• My name is Hiroshi, I am seventeen years old, and I have a lot of problems. You see, my family was known to be cursed, because long ago for my great-grandmother to live, they had to make a deal with a soul consumer, also known as a grim reaper, in order for my family’s generation to live on. Why was the deal made? I don’t know, my parents were suppose to tell me on my sixteenth birthday. And guess what I did on their birthday? I ended up going to their funeral instead. I was on a trip to my cousin’s house when their deaths took place. They wouldn’t give me any detail on how they died either. It is said that every thirteenth son is cursed with a demon of the reapers. And guess who the last thirteenth soon was? Me. You go it, I have a soul consuming being of hell inside of my soul. So far, I was able to control him, until I went I met the new girl.
    It had been a year since my parents death, I had finally recovered enough to go back to school. I had to redo my eleventh grade year, lucky me. I sat in Mr. Wataru’s room, staring out the window tapping my pencil on my black notebook. I hated history, especially when it came to having to discuss the many different type rituals that took place in the mid tenth century, that’s when the story of my family’s curse began. Everyone always assumed I always knew a lot about the rituals. I hated it.
    People always stared at me now, astonished of my new look and attitude. I use to be a blonde. Note, the word use to. I dyed it black since then, and I decided to throw some red in there somewhere. My Aunt told everyone I was going through a “phase” and it would take me a while to get through it. My dark hair went oddly with my deep blue eyes. I was tired of wearing glassed. So, I wear colored contacts. My eyes now appear black. I always kept my nails black, no matter what. I’m starting to believe this “phase” was this demon getting me to become more like him.
    “Okay class, settle down! Today, we have a new student! She just transferred here from Europe, so please, everyone be nice. I would like to introduce out new student, Aleksandra!” he said gesturing the class near the door.
    I looked up after hearing the small gasps come from my fellow classmates.
    As soon as my eyes met hers, the demon inside me pounded in my chest, like he was gripping my rib cage, trying to rip it apart. I gulped closing my eyes tight closing my eyes instantly laying my head down taking a deep breath.
    What an odd combination for a face, he whispered in my head and I struggled to raise my head to look.
    Her hair was long and silver wrapped up into a ponytail. I wonder if she let the ponytail down her hair would touch the ground. Her eyes were a dark copper with a touch of crimson around the core. Her skin was a light caramel color. I couldn’t help but think the same thing…that was an odd combination for a girl. Maybe she had on contacts along with her hair dyed…like mine.
    I gripped my pencil tighter, breaking the lead on my paper. I looked down eyes widening. The color crimson began to flash in my sight as I stared at my paper. The demon’s twisted laugh filled my ears. He was growing a bigger urge to come out. I had to resist.
    “Please, call me Alice,” she whispered sweetly looking at the class smiling just a little.
    Her voice reminded me of a soft jingle of bells with the soft chirps of birds in the spring. I groaned again closing my eyes tight anchoring my head on my arm taking a deep sigh. I noticed my friend, Shadow, look at me with his dark eyes and messy black hair. He leaned over and said, “Dude, you alright?”
    “Well, Alice, you may take your seat beside Hitoshi, I will assign you a history book in a minute, Mr. Wataru said motioning toward my direction.
    Perfect, I thoughts biting my lip. Great! The only seat beside me had to be one the right beside me!
    She walked past everyone and their eyes followed her as she did so. A few of the guys let out a sly chuckle giving secret high fives while the others showed their insanely red cheeks. I forced my head back down letting out a small grumble.
    “Hello, Hitoshi,” she said. I bolted my head up gulping. My ears began to ring. What do I do now?!
    I finally broke my gaze away from her face noticing her outfit. She had on a turquoise shirt with a small panda on the bottom right of it chewing on a small piece of bamboo. The shirt was a good match to the white shorts she wore with the matching belt with a silver heart on the buckle. Her long knee socks were also the same colors, white and turquoise, along with her white tennis shoes and turquoise shoe strings.
    She took her seat as her ponytail lightly swung near me. Her hair reminded me of the smell of lavender with a small hint of maybe vanilla. Her ribbons were twisted into small braids that was in her ponytail. My throat tightened making it hard for me to breathe. I had to get out of here, but the dumb clock was moving to slow. What is just me, or was that hand on that five for the last ten minutes?!
    “Hitoshi, are you okay?” she asked, leaning toward me trying to look me into my eyes.
    I sealed my lips. I was afraid if I opened it the demon would have me insult her, or bite the crap out of her.
    Hey! She’s talking to you! Come on say something. Don’t wanna keep her waiting to ya? the demon said laughing hard.
    The minute hand finally moved. One minute left…I could make it…I think.
    “Hitoshi?” she said again leaning closer. It felt like her lips were close to my ear. I clawed my desk feeling my black nail polish scrape off onto it.
    Thirty seconds. I could feel my consciousness begin to slip. No, I had to hold on a little more! I couldn’t have him win!
    I stood up slamming my hands on my desk, stomping out of the class room, two seconds before the bell. I didn’t want to imagine what would have happened in that two seconds if I stayed where I was.
    I made it to the bathroom sink just in time to splash my face with cold water. I coughed harshly staring at the water as it went down the drain.
    “So…close…that was so…so….close…” I whispered to my self hearing the tardy bell ring. Mrs. Bragg’s computer class had to wait a minute…especially the fact if Alice was in that class as well.
    The lights flickered as I glared down at the sink, looking up at the mirror.
    “That was closer than you think,” the demon said, as his image became clear on the mirror.
    He had two large crimson horns and black eyes with a crimson pupil. One small fang poked out his lip as he smirked at me chuckling. That was the demon side of me…and I hated him with a passion.
    “Well, didn’t she look tasty,” he said licking his lips with his snake like tongue.
    “You’re disgusting!” I hissed. When it came to him, he only had to say one thing to piss me off.
    “Don’t be so mean to me! Admit it. You were thinking the exact same thing. I bet your grubby little hands wanted to touch her so bad, you wanted to rip off some of her skin and take it with you,” he said crossing his arms leaning his head slightly to the side.
    “Quit fooling around!” I yelled frowning. He always digs into my head, and messes with it making me believe things that aren’t true. He treats me like I’m a puppet on a string. Most of the time I felt like I was.
    He laughed at me, as his image faded away as I saw my reflection turn to normal.
    The bathroom door opened and my head whipped around ready to throw a punch.
    “Dude, you better get to class. This week’s hall monitor is a total dunce. He won’t even think about giving you a warning,” Shadow said looking at me.
    I took a sigh of relief closing my eyes nodding, as I walked out the door, hoping I was strong enough to face the rest of my day.