The final day of your life has arrived, due to your love unintentionally bringing you to the bad guys. You never knew the world could be so cruel.

    For the first time in the seven days I had been a prisoner, the cold of the dungeon didn't reach me. The bed felt like a feathery heaven and the comforter was so thick and warm. For the longest time, I had forgotten where I was as I was sleeping. It was the heaviest sleep I had gotten in months. There was no pain in my body; I couldn't even feel the pain in my ribs when I was sleeping.

    When I was brought back into consciousness, I saw Minoru sitting next to my mattress and my heart sunk immediately and I was sucked back into the reality of the Hell I was brought into. My euphoria from sleeping was diminished and I could feel the pain resurfacing from the past week. Minoru's eyes were red, as they had been since I arrived at the prison, but they seemed to be more of a vibrant, thirsty red. He gripped my chin and examined me and I allowed him to do as he wanted; I had given up my will to fight.

    "Did you have a good sleep, love?" he asked.

    I sighed and closed my eyes, still a little tired, "I suppose,"

    He chuckled, "You look like s**t, despite you just recieved eleven hours of beauty sleep,"

    I didn't have the energy to talk back to him; I was afraid he would hit me or force himself on me again anyways. I only blinked and sighed; he made me sick. His twisted smile, his maniacal laughter, just him in general, especially when he forced himself on me--twice. They all needed to burn in Hell, especially with what they made Kai do.

    "I hope you're ready," Minoru smirked.

    Under the covers, I covered my baby bump with my hands with the impression that I could protect them from anything. My will to live had mostly left, but I was going to keep even a sliver of hope to live for the sake of my babies. There was always a chance for something good in any incident; maybe I would pull through the execution? It wasn't like they were going to cut off my head; how much blood did they need to be immortal anyways?

    My thoughts were crudely interrupted by Minoru forcefully pressing his lips against mine. I winced and tried to push him off but I was so incredibly weak, despite the feast I had eaten the night before. Minoru continued to kiss me for several minutes, causing me to want to vomit and kill him. He pulled back and I tried to catch my breath while wiping his saliva off of my lips.

    "Your lips are slightly chapped," he chuckled in amusement.

    Minoru pulled the comforter off of me and noticed that I had my hands clenched to my stomach again. He groaned in dissatisfaction; he was getting annoyed with my maternal instincts. I exhaled sharply as the cold was getting to me again. Despite it was the middle of summer, it was still cold in the prison since the majority of it was underground.

    Minoru gripped me by my bicep and forced me up onto my feet. He pulled a hair tie out of his pocket and pulled my hair back into a messy bun. He then pulled a cloth out of his other pocket and covered my eyes with it and tied it around my head. My breathing was starting to act up; I was petrified whenever I couldn't see what was going on.

    I was turned around so my back was towards Minoru and he gripped both of my biceps firmly and started pushing me forward gently. As he was doing so, he was kissing and sucking on my neck. My hands were starting to tremble and my breathing was continuing to get worse. I didn't know where I was going or what exactly was going to happen at that moment.

    After a few minutes, Minoru stopped me where I was, "Wow, get a whiff of that," I heard Kaiba's voice come into play.

    "She smells a little more provocative today, does she not?" Minoru chuckled.

    From in front of me, a cold, callous hand gripped my chin and somebody leaned into smell me by my jugular vein, "Enticing,"

    I held my breath and clenched my sweating fists, "Wh-who is that?" his voice was familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

    "You remember Hisao, right?" Minoru informed.

    I tried to back away in fear but I was stopped by Minoru's protesting body, "Oh God..." I had forgotten he was going to be there. How could Ai, such a sweet and innocent girl, be the daughter of such a heinous, heartless killer?

    Hisao chuckled and unhanded my chin, "How unfotunate for you to undergo this endowment, especially since you've been impregnated,"

    "I'd agree with you if I understood half of that," I hissed and then silenced myself. I flinched, preparing myself for a reprimanding slap across the face.

    Once again, Hisao chuckled, "She's amusing," he pat my head. "Minoru, you may remove the blindfold."

    Minoru moved me to a different spot and slowly started removing the blindfold. Once it was removed, I had to blink a few times to adjust myself to a windowless and torch-lit room. As soon as my vision adjusted, I looked at what was in front of me and lost my breath as soon as I made it out; Kai.

    "Kai...?" I nearly started crying. "Kai!"

    He wouldn't move or speak so I tried to run towards him. Minoru gripped my bicep and pulled me back, halting me from running towards the illusion in my head. Kai's face looked as though he was in physical and mental pain. He looked as though he wanted to speak, but was something holding him back? Did the contract forbade him from speaking?

    "Kai?" I whispered. "What's wrong with you?"

    "Have you forgotten?" Hisao spoke up again, standing next to Kai and resting a hand on his shoulder. "He is forbidden to speak, testify, or act upon his own will. He's rendered useless until you're dead."

    "Kai...Kai, help me..." I pleaded.

    His complexion was drowned in pain. He was scared; he didn't want to be doing what he had to. I didn't know who was more scared at the moment; me or Kai.

    "Kai, they told me you left. They told me you weren't here." I started crying a little. "They lied to me; I was told you wouldn't have to watch..."

    Kai closed his eyes and looked down; he couldn't bear to see his lover in pain before her death. He didn't want to know his children were going to die with me. I wanted to do anything to rid him of my upcoming fate; why was the world so cruel? Just as he couldn't see me in so much pain, I couldn't see my lover in just as much pain.

    "Why is he here?" my tears cleared up as I whipped my head around and glared at Hisao.

    "Did you assume you would die without your lover witnessing?" Hisao curled up the corner of his mouth. "We're not that generous."

    "Why did you lie to me?" I gritted my teeth together. "Now he has to watch me and our children all die!"

    "Should have had safer sex," Minoru chuckled as he continued to keep a hold of my bicep.

    I dropped onto my knees and hunched over and started to cry softly. Now that Kai was standing in front of me, my will to survive resurfaced. My arms wrapped around my stomach and my tears dropped to the ground. I got onto my hands and knees and looked up at Kai. My hand reached out towards him but I knew he couldn't grab it. I knew I couldn't touch him. He only looked down at me with the same pain on his face and he closed his eyes again.

    Before Kai had closed his eyes, I noticed that his eyes were almost as red as Minoru and Kaiba's; was he thirsty? I looked over at Hisao, "What did you do to him?"

    "Don't assume we wouldn't keep Kai here without torturing him too, dear," Hisao chuckled. "We starved him just as Minoru and Kaiba starved themselves."

    "How long has he been here?" I stood up.

    "Since we escorted you here," he glanced over at Kai. "He endured some harsh punishment after Minoru captured you."

    "You're such an a*****e!" I blustered.

    Kaiba silenced me by running his hand across my already-numb cheek. I silenced myself and pressed my hand against my burning cheek. Sighing deeply, I looked over at Kai once more; I still couldn't believe he was actually there.

    "Had you two not have fallen in love, he wouldn't be witnessing,"

    I paused for a moment; he was right. But I would rather to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all in my short life. I experienced just about everything in the past year--everything except for complete parenthood, and all with one man.

    "Please..." I begged. "Just let him go..."

    Hisao smirked again, "It's a little belated now,"

    My body froze and my breath stopped again; my fate was falling upon me.