• Ålonε

    Fire, a family screaming with no escape from the flames that lick away their skin, and sealing their untimely fate. An angry mob throwing torches into the house, causing the flames to soar towards the sky. A tall evil looking man urging them to continue with their horrible deeds. He wore all black, with a long black cape, his gleaming inhuman gold eyes held a lust for blood and madness. He had long black hair that was cleverly pulled back into a loose pony tail whipping in the wind.
    “Traitors to the King! Helping demons into our beloved village! Burn the traitors!” He shouted with a smirk of evil planted on his face.
    Inside of the home a women rushed scooping up her child, barely older than five years old. “Avery!” She shouted panic filled her voice sending fear into the Avery’s heart. Her mother ran toward the burning kitchen covering Avery in a blanket to keep the flames away from her. Avery heard a tearing sound then the cover came off and her mother put her into a small tunnel only big enough for Avery, “Quickly dear, go, run and don’t look back!” She cried out. “Never look back Avery! Mommy loves go run!” She shouted as a loud popping sound filled the air and the roof of the house came crashing down. Sealing off the entrance Avery had no choice but to go forward and never look back. Covered in soot and her faced streaked with tears she crawled out of the tunnel.
    The man in black was towering over her, his gold eyes met her tear stained green eyes.
    “No one can ever tell.” He hissed coming down upon her with a knife.
    Avery shot up in the dark of the night, sweat on her brow making her clothes stick to her body uncomfortably. Her side was burning as she stood up. Her hand slowly reached down and touched a long scar that was along her side from that dreadful night. Every night since the night she had been haunted with the dream of the fire. Tear streaks were on her cheeks as she strolled over to the shed opening, it wasn’t much for her to stay but for her constantly moving and trying to survive she got what she got. She shivered at the night air nipping at her body, and sending her long dark hazel nut hair onto her back. Her hair fell just a few inches above her elbows, and her big green eyes searched the night sky for answers to why it had happened to her.
    A loud howl snapped her out of her dreaming and she was quick to draw a small knife from her belt ‘Demon’s’. It was the only thought that ran through her mind as she scanned the area looking for any movement. Her breath became caught in her throat as her eyes fell onto a large figure that’s body was bending from a beast to man. From how far Avery was away, she could hear the bones making a stomach churning cracking. Avery shuddered, and let out a small gasp as she felt the Demon’s eyes fall onto her green ones. Unlike the man who had killed her father, this Demon’s eyes weren’t gold, but more of a bronze color that still shimmered like stars. Avery would have looked longer if the man hadn’t made an approach towards her. With that sign she snapped herself out of the daydream on how this Demons eyes were so mystifying and grabbed her messenger bag, and some boy clothes. She left out the back entrance of the shed as the Demon burst through the front. Avery look off running for her life, she knew she couldn’t outrun a Demon, but she knew she could duck and hide into corners to throw him off. She glanced behind her and noticed the Demon was making no effort to chase after her, it was just watching her. She stopped the wind whipping her hair in front of her face as they almost had a stare off. As Avery tried to make out the outline of the Demon looking at her, his eyes seemed to outline every aspect of Avery
    Michael had had his run for the night and was down by the river. He didn’t expect somebody to be in his territory so changing back quickly not to be seen by somebody seemed like a good option. When Michael looked over he saw a young girl just watching him, as his eyes locked with hers he began to approach her. She seemed harmless but he watched her draw a knife. ‘Street kid, but a pretty one’ He thought to himself. Michael made a small smirk and ran to the entrance of the shed as the girl was going out the back way. Michael took three strides and was already at the other door, watching as the girl stopped to turn around trying to figure out what he looked like. Michael easily saw her figure and her features and was soaking them in. She was a slim girl, maybe not as young as she he thought, eighteen or so. She wasn’t very tall, but she wasn’t short either, her eyes were a very stunning green, and her hair just kept flowing in the wind naturally. Michael didn’t believe that she could see him very well from the distance and the night sky gave him great cover but, he figured she could see his silhouette. Michael had watched as Avery turned and continued running, he thought about trying to chase down the girl and he had no idea why he felt like chasing the girl down. He slowly began chasing her and just felt like he had to catch her, some part of him the way she looked at him.
    Her sparkling green eyes had started something inside of him. He watched her run for a good distance before he started speeding up. He knew he could have easily caught her with no effort but he felt like he was having a great time just the thrill of the chase. He couldn’t remember the last time he had this much fun. Michael watched Avery glance behind occasionally and tried to speed up. Michael chuckled and continued picking up speed; soon he felt her hair hitting his chin. Michael was normally used to girls who smelt of flowers or something good in their hair, but this girl smelt just of everyday life, just normal nothing special.
    While he was caught in admiration Avery made a sharp turn and he almost ran past if he wasn’t a demon and his senses were heightened. Michael was able to smell the fear and shock that he was keeping up with the girl. He made a small rumbling in his throat that was meant to be a chuckle but didn’t want the girl to think this was just for fun. It seemed to have work for Avery was trying to speed up and dodge him even more, she made quicker turns and took harder paths for a normal person to follow.
