Lennox.
    And I know this is a very bland way of starting a story...
    Especially an adventerous story...
    But guess what?
    It's my story...so you can quit complaining now.
    Anywaysss, I'm Flynnigan, but everyone calls me Flynn. I have and idiotic, older, embarassing sister named Caitlin,which incidently means pure, which she is not. She's and idiot. I also have a best friend named Gaelen, who is the 2nd most amazing guy I know. The first is Dante, buuuut we'll get to that later on. Oh, quick thing...-

    "Flynn!! Come down for dinner!!!"
    Heeey, guess what? That's my idiotic sister now!
    "Just a second dearest Caitlin!"
    "NOW Flynnigan. It's been three seconds!"
    See what I mean? Idiot. Well, I'll have to go, because she DEFINETELY won't stop screaming till I moozy on downstairs. Maybe you should, you know...follow?

    The First Time I saw a Moving Spinach mrgreen

    So I'm currently down at dinner, and if you have followed me, you know this. My sister is wailing out an old Irish folk song, and I'm getting ready to shove my spinach encrusted fork down her throat. That is, until I see the spinach move.
    "Aaaah!" I catapult my fork a good two feet away from me. "Did you guys just SEE that?!?" I shout at my mother and Caitlin...who's currently reaching the pinnacle of her irritating tunage. My mother looks at the fork, and then at me, with a stern look on her face. And I can already hear the words "You're grounded" before they manifest in her vocal folds. So I interrupt.
    "It moved! Ma, the spinach moved!"
    My mother just rolls her eyes and sighs. Caitlin looks at me, throuroughly perturbed, and says, "Now Flynnigan, how could that possibly be true? Spinach has no legs itself, no muscle or brain to control. So how could it possibly move itself? Unless its some sort of trickery?" Oh and uh, a note to anyone who is listening right now, my sister's going through what I like to call her Shakesphereian stage. She likes to take on different accents and cultures very often. And lately the 1400's (or whenever that dude lived) is her status.
    "Caitlin, please. Enough with the role playing. You sound like a dork." I get up to retrive my fork and place it gingerly back onto my plate. I stare at my plate accusingly. I know that spinach moved. I go to reach for my fork again, except this time the whole plate moves. "Aggghh!!! Okay , you CANNOT tell me that you didn't just see that!" I screech. My mother rolls her eyes again and sighs heavily. "Flynnigan Anne Lennox. Stop that infernal screeching, get some sense, and finish your dinner! There is nothing wrong with your spinach. It hasn't moved from where it was when I sat it on the table." She looks at me, as though I've really gone off the deep end. But I'm positive the spinach moved; so positive I give up trying to prove it and excuse myself from the table.
    "Where are you going?" My mother asks.
    "Gaelen's house. Is that a problem?" I say as I race out the door, slamming it behind me, and not waiting for her reply. Sometimes I swear I'm not related to those people.

