• Yoichi

    "How come you don't wanna do it with me?" Setsuna asked on the third day. The day before we reached th spring. "You're not Sayomi." I said, plain as day. She scoffed and continued walking, but quicker this time. I walked quickly behind her. From the back, she looked like Sayomi. I geuss that sounds weird, it was Sayomi'd body after all. But, when you look at her back, it felt like Sayomi. "Faster, cat boy." Setsuna commanded, and started into a near jogging pace. I looked down, she still had on the bracelet. I sighed, it wouldn't work. It was programed to make Sayomi get out of her body, not one of the past goddesses. "Hey, let me ask you, if you have demon powers, why not teleport to the springs?" I asked. "You idiot. You need to walk there. If you use magic, you will be teleported 6 days away from it. It's one of the barriers that protect the springs." Setsuna explained. I sighed. I noticed after a while she kept looking back at me. "What?" I asked sharply. "Did anyone ever tell you that you look hot without a shirt?" Setsuna asked. "Yes. Sayomi." I said. Setsuna muttered to herself, than tried being seductive again. "Have you ever said it to someone else?" she asked. "Yes. Sayomi." I said again. "Is Sayomi all you really think about?!" she nearly yelled. "Truthfully? Yes." I said. She snarled, than turned, "I am Sayomi!" she nearly yelled. "No, you're not." I said. She growled at me and grabbed my wrist. Slowly, her eyes turned red, and just as quickly, went away as she let go of my wrist. "Whatever! Keep walking!" she yelled and we did. I looked to my side and saw Neechee walking through the bushes. He looked at me, "What the hell's going on?!" he asked me telepathically. "Remember, Setsuna?" I asked back. "Don't tell me, Sayomi turned into her?" he asked. "Exactly. Oh, did you know, Setsuna is a freaking demon!" I told him. "Oh, sh*t! So, what are you gunna do?" he asked. "Sayomi has a plan." I said. "I won't even ask how you two spoke to eachother." Neechee said. "Keep your perverted thoughts to yourself. She came to me in a dream!" I said. Neechee sighed "Anyway, I'll be near by if you need me." he said. "Good to know." I replied, and he dissapeared behind the trees and bushes.


    After Yoichi fell asleep away from Setsuna on the third night. I crept into Setsuna's dreams. When she saw me in her dream, she yelled "What the hell are you doing here!?" I gave her a look "Shouldn't I be asking you that?" I asked. "Point taken. What do you want?" she asked. "I just want to know what happened." I said. She looked at me as if I was stupid. "What happened to you in your past life!?" I nearly yelled. "Why should I tell you?" she asked. "I sighed "You don't have to." I said. "Well, why not? I'm going to kill you anyway!" she exclaimed, grinning. I just sighed. "As you know, I'm a demon. I still don't understand why the goddess chose me, but it was the perfect choice! But, in the end, I did die a virgin and by my own mother as well." she said. "Go, mom." I thought. "But, now, I have another chance at the spring of immortality!" she exclaimed. "If I may ask, which number of goddess were you?" I asked. She looked at me "The second. Right after Yumiko herself." she grinned. And that's when the pieces all fell into place.

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