    Avery made another turn down an ally way and was out of sight for a couple seconds. Sniffing the air Michael latched onto her sent again and found a person that didn’t look the same as the girl he had been chase and when they turned down an ally Michael took his leap. He broke her fall but also turned her back over to look down on the face of a boy.
    “Oi! Let me go! What gives you the idea in tackling me?!” The boy shouted struggling to get free from Michael.
    “Sorry, I thought you were this girl I was chasing…” Michael said disappointed. The boy smelt like the girl he was chasing but didn’t look like her anymore.
    “Do I look like a girl to you mista?” The boy snapped as Michael let him up, “Don’t answer that mista! I know what I look like.” The boy added brushing himself off.
    “Sorry…” Michael said confused, his nose said that this boy was the girl but the looks didn’t match. “Um… here is something for the trouble I caused you.” Michael added handing the boy two gold coin.
    The boy looked at the money in awe as Michael walked off in confusion into the night.
    Avery was confused out of her mind. One she had lost him for a moment she slipped her boy clothes on just in time when she was tackled. The man was just playing with her the whole time and he paid her in the end. She had used her disguise so many times, but she never figured that she looked that much like a boy. ‘So many years without being me and this is what I turn into?’ Avery thought to herself. She dipped her hands down and scooped the water into her hands splashing it on her face. Dirt and grime dripped off onto the ground as she gazed back into the water still looking at a boy.
    “Have I really changed that much?” She asked herself. Avery lets a small sigh escape her lips, removing her hat and her hair fall down. A rough hand throws her against the ally wall and she felt an arm gently against her neck.
    “I knew it smelled like you.” Michael hissed in her ear softly.
    “Let go of me demon!” Aver pat and struggling until she felt Michaels arm push more pressure against her neck. Once it left she wanted to reach down and grab her knife but her eyes were locked onto his bronze eyes.
    “You are a very clever girl. You managed to trick me into thinking you were a boy, but no boy has that are as soft as yours.” Michael teased and ran his free hand along her one of her hands. It sent an electric shock through her whole body it made her shiver. “By the way.” He whispered into her ear, his lips just caressing her earlobe. “Thanks for the fun.”
    With a gust of wind he was just gone, lost from her sight. Avery collapsed down onto her knees panting. She couldn’t believe her ear’s, she was scared half to death over some game? “Thanks for the fun!” is what he had said to her. She took out her knife and glanced at her reflection into the blade. Why didn’t she pull it out and just stab the demon, why did she have to get lost in his handsome bronze eyes. He had her pinned against a wall, his body had just been hovering inches away from hers, and when he touched her hand. “Snap out of it Avery!” She scolded herself for thinking about a demon like this. But she couldn’t, it had been a wave of electricity through her whole body when he caressed her hand the way he had. She drew her knife and kicked a can lying around.
    “GAA!!” She screamed in agony and the thoughts running through her head. She stabbed the wall and kicked it lightly, waiting for her tantrum to subside. She placed her forehead against the wall and stabbed it two more times before sighing.
    “Sneaky, cunning, cute, and feisty. Sounds like a girl I would want for myself.” A voice that made her blood run cold said. Images of fire and her parents burning flashed through her head. Avery’s side began burning as an image of a knife coming down upon her. If there wasn’t an explosion from the house it would have pierced her stomach, Avery ran for her life while the demon stood confused on what happened. Gripping the knife in her knuckles went white as she turned and met the gaze of the cold gold eyes that haunted her forever, “It’s a pity I’ve got to kill you, you really turned into such a beautiful ripe young women.” He said chuckling. His eyes closed with a shrug and a disgusting smirk spread across his face. When his eyes shot open after a few moments of silent and his blood craving gold eyes were on her body again.
    “Why couldn’t you have died the first time I tried killing you?” He hissed, the coolness and seductiveness was gone and his voice was nothing but murderess. With a blink of Avery’s eyes she found herself being thrown and pinned against the wall and the demon’s hand around her neck. She tried pressing herself for air, and found it without prevail. Avery’s eyes opened in shock when the demon pressed his body against hers and had begun grinding it against it.
    “Believe me, killing you will be my worst regret. But no one can tell.” He hissed in her ear.
    Avery was gasping for air, she felt something in her hand. ‘The knife! Use the knife!’ Her mind screamed, sucking in as much of her body she could. Then in one swift movement the knife cut across the demon’s chest. She felt the knife move effortlessly across his body and the demon let out a horrific scream of pain dropping Avery to the ground. Coughing she held fast to the knife and began crawling away from the demon. His screams of pain had stopped and a groaning sound was coming from his direction.
    Avery found herself pressed against the ground this time and the demon was on top of her. One hand against her neck, his knees on her legs, while his other hand grabbed her knife and ran it along Avery’s cheek.
    “You little harlot!” The demon screamed, Avery looked where she had cut the demon and there was nothing there. Worrying about more things her eyes fell onto the knife that he had in his hand, her knife. He bent his head down low towards her ear. She felt his lips touch her ear making her shutter and try to move.
