• I am Nathanial and I am the son of Ares, God of War, I live in Massachusetts. My mom and dad say that I’m crazy for believing in such non sense. But yet they do believe me because I am ahead of my class physically wise. And my girlfriend, Kristen, I have reason to believe that she is not an ordinary mortal you see she can see through the Mist. The Mist is what keeps mortals from seeing things as they truly are. With Kristen she can see everything from wood nymphs to your common satyr. She even knows what I’m thinking when she’s on the other side of the content

    I am in California with my girl, Kristen. Kristen has gorgeous strawberry blonde hair which in the sunlight it almost looks blonde. She is surfing so majestically, it’s almost as if she was surfing to the beat of a song. It’s a Saturday and the beach was practically empty but then out of nowhere a great white shark comes up and attacks her. And me trying to be the hero that I am, I go and rescue her from the great white shark. But this thing wasn’t a shark, sure it had looked like a shark from shore but this thing was massive even bigger than the prehistoric sharks that you see on shows like Prehistoric Planet. So anyways I jumped in and fought this monstrous shark with my bear hands.