    Gaelen's Surprise

    So, I'm currently at Gaelen's house sipping hot tea and telling him about my spinach conspiriacy. He finds it quite amusing...he's burst out laughing several times into my story...
    "So w-wait," Gaelen chortles, struggling to get the words out, "The spinach m-moved after you tried to explain it to your mom the first time?"
    "Yes! I swear. It was like it knew. It knew that she wouldn't believe me, so it decided to have a little fun." I pout, sticking out my bottom lip. Gaelen flicks my lips my with his finger and says, "I bet. That spinach was just out to getcha. But its no good dwelling on something that's so silly. Not when I have something much more entertaining than magical weeds for you." He smiles. I laugh and then realize he's just said he has a present for me. "Well what is it?" I ask impatiently.
    "What is what?" he asks, like he didn't just say he had a surprise.
    "The surprise? The thing more entertaining than my animate dinner? Don't play possum Gaelen, I have no more patience left in the day." I push his arm. Gaelen grins his uplifting smile and pulls a box and key from behind the couch we're sitting on. The box is plain wood, without a lock. But the key is encrusted with jewels of every kind, from jades to sapphires. It looks like it was never meant to open a thing. "What are those?" I ask, amazed by the entricate beauty of the key.
    "A box and key." Gaelen answers. Always shooting for the obvious.
    "Ugh, no more jokes boy-o. Just cut to the chase."
    "I found the box on my kitchen counter this morning, with a note stuck to it. And the key was under my pillow."
    "Weird. What'd the note say?" I'm suddenly curious.
    "It said not to open it alone. So I was just waiting for you to come along." He taps my hand. I smile.
    "Who do you think left it here?"
    "Well, my folks are in Norway for business, so it couldn't have been them." We both look at the box for a very long time. Even though the box is just a regular wooden box, it seems threatining. I'm not sure what we're waiting for. Maybe for something to jump out and scare us. Or for some magical extravaganza, like in Fantasia. But after 5 minutes my patience is used up. I reach for the box and try to pull the lid off. It doesn't want to move. I strain until my hands are raw, while an amused Gaelen watches me struggle. The lid doesn't budge. "It won't come!" I shout in frustration and attempt to toss the thing away from me. Gaelen catches it before it hits the ground. "Here, I'll try." He says, failing to hide the smugness in his tone. I sit back, ready to enjoy his failure. But it doesn't come. The lid pops off the second Gaelen lays a finger on it. "Wha...?" I exclaim. Gaelen looks at me, no longer hiding the smugness. "What can I say?" He boasts, "These guns are made of steel." He flexs and poses, acting like the goofy child he is. I ignore him and pick up the unlidded box. Inside there's a locket on a chain, another small key, a feather, a note, and a map. I take the items out one by one, my curiousness reaching its peak. "What in the world are these things?" I ask no one in paticular. Gaelen answers, "Well to me it looks like a key, a locket, and stuff...-" I turn to contradict his stupid remark, but stop when I see he's just as puzzled as I am.
    "Gaelen, be serious. This is kinda creepy. Don'tcha think?" I look at him and analyze his reaction.
    "I don't know Fylnn. It does look weird.....is that a note?" He reaches over me and pulls the piece of paper from beside me. He reads over it himself first, and I watch his lips as he mouths the words to himself.
    "What's it say?" I try and read over his shoulder. He leans back and lets me see.
    Dear Gaelen O'Toole, it reads...
    I write to you to inform you that you have been chosen as the overseer and savior of Dark'myrr, Land of the Fae people....-
    "Really? Fae-people? What the hell-"
    "Just keep reading." Gaelen tells me. I nod and continue.
    By now you are sure to be confused. It is to be expected. But you must continue on with this letter. Since you have opened the box, you cannot seize to fullfill the tasks given to you in this letter. We, the people of Dark'myrr, need your help Gaelen O'Toole. Our lives are at stake, and only you can save us. You have marvelous power, and it must be used to save us Fae, now that this box has been opened. Your parents, the King and Queen of Dark'myrr request your talents. Please, Gaelen O'Toole, come to Dark'myrr. The rest will be explained once you reach the fortress.
    I'm silent for a few seconds. Then I look at Gaelen and take a deep breath. "What the hell is all this Gaelen? Your mum and pop are in Norway. On a business trip. Not in a freaking fairy-tale world reigning over a kingdom!"
    Gaelen still looks in shock. "I don't quite know Fylnn. But this has got to have something to do with all the weird crap that's been happening lately." He rubs his temples with his fingers.
    "What werid crap? The only freaky thing that's happened to me today is the spinach thing. That, and this!" I'm slowly losing it...I can only take so much crazy in one hour. Gaelen looks at me seriously, his eyes glazed over slightly. I sit up, worried all of a sudden. "Gaelen is there somehting you aren't telling me, boy-o?"
    Gaelen looks positively terrified when he meets my eyes.
    "Gaelen?" I whimper. He sighs and begins to tell me a story that would land him in a nuthouse if anyone else had heard.
    "So," I speculate, "You've been seeing glimpses of other worlds? That, and little creatures with pointy ears and silver eyes?"
    "Yes," Gaelen exhales. "And I know it sounds loony-..."
    "Yes, yes it does." I interrupt.
    "...-but you have to believe me." He looks at me with his large fawnish eyes, and I lay a small hand over his.
    "I believe you Gaelen, I really do." I nod, as if finalizing the statement. Gaelen suddenly hops up from the couch and yelps. I scramble up also, grabbing Gaelens waist and screaming, "What? WHAT???" Gaelen points to an area above the couch. His finger is shaking violently, but I don't see anything that would cause him to be so scared. "What is it? Boy-o I don't see anything." I look at him, getting more afraid by the minute. He continues to shake and starts backwards. I watch him as he moves, never taking his eyes off of the couch. "Y-you don't see that?" He asks, sounding like he's about to start crying.
    "No, boy-o, I don't. There's nothing there. Now come here." I say, reaching for him.
    "There is! There's something there. The things with the pointy ears. There's one sitting right there on top of the couch! IT'S RIGHT TH-..." He stops. I concentrate on his crazed look as it relaxes and then turns into confuison. "It's gone." He claims. I look from him to the couch, and back to him again.
    "Are you sure?" I demand. I don't want to sit back down and have him go off to loony-land again.
    "Y-yeah. It just flickered out of sight." He huffs faintly. I walk toward him and catch him just before he hits the floor. "Gaelen?" I shake him vigorously. But he's out cold. I lay him down and get a pillow to put underneath his head. I don't know what all that was about; but whatever it was, he's god afraid of it. I hope he wakes up soon. There's a lot he needs to explain.