    “You know, I was going to kill you quickly, but now I think that would be too good for you, so I’m going to enjoy myself before I make you mine for all eternity. You’ll never die, you’ll never be able to leave, you’ll be stuck with me forever.” The demon said, as he spoke his lips caressed her ear making her squirm even more. He straightened back up so his evil gold eyes was looking over her body again, more of a lust-full look that make Avery try to get away until he brought the knife down to her cheek again.
    “Don’t make me wreck that pretty face of yours.” He hissed and then forced a kiss onto Avery’s lips.
    Avery squirmed and tried to get out of the kiss, it tasted like poison to her and her eyes widened when his tongue began the invasion of her mouth. She bit down hard on his tongue and her jerked up in a roar of pain and anger. He threw the knife down next to her head before bringing his hand across Avery’s face.
    “Let her go!” a voice shouted making both of them pause.
    Michael had heard Avery scream, and figured that she was angry, but when he had heard two other screams of pain, he knew something was happening. Even with his super human speed he was a ways off. When he got there he watched an old Demon he knew smack Avery.
    “LET HER GO!” Michael screamed. He didn’t realize the anger in his voice till it was echoing in the ally way.
    Avery arched her head up and Michael met her surprised eyes, they held confusion and terror. Michael was sure what was going through her head and it made him smirk on the inside.
    “Good to see you again Michael! Come to join in my fun?” The demon asked. Michael could see Avery’s breath quicken and her eyes even full of more terror.
    “No Gabriel, I’m telling you to back off and let her go!” Michael snarled. His eyes had changed from the soft bronze to the same blood lust gold as the demon Gabriel.
    Michael saw a look of relief in Avery’s eyes and he thought for a moment that Gabriel was going to let her go, but Michael knew better than that.
    “Just back off Michael.” Gabriel said glancing up towards Michael. For a moment Michael was sure Gabriel was trying to plead with him to actually leave and let him have his way and make the girl his.
    In a flash of fur Michael had changed into his demon form and lunged at Gabriel. Michael watched as Gabriel flew back off of Avery that he also changed into his demon form. Michael watched Gabriel, like himself, Gabriel was a large demon dog, almost wolf. Except Gabriel was a very rusty brown color while he was a nice sleek black color. Michael watched as Gabriel barred his pearly whites and he did the same. Michael waited until Gabriel lunged himself at him before also lunging at Gabriel.
    Avery watched in horror as the two Demons’ fought over her! She pressed herself against the wall trying to avoid being hit or bitten by them. She had observed Michael’s demon form once before. A sleek black wolf like dog that had power written all over him. Avery thought he was very muscular as a human, and as a demon he was even more muscular than before. She shook her head for thinking like that again. She saw blood dripping from both of their mouths and noticed that they were both very equally matched against each other. She slowly began to slide along the wall hoping she could make it away from the two fighting demons. ‘Why?’ Avery’s mind screamed, her breath was uneven and she couldn’t stop shaking. Her body was numb, her senses dull, and she couldn’t believe what was happening before her.
    Michael noticed her movement and hopped she would be able to get out of here. He tasted Gabriel’s blood and fur in his mouth and it made his stomach churn. Her growled loudly and began circling again. Michael made a lung towards Gabriel. Michael watched as Gabriel countered and stayed low biting down on Michael’s back leg. Michael let out a howl of pain and quickly turned scratching Gabriel’s side. Michael knew they were evenly matched, and he also knew that Gabriel wasn’t going to give up until he got the girl or death. Now both covered in blood it was a matter of time before one gave out, Michael continued monitoring Avery’s movement, her eyes had been locked into the fight and was paralyzed.
    That was the moment Michael realized his mistake, he had taken his eyes off Gabriel. Gabriel came down upon him thrashing and biting. With a swing Michael was tossed to a wall and collapsed onto the ground. Gabriel panted then turned his attention towards Avery. Michael groaned and tried standing up, watching Gabriel pad towards Avery. Gabriel’s mouth was soaked in blood and he was very angry. Michael wasn’t sure if Gabriel was just going to kill Avery now or kidnap her now.
    Avery watched the battle lay out before her. Shaking in fear seemed to paralyze her senses completely. She watched as Gabriel threw Michael with ease against a wall, and then made movement towards her. She began backing up trying to get away from the demon that ruined her life so many years ago.
    “Y-you killed my family! Murdered them! GET AWAY!” Avery screamed tripping over her hands. Gabriel took his chance then and lunged towards her, his eyes were locked onto hers. Avery saw some movement and timed seemed to slow down, she could feel Gabriel’s breath coming down onto her, the smell of flesh and blood made her sick. Avery felt her last moments coming when Gabriel flew into a wall with a loud stomach churning crack. Michael stood near where Gabriel had been and watched as the demon’s gold eyes rolled back into his head.
    Avery watched as Michael turned back into a human, she observed every detail about him including the wounds before she got up and made an attempt to run away for the umpteenth time. He may have injured, but Avery found herself pulled against his chest within seconds of running. She didn’t even make it out of the ally way. She felt the pressure and knew she was pinned, ‘How do they do this?!’ Avery pondered and tried pulling away from him. She felt the grip increase against her back to his chest, like a protective or worried bear hug. Michael had her pinned against him, and she didn’t know whether to be relaxed or worried.
    “Most Demon’s are given un-human abilities like running power of a horse times hundred, and the strength to life a two ton brick.” Michael said softly and stroked the back of her hair. It sent more electric waves down Avery’s spin with each stroke. What was he doing to her? “We are also blessed and cursed with an eternity of life, an animal that we can change into, and occasionally a special ability like reading peoples thoughts.” Michael said softly.
    ‘Mind reading! Oh joy Avery, look what you’ve got yourself into now.’ Avery’s mind screamed and she could feel a chuckle in his chest.
    “Please let me go.” Avery quivered and tried to pull away from Michael’s chest again. This time he released her, but looked sad that he had too. Avery made a quick movement and grasped her knife tightly pointing it at Michael.
    “Avery Please.” Michael said softly. His voice was gentle and soothing. Avery began to lower her knife, and relaxed before shaking her head and raised it back up.
    “J-just stay away from me!” Avery yelled, she was unsure of herself and that scared her more than being in a dark alley way with a dead and living demon.
    “Avery you don’t have to be afraid, I’m-” Michael begun before Avery cut him off sharply.
    “Stay away from me Demon!” Avery screamed and then took off running leaving Michael in the alley way.
    “Stay away from me Demon!” was what Avery had screamed at him before she took off running again. He didn’t make an effort to chase her down this time. Her words had stung him to the core, and left him with a sickening feeling in his heart. Sure he’d been called a Demon plenty of times, so why did this human make him feel so bad about what he was? Why did her words rattle his heart and soul so much? He groaned and began to stagger in the opposite direction, glancing once at Gabriel’s limp body before he took off in a dead run towards the outskirts of the town. Reaching the wall that surrounded the city, he checked around before taking a large leap up on top of the wall. Being a Demon jumping, running, strength, smelling, hearing, and seeing were all enhanced to the max. His jump was like using the air itself to push him upward, he looked very graceful and landed with ease. He almost made it look effortless and like it was a dance between the air and himself.
    The sun had begun to rise into the early morning sky, and caress everything with the early warming light. Inhaling the fresh air, he caught wind of a sent he never thought he would never smell unless he was near her.
    “Oi!” A voice shouted from along the wall as a boyish figure moved towards him, even though he knew better than to look at the figure.
    “Thought you didn’t like Demon’s. You made it quite clear in the alley that you wanted me to stay away from you?” Michael said and gritted his teeth at the last part. He watched, from the corner of his eye, Avery, dressed as a boy, sit down near him.
    “You saved my life, figured I hafta’ thank you for that, and apologize for running off before doing so.” Avery said to him quickly.
    “Well, I couldn’t let Gabriel Soul Bond to you against your will.” Michael said sternly and watched his knuckles turn white from gripping his fists. Was he really that far out of control around her?
    “Soul Bond?” Avery asked, tossing a glance at him. Michael couldn’t help but smile and nod his head before turning towards her.
    “Tell ya what. You take off your hat for a nice conversation, and I’ll answer to the best of my abilities your questions.” Michael said with a shrug. It seemed like a fair agreement and didn’t see a reason that she would refuse. Besides, he enjoyed looking at her face, and wondered if the morning light would make her more beautiful than the moon light.
    Avery sighed shrugging, “Well you know who I am so I guess…” she said and Michael watched as she removed her hat. It was almost like slow motion for him, her hair fell back down onto her shoulders and down her back, the curls bouncing lightly, and the sunlight just kissed Avery’s body in every way he was just gawking at her in amazement.
    “Well?” Avery asked him. He knew she had caught him staring and he just smiled like a dork and shrugged.
    “Well, when a Demon Soul Bond’s to somebody, human or another Demon, they basically belong to each other forever. Normally it’s used for when a demon and human fall in love, but occasionally Demon’s will do it with other Demon’s so they know when the other is in trouble rather than living for eternity, which we already do.” Michael said casually. “But sometimes a demon, such as Gabriel, will use Soul Bonding to make a human suffer for all eternity by being with them.”
    “So you were just fighting Gabriel to keep him from making me his for all eternity. Sparing my suffering?” Avery said with almost sorrow in her voice.
    “Yes, and no.” Michael said then winced like he had made a mistake in what he said.
    “So why were you fighting if it is both yes and no?” Avery asked. Michael couldn’t resist and went into her mind and found the true question she wanted to ask. ‘So what was the other reason you were fighting Gabriel? To save me? Or were you trying to win me over?’
    “I was fighting to save you from being bound to Gabriel,” Michael began and saw a look of disappointment in Avery’s face. “And to also try to gain some trust from you.” Michael finished. The disappointment had disappeared and was replaced by curiosity from her.
    “Trust is a hard thing to earn in general from anybody. Especially me, let alone even make me comfortable talking to you.” Avery stated. Michael loved the way her voice sounded, even though she was telling him that he hadn’t really earned her trust. The sunlight had rose even farther up, making her body just illuminate.
    “Why did you chase me?” Avery asked breaking Michael from his fantasy of admiration.
    “Oh- I… uh... don’t know. Just felt like it I guess.” Michael lied easily, he wasn’t going to say that he felt drawn to her and he had to get to know her and be with her every single moment.
    “You felt like it?” Avery said slightly annoyed. “So you scared me half to death because you felt like chasing me?!” Michael knew he had upset her a little bit, but couldn’t read that she was truly angry with him.
    “Sorry, like I said. I really don’t know why I did chase you, I never chase humans.” Michael said shrugging. It wasn’t all true; he occasionally chased small human children who needed a good laugh or wanted to play with an overly large dog.
    “When we were in the ally… you- why did you do what you did?” Avery asked. Michael knew she was referring to when he had her pinned against the wall and had just teased her in a way. He saw a bright color of pink flush to her cheeks and couldn’t help but smile. So he had left an imprint on her in the alley, he wasn’t sure if he had or if he had just made her mad.
    “Eh, what can I say? I can’t control myself around pretty girls.” Michael teased. He wanted to see if her reaction was still the same and turned to see a fist flying towards his face. With lightning fast reactions he grabbed her fist and then her other one to prevent another hit coming towards him. He picked them both up and gracefully floated down to the ground keeping a tight grip on Avery. He watched her hat flutter down a few inches away from them and rest peacefully on the cobble stone.
    “What is your deal? I can’ compliment you?” Michael asked letting go of her and looking at her. He didn’t even realize what he sounded like until it came out. He flinched lightly biting down on his tongue bracing himself for a verbal attack.
    “NO! You can’t compliment me like that! I don’t even know you! You don’t even know me! You saw me in a small shake down near the river and decided it would be ‘fun’ to chase me!” Avery snapped. “I had to duck and turn like crazy then put on my disguise just to get you fooled-”
    “You don’t have to hide Avery.” Michael said sharply grabbing one wrist tightly trying to pull her back towards him. He wasn’t planning to use his full strength just to be nice to her.
    “I don’t have to hide?!?!: Avery yelled, “Gabriel murdered my family thirteen years ago Michael! People don’t give a damn about a starving five year old girl on the streets who’s just lost her family. No, they give food and money to the starving little boy on the side of the street . Sure I could try getting a normal female job or try and win the hearts of some stupid men, but all men are the same! They care about perfection, beautiful women are all that matter. Every single area has to be perfect, if not they don’t care.” Avery spat then jerked up her shirt part of the way, Michaels eyes fell onto the long scar on the side of her body. His first instinct was to reach out and touch it but he held back the urge. “The night Gabriel murdered my family, the first night I met him! He took everything away from me, thirteen god damn years ago!”
    Michael though she had a perfect body as it was, nothing should have been changed even with the scar. Michael watched as tears were crawling down her face and she violently shoved her shirt back down; even if he had sparked a flame of trust when he opened his mouth and talked to her he just put it out. Michael watched Avery wipe her dirty sleeve over her face and nose trying to clean it up, he wished he never said anything about that, now she probably would never consider bonding with him.
    “Avery… I-I’m sorry,” Michael began to say softly. “I had no idea.”
    “Yeah, nobody does because nobody cares.” Avery said and bent down picking up her hat. She though all of her long beautiful hair back into the hat and Michael sighed softly. She went from a beautiful young women back into a beautiful young boy who was covered in dirt. “Stay away from me…” was the last thing she said before she turned and walked off.
    Michael felt awful for what he had brought up. He never knew somebody could have it so bad, or how a life could be that bad from a small child to this point. Michael knew what a hard life was like, he had one as well from the moment he met Gabriel.
    Michael was born over seven hundred years ago, a long ways away from this kingdom. He had been born to a normal family, two younger sisters and his parents. They didn’t have much but they were still living an okay life, he had gone into the village trying to get some milk and bread from some farmers when he met Gabriel. He was as he looked now, and Gabriel seemed to take an interest in him right away. Gabriel paid for more milk and bread than his family had ever had and then just talked to Michael for hours. It became a regular basis when he would see Gabriel and a few other people, who he learned later were demons as well, hanging around.
    One night Gabriel had asked Michael to come out with him and just wonder the woods for a while. Michael’s parents agreed and simply let him go, but when Michael returned he found his family killed, his two younger sisters lay in blood next to the door. His sisters were just about to reach the age of finding a man to marry when they were killed. His parents were in the back hanging with their throat cut open. The only person Michael knew to go to was Gabriel, but when he reached Gabriel he was attacked by Gabriel and the two other demons, who then turned him into one. Gabriel told him that it was a kind of bonding, but Gabriel just wanted another hit man to do his work. One night Michael learnt the truth, that Gabriel had his two men kill his family. In rage Michael had killed the two demons then stabbed Gabriel through his left bicep and left to find a new life away from him.
    Michael came out of his memory and was looking up at the sky. He peered around looking for Avery but as he expected, she disappeared. He gazed back up to the sky and the sun was now up and the town was awakening.
    Avery ran once she was a good ways away. She watched Michael turn his face to the sky and decided it would be best if she ran. She had to get to her job before the store owner she worked for did. She stood next to the store and waited as she watched a fat man who waddled over to the door.
    “So ye decided to show up did ya?” The fat store owner spat, spitting out tobacco.
    “Yes sir.” Avery said hiding her disgust in her voice.
    “Well,” The man said opening the door. “Get to work!” He shouted shoving Avery in. She stumbled and began working around the store picking up after the fat man.
    Very few people came into the shop and those who did were rich, they were very dumb. The fat store owner sold junk and made it seem like it was amazing. The fat man was able to make more money off of eight people than some people could make off of eighty people. When the sun had been just about high noon the fat man stood up stretching and showing more fat and skin then Avery wanted to see.
    “Close up the shop boy!” The man shouted. “Time for lunch…” He grumbled quickly and walked over to the door and went out followed by Avery quickly.
    “Oi! Sir! Suppose you can pay me for me serves last morning?” Avery asked quickly walking next to the man.
    “What are you talking about run? I paid your sorry butt already!” The man spat sending tobacco over Avery’s clothes.
    “Sir you didn’t’.” Avery said holding back her anger and wiping off some of the spit.
    “List you little runt! I paid you and I’m not going to have some little street ran cheat me out of more money than I owe!” The man screamed pushing Avery lightly.
    People had began to watch the argument, murmuring lightly and sending out slight whispers. Some even other street kids had started placing bets on who would win the argument.
    “Sir you haven’t paid me!” Avery shouted standing up to the man that stood hovering over her. She was now getting slightly angry with the man, not only was he cheating her out of her hard earned money for putting up with him, but he was calling her a liar and that wasn’t good for her reputation.
    “You little RAT!” the man screamed picking up Avery by the collar. She was lifted up about six inches off the ground and then tossed her to the ground.
    Avery rolled backwards and her hat went flying off her head. Her hair now released in all its beauty fell down onto her back.
    “A girl!?!” The man roared.
    “Yes, you stupid man! I’m a girl and I demand to be paid!” Avery snapped getting up in the man’s face. She put a hand behind her back gripping her knife lightly.
    The man’s face went from anger to pure laughter and enjoyment. He bellowed with laughter and his fat stomach danced like a river.
    “You can’t demand anything girl!” The man roared, still bellowing in his laughter, “But I can demand plenty from you.” He said reaching out trying to touch Avery’s face.
    Avery pulled back reddening in her face, she gripped her knife and cut the man’s money belt. “Try me!” She screamed then took off running leaving her hat behind.
    “Thief!” The man shouted pointing after Avery.
    Avery was already halfway down the cobble stone roads and heading to the alley ways when she heard the soldiers chasing her. Avery ducked down one of her hiding alley ways and watched as four soldiers run by; she couldn’t help but smirk and grip the money bag tighter at her own cleverness. She heart one stopped in her chest and she felt it rise to her throat, as her eyes landed on Gabriel.
    ‘It can’t be!’ Avery’s mind screamed. She would have shouted it but then she would have been found by him once again. She heard the bone chilling crack! His eyes had rolled back into his head! He was limp, no breath, no life in his body!
    “Avery watched him sniff the air then kept going after making a small disgusting face. He heard the soldiers calling for him and Avery slumped back down behind some crates shaking badly. She was almost thankful for the man spitting on her, she guessed that is the reason he couldn’t smell her. Avery was too terrified to leave; terrified that Gabriel was waiting for her.
    ‘Michael please…’ Avery begged. She wished with all her mind that Michael would hear her she had no idea why she wanted another demon to come, but she felt that she would be safer.
    “Avery?” Michael’s voice rang out into the ally. Avery slowly peered up slowly and went running towards him.
    “He’s alive! He’s not dead Michael! He’s still alive!” Avery said panicking. She couldn’t believe she was so shaky now she didn’t even realize how scared she was until she was next to him.
    “Easy Avery, what are you talking about?” Michael asked. His voice was so calm and relaxed, Avery relaxed almost and wanted to lean into him and have him make it all disappear. Instead Avery was just shaking her head rapidly, no.
    “Let’s get you back to my home.” Michael said, and Avery was pulled into his warming embrace. Avery just accepted it, in fact she wanted it to last for a long time, but she couldn’t give in to the desire. She just walked with him back to his home.
    Upon arriving Avery’s jaw dropped down staring at his home. “You live here?” Avery said in complete awe. It was a very, very large home, no more like a overly large mansion, “How many people live here exactly?”
    “Just me.” Michael said nonchalantly to her. Avery sighed and glanced at him before following him again.
    Michael had been wondering the city with Avery in his head, what was it about her that left such a deep imprint inside of him? He’d been alive many, many years and nobody made him like this. He couldn’t get Avery out of his head, she made him go insane. He felt something he never felt before in his life and didn’t know how to react to it.
    He’d almost made it completely home, he was on his own door step when he heard Avery. ‘Michael, please.’ Was all he heard in his confused mind. His mind was cluttered from millions of thoughts and when he heard her thought, his mind was emptied. Michael didn’t need an invitation; he took off running following Avery’s sent. He made his way through the town, from center of town to some alley ways when he found her.
    Michael had never seen somebody so shaky, or a mind so scared before. “He’s back! He’s alive, not dead!” Avery shook running to him. Michael decided it would be best if he took her home and tried to calm her down. He couldn’t help but laugh when she saw him home. Sure it was a big home; it was a very large Victorian style home. He knew she was even more in shock when he had said that he lived alone.
    “Come on.” Michael said softly and gently placed a hand on Avery’s back. He was surprised when Avery just let him pull her along, let alone touch her.
    “I should take back when I said I live alone.” Michael said giving her a sideways glance a crash came within his home. “I have a butler and a dog.” Michael stated shrugging. He wanted to do his best to try and get her relaxed and calm. He went into her mind several times on the way home and it was still the same, ‘He’s back… why is he back’.
    “Joy, a rich demon who lives in a mansion.” Avery scowled, but Michael saw a smirk hidden and knew that she wasn’t very offended by the fact. Michael walked her up to the door and instantly there was a deep barking noise from within. Michael felt Avery jump back a bit towards him and he couldn’t help a chuckled immense from his lips followed by a low grunt when Avery hit him in the side.
    Michael opened the door and a huge hound sat down with fur arched on his back watching Avery. ‘What is that!? A wolf?!’. Michael couldn’t help but read, it was a more pleasant thought than the he’s back one.
    “It’s okay, it’s not a wolf. He’s a hound named Jake.” Michael said and gave Jake a sharp look. Michael was about to smile at Avery when he saw the sharp glare she was giving him from reading her thoughts again. He wanted to go in again when his butler came in.
    “Master Dames! Welcome back.” His butler said bowing. “What would you like me to get your lady guest?”
    “Get her some warm tea and a blanket. She’s had a bad day.” Michael said quickly and led Avery towards his living room and cackling fire. His butler gave him a bow and quickly left to the kitchen where he could hear the clattering pans.
    “Samson, good soul and demon.” Michael said emphasizing the demon part. Samson was a very good soul, he was really the only person and demon Michael could trust any more. Demon’s had attacked Samson and his family, Michael tried saving them all but it was too late. Michael had managed to save Samson and Samson wanted to repay Michael by serving him for life for saving his life.
    Michael sat Avery down on the couch when Samson came out. He took the tea and blanket from him and brought them over to Avery. Draping the blanket over her shoulders and handing her the tea Michael gazed at her softly. He knelt down in front of her and looked up at Avery.
    “Now tell me again, what’s wrong?” Michael said as tenderly as he could. Michael felt awful and just wanted to go into her mind instead of asking.
    “He’s back, Gabriel is still alive.” Was what Avery choked out before taking a sip of the tea trying to keep herself from crying.
    “Impossible…” Michael whispered standing up and leaning over the mantle watching the fire. His shadow was casted over Avery when he looked back she was glaring at him again.
    “He and several soldiers chased me Michael!” Avery snapped and stood up. She had set the tea down on the couch while the blanket fell off of her. “I saw him with my own eyes!” She added then shakes in fear reaching for the blanket again. Michael didn’t believe her, and was tempted to go into her mind to see for himself but he had a twinge of doubt that kept him out, then the rest of her words hit him.
    “Wait, why were soldiers chasing you? Gabriel is head of the guard to the king, why would he and soldiers be chasing you?” Michael asked sternly.
    “The man I worked for wasn’t going to pay me. So I took only what he owed for my services, and then she shouted thief.” Avery said dropping the blanket again. “And when did it become your concern why soldiers are chasing me!” She added.
    Michael flinched lightly and watched Avery head for the door. Using his speed he beat her there and stood between her and the door glaring. How could she accuse him of caring just naturally?
    “Since Gabriel decided to take interest in a girl, whose family he murdered, and the family knew and was kind to all demons!” Michael barked in anger. Michael watched Avery go for furious to a painful memory, he went into her mind as images of her parents flashed in her mind of the happy times and the night that they were all killed.
    Michael had never seen something so sad happen to such a good loving family. He sighed and pulled himself and looking at Avery, she froze completely and was looking up at him with eyes filled with such longing.
    “You knew my parents?” Avery said softly. If there was any anger left it was vanquished now, Michael couldn’t help but feel nothing but the longing to hug her tight.
    “Yes…” Michael said softly, “And I thought you and your family were all dead till last night.” Michael thought there was a lot of remorce in his voice that she might just go back and sit down quietly.
    “Sorry to disappoint you.” Avery glared. Her words stung him to the core, he couldn’t figure out why they always did but they did.
    “Sorry to disappoint you Avery, but most Demon’s were very heart broken by your family’s death.” Michael snapped and didn’t move away from the door. He didn’t trust her with the anger she now showed, before he was tempted to walk away and not say anything about her parents. Michael wondered how a girl her age, her size, just everything about her could hold so much anger and pain and not show all of it.
    “Listen to me Michael, please just let me go. Gabriel won’t find me again. I’ll cut my hair and disappear from the world.” Avery said softly. Michael knew she was begging him but that was the last thing Michael wanted was for her to disappear. He wished he could just make her understand that he really cared about her and wanted her to stay with him.
    “I’m sorry Avery I can’t let you do that.” Michael said then locked the door from the inside out and put the key around his neck.
    Avery watched in complete shock, he had just locked her inside. Michael had trapped her inside a house, his house! Avery glared and watched him walk a couple of steps before he turned and looked at her. His gaze was very soft compare to hers and Avery was a bit taken back by it.
    ‘I hope you read this you heartless b*****d of a demon! You can do this to me!’ Avery thought regaining her stone cold glare towards Michael.
    Avery could see Michael laugh by the way his chest moved and he smiled walking away. She gritted her teeth and let her gaze follow him. Did he find her thought amusing or was it out of enjoyment watching her suffer like some caged animal? Avery prayed it was the second option but she doubted it, she decided to try and find a way out before Michael came back. Avery ran over to the windows trying to get them open and she tried opening the door with no prevail.
    “Miss,” Samson said quickly coming up behind her. “Master Michael wanted me to show you your sleeping quarters for your stay here.” Samson said quickly. Avery wondered why he was so formal, he could leave couldn’t he? Or was it just he was being so polite and formal because Michael threatened him?
    Avery made a small face of doubt but followed Samson anyways and he turned and began walking.
    “I’ve been told to make your stay comfortable and to get you most things that you desire.” Samson said nonchalantly.
    “Then go unlock the door.” Avery said sternly, folding her arms across her chest, as if to impose authority.
    “Most, not everything, miss Avery.” Samson repeats then continues up the stairs of the old victorian home and down a very long hall. Avery sighs and continues following and listening now and then to Samson talking about the home and how she would love it here. How everything would be perfectly fine and safe for her here and nothing could harm her, “And this is your room.” Samson said breaking Avery’s silent thought protest, just encase Michael had decided to listen to her thoughts. Samson opened the redwood doors to a large bedroom; it was a dark colored room, maybe a million different shades of blood red and black. There was a fireplace in the room make of dark bricks as well, and even the bed had red sheets and a canopy look to it.
    “Wow…” Avery said looking around. “Is he trying to bribe me?” Avery stated suddenly looking directly at Samson then back to the room.
    “Well… um yes and no.” Samson stuttered. Avery couldn’t help but chuckle and looks around he room. ‘This looks likes the master bedroom, the one Michael would stay in.’ Avery thought slowly.
    “Because it is.” Michael smirks.
    Avery jumped and whipped around glaring at Michael. She believe she did a pretty good job at making a angry face and glaring at him because the smirk left his face very quickly.
    “I’m not staying in your room.” Avery snapped. The last thing she wanted to do was stay in the same room with some demon she met the night before, and who was also teasing her and made her feel uncomfortable in more than one way.
    “I said it was the master bedroom, I didn’t say it was my room.” Michael said slowly, Avery wasn’t sure if the tone in his voice was pain or longing.
    “Oh… well,” Avery said softly trying to find her words. “W-why do you want me in this room?” Avery finally spit out. She was trying to hide her embarrassment but also hide the shock in her voice that it wasn’t his room. She didn’t realize it either till she looked down and saw she was taking a couple steps towards him.
    “My room is down the hall.” Michael said and straightened up some, Avery knew he was paying close attention to the steps she was taking towards him. Avery was curious why Michael didn’t want to stay in this lovely room, but chose to stay in one down the hall. She was even able to study him better. He had changed his clothing and he was now wearing some loose pants, more like ones you would wear to bed, a shirt that was like a robe. Avery noticed that he had poorly put wrappings over his wounds. Avery watched as Michael’s muscles rippled when he shifted lightly, Avery was practically standing in front of him and could reach out and touch him without reaching and have a bent elbow.
    “You’re staring.” Michael said breaking Avery out of the trance she put herself in.
    “No, I was looking at the poor job you did at bandaging yourself up.” Avery stuttered and looked down feeling a hot burst in her cheeks.
    “It’s not bad, and besides it will disappear and go back to normal in a couple days or even hours.” Michael said softly.
    Avery felt very awkward at the moment and they were on a standstill, nothing was happening! She watched his chest rise and fall gently before she got up the courage to speak again.
    “Tell me more about bonding.” Avery said softly.
    “Okay, let’s go to the living room and I’ll try to answer any questions you have.” Michael said to her and made a small arm movement for them to go. ‘I don’t think you have every answer to all my questions.’ Avery thought to herself but knew Michael would have read it; she just started getting the feeling when she would know when he was in her mind. Avery watched his body movement, and then slowly began to follow him. Michael motioned for her to sit down on the opposite side of the couch as he sat down.
    “How do you make a bond?” Avery asked sitting down slowly and studied his face to see if he would try and lead her off from the truth. She may be acting nice, but Avery still didn’t like demons.
    “”They will bond physically, and then they will mentally bond the soul.” Michael said easily. Avery tossed him a look that said explain more and she watched Michael sigh gently and smile.